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  1. Learn how to use surroundings to mark? steep hills/inclines are indicated on maps houses/fields/football courts, etc... will take you a couple of shift clicks before it’s perfectly accurate but you wouldn’t be marking moving vehicles anyway, you would find which road they are travelling on then say “they’re travelling on X road going N/E/S/W”
  2. You’re not forced to spawn at Kavala though. A pop up message (not 30seconds that’s annoying) that tells you the website at least would be good. Then ppl can’t ever use the excuse “b-b-but I didn’t even know there WAS a website”. The amount of people I pulled up on rules and have had the response, “Ok can you link me the rules pls” is silly. =)
  3. Hard motherfucker (is what I think I am). I'm a flower IRL. Work hard play hard. Hope you get through your tats dude. They mean a lot to people (and should you!).
  4. Wanting to join. Even more important! Yeah I've heard that. Depends on your tolerance. Tell your artist and he'll understand. You get breaks, etc if it's that bad. But if you want it that bad, it's something you will have to deal with i'm afraid. I know the tats I'm wanting mean a lot to me, I don't care the pain!
  5. The artist was a really friendly dude, I've updated my post now but he took 2 hours at £50 an hour, but he said he purposely took a lot longer as he wanted it to look good instead of rushing it. So took £20 quid off! Cant complain. We'll defo be going back. I want a sleeve, chest and back tattooing. ( i would do face, but the MOD police don't like that!) Depends your artist. Realism will be a lot more, as it'll take a lot longer, and a VERY talented person!
  6. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to give an estimate, mate. I would recommend going in and getting a quote. My girlfriend got this, cost ,£80. (but he did £50 by the hour, and it took 2 hours!) Really good quality too. But it depends on the artist. I think you may need a realism artist and they are usually a lot more expensive. I think Fuel is right, Good luck! make sure thats what you REALLY want. They aren't something you can rub off! Make sure it has a meaning to you. Dont make it pointless and just because "it's cool!" fuck off. you're commenting irrelevant shit. dont have something nice to say? dont say anything at all, idiot.
  7. DOnt know I’m just a noob. youll have to wait see what a dev says on this
  8. Gang bases and uniforms are already on the server. Only certain people can have access to spawn at them/use the uniform and that’s why I was comparing it to your idea. It wouldn’t ever be a whitelisted faction as we don’t have the faction available, but it COULD be done like gang bases and uniforms are. Linked to a gang/player ID
  9. But everyone would have access to buy the license at any time. Only way I could see this working is with like gang bases and gang uniforms. You would need to be like, semi-whitelisted (dunno the proper name soz dev nerds) and just have your Player ID so you can have access to special licenses or something. A lot of work for something that would be hype for like the first 24 hours
  10. No more factions to be able to be used for this. There is only 4 factions on ArmA. We use all of them already for Civilian, Police, NHS, Vanguard. Impossible to make another whitelisted faction. Only possible if it is like the taxi and only requires a license which would be ridiculous to manage and very abusable.
  11. Just look at his forum profile picture why would you need a face reveal lol
  12. I agree but Admin+ only and only given if they leave respectfully
  13. shit gang instantly initiate as soon as see lone police man and instant execute. -100000 for RP standards. lul goodluck.
  14. Maybe you should check the bluezone ;p literally barely any places on the map that you need to think about a blue zone.... not difficult. No point changing something. Just apologise. You fucked up, Now you know for next time ;p ez

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