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  1. Adam Briggs

    There is no evidence of the RDM in the provided video so I cannot punish anyone for it. But as seen in the video it looks like blatant VDM so I can give a punishment for that. 7 day ban issued for VDM. Moved to Action Taken.
  2. Adam Briggs

    @Marius if this is you, can you explain?
  3. Adam Briggs

    Action Taken Ban issued for retreating to greenzone. But @LukeJS im also going to be writing a warning on your battlemetrics for that god awful initiation, you cannot initiate on someone that is inside a vehicle with 'hands up or youre gunna be shot' and repeating it over and over again doesn't make it any better and youre lucky you corrected yourself at the end but it was still dreadful initiation. Don't let that happen again.
  4. Adam Briggs

    Action Taken Ban issued.
  5. Adam Briggs

    Action Taken Ban issued for mass VDM. But usman, in the future please do not to break RP by saying 'VDM' when someone is running you over, just because someone is breaking rules doesn't give you permission to aswell.
  6. Adam Briggs

    Comp given, report closed.
  7. Adam Briggs

    @[EVO]CHEF Can you get hold of a POV from either zico or any other officer that was on the ground to prove it was RDM?
  8. Adam Briggs

    Can you send me that? @t0es
  9. Adam Briggs

    I will close the comp request then.
  10. Adam Briggs

    Action Taken Both players will be issued with a ban Dr.Smith - 7 day ban for Poor RP/RDM 16105 - 48 hour ban for Poor RP/RDM.
  11. Adam Briggs

    Okay so after speaking to a few admins about this report we came to the conclusion that no ban would be issued. This is because its more a road traffic collision that was caused by bad driving more than intention VDM but both of you need to watch your driving, it was both of yours fault that this collision happened, yes Adam may have accidently swerved into the middle of the road, but Paul you was also in the middle of the road so like I said, this happened because of bad driving from both parties. Now onto the looting after a road traffic accident, That was the only rule break that I saw while watching this video. So @Adam ツ don't let this happen again, Please warn your gang that they were breaking rules and I will be giving the names I can see in the video a warning on battlemetrics for stealing items from people that you crashed into, please don't let this happen. Report closed, Warnings given.
  12. Adam Briggs

    Accepted and completed
  13. Adam Briggs

    Denied Please fill out this form to make the comp request valid: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/
  14. Adam Briggs

    Video doesn't seem to be working for me? @Goldenboyy
  15. Adam Briggs

    Accepted and completed

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