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  1. Tom Clancy's Division 2 Is Now Out!



    1. Scott McTavish
    2. Gaz


      @Scott McTavish Nah it's alright just needs stabilizing and sorting out still. Hopefully will be just as good as 1.

  2. Steaming and Stuff SoonTM

    Feel Free to join and chat etc. - Much Love ❤️ 



    Discord: https://discord.gg/C2yf8de

  3. I just woke up an started streaming normally it's tidy.
  4. It's About time we got one of these. @Scott McTavish
  5. Rust streaming, Maybe some Zombie fun later and deffo some late night LSD runs for that dolla dolla with BlackWater.



  6. Community vote! +1/-1 


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    2. Lee



    3. ^Ryyyy


      Probably a nice fella but please stop spamming the forum bud bud 

    4. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Haha I'm just memeing 

  7. Daniel

    Image result for Emoji turd
    There you go

  8. Gaz

    10/10 would turd again ;) 

    1. K-V
    2. Gaz


      I know ;) Gotta get rep somehow yano XD

  9. Gaz

    5 Man?

    10/10 Comment again please. Much helpfull.
  10. Why the turd man :/xD 

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    2. andrew.


      idek who you are bud, don’t cry over turds

    3. Gaz


      i'm not it's getting more reactions :) feed me.

    4. andrew.


      Gn kid

  11. Meanie!


    1. Gaz


      Harry lewis is a savage


      keep giving me reactions - feeds my non exsicting ego.

  12. Gaz


    Thanks for info.

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