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    Ingame name - R0WAN Why do you want to join KET? - meh, I'm bored Hours on Arma 3 and Reborn - Something around 1500 What can you bring to the group? - Common sense Member vouches - Majority
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    Let him in @Cobra
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    Haha ? GL with the gang
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    IGN: R0WAN Age: 18 Why do you want to join Vertigo: You guys are a solid players. You know what you are doing and have made a name for yourself. Iv'e RPed with you guys a couple of times and its been a good laugh. From what I've seen you guys aren't stupid, you know what you are doing and I believe I could be a good addition. The gang is also big and active, so lots of new people to play with and get to know. Bank balance: 14.4 Mill Previous Gangs: Ascension, Hydra, Fusion, 39th RR Hours on ArmA (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/c34550833453e1fcd86f34b021283c32 Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? GHOSTKILLER, Nicolaj, Cobra (not sure hes still in the gang but i know he played with you guys for a while)
  5. Name : R0WAN Age : 18 Time Zone/Location : Scotland Ban History (Reasons) : N/A Previous Gangs : Ascension, Fusion Bank Account (ScreenShot) : 6.4 Mill, I will get you a screenshot when I get back from Uni. 5.30ish. Arma 3 Hours (ScreenShot) : https://gyazo.com/54dc58d08a4a4b9e2cefff7e9070b3d3 Not sure if this will count but I have over 1000 hours on Dayz and wasteland back on Arma 2 OA. This when I first got into PC gaming and didn't reliase I could link it to steam so no proof unfortunately. Licenses (ScreenShot) : https://gyazo.com/c6c52212fd188b43b1c6176aef6fd291 Strengths : I mostly play cqb. I feel this is where I best preform and can usefully handle myself in a gunfight. I also know how to drive MRAPS and when to and not to decamp out of them. I play a lot of A&D so I spend a lot of time playing with Ifrits and CQB fighting. My flying is also pretty good. I took a break from arma for about 2 weeks so it may take a couple of days to get back to combat landing effectively. Weaknesses : I'm not that great at long range sniping. I can hit targets and take them down at over 1000m, it may just take me some time. I try not to get myself into situation where I need to snipe so I can do what i can enjoy. SUVs are also a killer for me. I can drive a sporty better than a SUV. Why Do You Want To Join 39th RR? : You guys seem to be like a good bunch, your always capping points and having decent gunfights but also giving out some pretty good rp (personal experiences) . The gang is also big and active, so lots of new people to play with and get to know. What Can You Bring To 39th RR? : As well as the strengths I stated, I can also lead operations quite effectively, on a different community I would always try and organise HMs or other situations for us to get into. I'm also a friendly guy who likes a laugh, so hoping I can have a good time with this gang.

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