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  1. Gaz

    Shadow Report

    @OutSyder Sent a you PM sir.
  2. Gaz

    Shadow Report

    Ok so i added a bit of a change to the report. You can hear mumors coming out of Shadow when he steps out the car but he was already knocked out at this point and restrained. All i am asking for is proof of the radio communication between you and your friend. You cannot just shoot someone because your mate it knocked out. If he get initiated on and knocked out you still cannot shoot unless he says to you. (BW COPS ETC) have initiated on me your free to shoot etc. Something along those lines. Please Provide evidence of yourself telling Jaysc he can shoot or that he heard the initiation.
  3. Gaz

    Shadow Report

    If you have the conversation of words you exchange prior to the intiation and when the intiation took place then please bring this forward. How am i petty for making a player report? If you have problems or need something sorting because you think the resolution wasn't justified you take it to a report. You say nothing is going to happen, trying to justify what you are doing is right. No one is crying over anything. I am just wanting evidence from your side to validate you heard the intiation. Watching someone get knocked out does not give you the right to start shooting.
  4. Gaz

    Shadow Report

    Your friend was intiated on. Did you hear it. You said no. I also asked did he radio it in. He said no. You have no valid reason to shoot us because one of your friends got knocked out. You can't just open fire on anyone because your friend is getting knocked out. He is the one getting intiated on. That's like me knocking out a cop and a cop that's on a hill 1km away just shoots me cause he watched me knock him out. No, You have to have proof of your friend being intiatied on from your side/his side and him telling everyone, "lads shoot blackwater they just threatend my life" etc. "You obviusly disregard and ignorance for the rules" Where? I haven't done anything wrong other then put a report which i believe needs justifying. https://gyazo.com/4359eac52410704f132cdd02ab4a5c52 "Gazza you got ripped" It's an adult community keep the petty comments aside please. At the end of the day i either want video proof from your POV or your friends. I say i don't care about it because yes it's a game but im not gonna let someone break rules to ruin my fun.
  5. Gaz

    Shadow Report

    In-game name: Gaz Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Shadow (Fail RP, Fleeing into GZ) Jaysc (RDM) Date of the incident: 04/13/19 Time of the incident: 2:30 AM What rule do you believe was broken: RDM / Fleeing Into GZ / Fail RP Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/oVH-Jqv5P9Q?t=2657 Describe the incident: Started off in Kavala PD with a wetsuit guy stripping down someones gun in a Bluezone. He then looses the 7.62 suppersor then flees in a sport hatchback. We begin to chase him but loose him, luckily enough we see a white hatchback at kavala garage (just outside GZ) i ran over and initiate on the "Wetsuit guy" telling him to get out of the car or he will be shot etc. He flees into GZ and then drives off, (i go afk at this time to pee) Shortly after returning i was dead. You hear Alex initiate and then all of a sudden we get shot from 100M away. Now i know arma sounds and car engines etc if the Ghillie guy "jaysc" had his earplugs in and heard the initiation then fair enough. However upon looking at the footage alex was already 40m infront of us so Jaysc must of been 60-70m behind us. So he cannot hear the initiation. I asked for POV of the shooter / the guy getting intiated on. Nothing was provided. Look into the video and listen to it yourself. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  6. Having having a conversation with you in discord mearly moments ago you sounded different tone compared to your report. Your report can come across angry and offensive to some people. However wording is key. Just seperate the meanings you want people to read and understand. I read all of your report/your edit. You can contain yourself and you can be a normal human being without the toxic language. However it is how you come across to someone you just met. What if that person was someone in game and you act this way. (not saying you do/did). Just approach everyone as a new person and different and if they are hostile/toxic to you don't lower yourself down to them. (will upload talk soon)
  7. You keep refering to be so called "tag abuseing you" Moving you out of a channel after i told you multiple times to calm down is not "tag abuseing" im giving u a chance to calm down and relax and be a normal human being and acutally hold a conversation. I moved you out as a warning you came back guns at the ready being racist and remarkably distgusting towards myself and other support members not just "your mates" but noa also. You abuse the fact your in a public channel saying "im gonna get your support removed" You said this around 5 times after i moved you out once. You was not in the channel i moved into. It was roulge and peeta in a public channel which i moved into myself alone with those two. You acuse me of recording already before jumping in the channel, Again another lie. I started recording after the soundboards and threats. I record when you rejoined after being banned for 10 minutes to cool down. You keep acuseing me of being a lier and abusing my power. No power was abuse that was given to me and nor do i lie. You say ask to move you and explain if i took offence. I was silent the entire time and asked sssss to stop saying/playing sounboards with racist remarks. Doesn't matter if it an adult community if neo or fuel was there u would of been gone doesn't matter if it's a support member or not. You know the rules and you was angry at me cause i told your friend off. I never intended to get anyone banned i was patiently waiting for peeta to come back from food or whatever he was doing i was silently waiting watching youtube afk myself aslmost until you jumped in. You need to learn to calm down and accutally talk to people u just met, Introduce yourself instead of being so toxic. You was banned for not only attacking me but other Blackwater members and support staff. Also refering someone to a kid because of there voice is discrimination. I'm not dealing with your un-ban admins are so i will leave it there. Please come back with an adult like mind/ reponse say sorry and we will see where it goes.
  8. Let me just put it out there because your first paragraph is a lie. I never once joined your public channel you was in another channel with others and i joined with Peeta and Rougle in a room. They asled me to join them cause they was asking how i got Support. We was talking having a laugh then people started going afk, eating whatever. I was watching youtube at the time when a couple of people including "ssssssss" was screaming N***** and all sorts of racist remarks and such with soundboards etc. After this i said "If you would of carried on i would of banned you, Once I'm not botherd about but several times no" <- Along those lines. There was no "threat to report/ban" i told him plain and simple. Shouldn't be racist in any channel on Reborn TS. Go to your own TS if u want to be toxic. Anyways, You then come along after "ssssss" tells you or someone else. You join with the up most toxic behaviour telling me "who the fuck you think you are threating to ban my boi seymour". I then reply something again "I'm not threating anyone" however cut off mid sentence to you shouting and Waaaing about supports and how i am gonna be ban happy etc. I tell you multiple times to calm down and just chill man chill, You take offence again, "I'm not you fucking man you ******" I re-warn you again, Then i ban you for 10 Minutes, (with a great spelling mistake) to calm you down. You then rejoin and begin to instantly throw insults and remarks at myself blackwater members and all new Support staff. You call me a snake/rat whatever you like and I sit there and take it because i know i did the right thing to give you a time out. After this i take my evidence to staff and others take it further and you was perm banned for attacking not only me but other Support members in the TS. Yourself, Jaw, Squeeks and Flix all thrown abuse (banter in your eyes) towards me. Be a decent human being. Stop lieing through your teeth. Apologize and admit what u did. Calling me a kid, taking the piss out of my voice calling me 12 and having no balls after i told you i was 24.
  9. Like i said Flix. It's not my un-ban appeal to deal with. If this is what it is like for new people to get Support and thrown abuse is like then I'll personally pre-warn everyone. It was distgusting, at the end of the day this is and adult community you should know better. If we was friends before or we knew each other and we was having banter that is a different story, However this was my first interaction with you and one of the worst I have had.
  10. I would like to say, I never made any snarky remarks nor did i put talk power on any channels. I haven't abused any my powers given to me by Wilma. I jumped into the channel after with peeta but then left cause it was A&D and didn't want to disturb. After that i left the public rooms and went back to BW channels. You sounded genuine in discord however it is not my un-ban to deal with and attacking any staff for (banter) as you say shouldn't be taken lightly.
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      They just updated it to the latest version. 

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