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  1. Good luck x
  2. Everyone starts off somewhere. Cozza probably had like 500 hours there. Chill, no need to start something
  3. Nice tage bud
  4. Yes but apparently 2 mil is too expensive
  5. wasn't me being toxic, I was telling him to shut up because I wanted to resolve aha Also the reason why I killed you at the end was because you pulled a weapon and i took my initiation as me being able to shoot you, and of course if that’s not the case I’ll comp but we didn’t get to that part because you disconnected
  6. and I also think that we should try resolve again due to the fact that he literally disconnected half way through and made it impossible to finish because 'he was going off'
  7. okay say I'm just gunna say a few things the reason I initiated like that on the truck was because there was a quilin literally right next to us when we initiated so I wanted to make it clear that it was the thorium truck that I was initiating on and that if he drove away he would it would be the thorium truck that would be shot at not the quilin. I took that as lethal initiation tbh moving onto the resolution kattana didn't show many signs of wanting a successful resolution due to the fact that half way through me asking him a question he just disconnected from the channel I see how me saying lethal force against the thorium truck could be a little confusing but that's what I took as me initiating on the driver and the truck as like I already said, the quilin was nearby during the initiation with both of my mates watching him so I didn't want him to hear part of it and think that we were initiated on him.
  8. I’ll reply soon, eating me tea
  9. Everything sold, pls close the auction
  10. Anyone wanna buy 30 mk1’s and 27 suppressors for 2 mil?

    1. Mally
    2. ^Ryyyy
    3. Fury


      trade you two hunters for all of it ;) 

  11. Alright nice, message me when you’re on
  12. Looking to sell not buy
  13. 750k?
  14. Item: 30mk1's 37 7.62 supressors 6 mk18's Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/caaf1e88bb51a223a445cba24e5d60bd https://gyazo.com/3f103564203df92cdd39d2617996962d https://gyazo.com/5a8c407ba31c27a16fb68698f31cd29b https://gyazo.com/0a3bbf17544b4ec8f5e47a819e08585d Buy now price: 80k per suppressor or 37 for 2.2 million 75k per mk1 or 1.5 mil for all 350k for 6 mk18s or 50k each Or whole house for 3 million End date: 30/04/2018 EDIT : Looking to sell fast so make offers.
  15. 1.2 mil

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