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  1. Adam Briggs

    I suggest you sort out compensation as soon as you can @Nightfuryas that level of RP is unacceptable/
  2. Adam Briggs

    Played is already banned for Mass VDM, added to ban.
  3. Adam Briggs

    In the video provided there are no signs of combat however there is a cut in the video @Mangaso can you please upload another video without the cut.
  4. Adam Briggs

    Its quite clear from the video that the initiation was heard, you tried to jump in the heli but failed so report denied.
  5. Adam Briggs

    Ban issued.
  6. Adam Briggs

    Report resolved
  7. Adam Briggs

    I feel something doesn't add up, if it was your friend playing on his account at your house, his account was banned for the reason 'ban evading' and he didn't contest his ban?
  8. Adam Briggs

    PM me the video @Jag
  9. Adam Briggs

    I will give the reported player some time to respond.
  10. Adam Briggs

    Is this report resolved? @JHansen @Col.Slaughterhoouse
  11. Adam Briggs

    @Bodhixd Can you please upload a slightly longer video? Preferably one that starts two minutes before you were killed.
  12. Adam Briggs

    Ban issued for Poor RP.
  13. Adam Briggs

    The video you have provided is fairly fishy @b_ENhowever this could be put down to a few different things e.g your interent, his internet or server lag. Like I said, the video is enough to raise concern but isn't enough for a ban to be issued for lagswitching. Report denied.
  14. Adam Briggs

    Mar-10 with LRPS and 1 mag - 1 Mil Reserve ASP 1 Kir - 1 Mil Reserve MK200 with LMG suppressor- 500k Reserve 5 7.62 Suppressors - 300k Reserve
  15. Adam Briggs

    Ban issued

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