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  1. wonder how 39thRR found you guys
  2. hi sstalker

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    2. Wade


      i dont even play arma anymore, just log on once a month for the most part. just messin with u xD

    3. Zephy
    4. Wade
  3. wonder where you came from love you callum <3
  4. @Fury
  5. Name: wadeSteam ID: 76561198187226789Number of tickets (100K Each): 10 Party (Floyd or McGregor): floyd
  6. gl
  7. clean up people after 2 other gangs are fighting ;/ memes
  8. Name: WadeSteam ID: 76561198187226789Number of tickets: 1Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): random
  9. https://gyazo.com/66f6a2e4e50ac82670d7f058ecbf9b93
  10. -1
  11. YOUR BACK :D

    1. m4rko bae

      m4rko bae

      still waiting for my packet loss bud.

    2. PinkStreak


      Yes sir I'm back wanna play some time 

    3. Wade
  12. Never said i accepted comp. The second time he joined our channel his friends joined and started calling me irrelevant. He also started yelling "BIG MAN REVENGE Report". It is not a revenge report, i'm reporting him because he broke a rule IMO. His attitude is absolutely terrible in resolving. They started mocking Nevin and being rude to him because he is Irish.
  13. In-game name: Wade Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Xero Date of the incident: 07/24/17 Time of the incident: Around 3 PM MST What rule do you believe was broken: Poor RP/Poor Initation Any evidence available: http://plays.tv/video/597676fce59e5a7741/xeros-initation Describe the incident: We were driving down the main road near kavala and we saw a few people in the road, so we slowed down a bit but still going pretty fast. As we are almost fully past the guys in the road Xero then yells " Get out the car now or be fired upon. " Then he shoots a bit after saying that. At the community meeting it was discussed that there should be no 1 liner initiations and to actually put some effort and rp into initiating. Xero came to ts and had such a bad attitude and was just joking around the whole time. We got sanders to give us his opinion on the situation and he said it was a rule break. Xero didn't think he did anything wrong for the most part and at one point he said " Go ahead and ban me, I don't care. " He was gonna give comp [I think] but in my opinion he was trying to use it as an excuse to not get reported. I asked him and never thought he did anything wrong and i don't want him to provide that kind of RP without knowing how poor it is. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  14. 90% of people said no in the meeting because it was just a time game. you would sit at the gate waiting for hours
  15. LOOOOL https://gyazo.com/89a5ef61bedde77d244ca6afb60c3710 removed because of "size"

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