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  1. Keep inside jokes and insults to friends to PM's/Groups chats, etc... not side chat. Doesn't look good for people new to join the server and see people telling eachother to kill themselves. Unbanned - 23/10/17
  2. Okay. Sometimes it's good to mention that on the appeal
  3. So you made this new forum account and used it normally, instead of making it and then waiting for the appeal to go through...? That's called ban evading...
  4. Denied. Your own fault you crashed. Not like you can't afford it
  5. I really dislike it when I don't know an inside joke......................... why do u guys keep tagging sanders and what is this about WolfE?
  6. what is
  7. I especially hate people who have auto-messages. No. You will not make me wait for a reply. You are noob. I am admin!!!!!
  8. Cool...


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    2. Blurr


      didnt last long

    3. Jamz
    4. AndrewFam


      @Jamz wasn't saying it was the staff or servers fault, was just pointing out that we have been strucketh by satan again

  9. Well it's telling me here that you've already been on early hours this morning, around 5am. You seem to already be unbanned, and so I'm closing this appeal. The reason you have been unbanned is here;
  10. Are you sure you're still banned? I'm looking at your battlemetrics and I see no active bans. @Willy Wiles
  11. I know it sound a daft, but don’t close your launcher straight away like you did in the video. Leave the launcher open, see if anything changes...
  12. Closed
  13. resolved?
  14. Actioned - 21/10/27 24 hour ban given.
  15. Unbanned by @Neo

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