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  1. Congrats on ADAMin

  2. Zeroic

    @Attach hahahaahahhaa
  3. Zeroic

    man like
  4. Zeroic

  5. Zeroic

    Screenshots of the paintings left: Gif:
  6. Zeroic

    In-game Name: Zeroic Steam ID: 76561198175217931 Date of the incident: 06/14/2018 Time of the incident: 16:30 Link to player report: Na Lost Items and Estimated Value: 5 paintings. Not sure what the value would be Please provide as much detail as possible: Cops logged off mid artgallery. There is 5 paintings left that we cant get. Cops got wiped... Any Evidence Available: @The Red Fez
  7. Zeroic

  8. Zeroic

    yes that is the only issue i can see with this. It forces people to drive around in either quillins or ifrits though
  9. Zeroic

    Make this area here to a redzone, or make a rule that when you shoot at someone inside the redzone, you can shoot at them from outside aswell: Everyone that are on the coke island is there to fight caps. Every time someone fight OG for example, people get shot from inside to outside or the other way. To prevent this, just make everything a redzone, so this wont be an issue anymore. The fact that you can shoot someone when they are inside, then if they go 20m out, they are suddenly immune to get shot at is just unrealistic. Some time ago, when 2 gangs was fighting OG, and was trading shots, you could go south hill and still be able to shoot in to the redzone. I would either that rule to come back or make the whole island a redzone (with the caps ofcourse). Another idea would make the redzone bigger than it is right now Let me know your thoughts
  10. Zeroic

    You clearly dont know me
  11. Zeroic

    Apart from the intentional roach, nice tage
  12. Zeroic

    Why disable thermals on a 45 mill heli? And let the hellcat have it? Dosent make sence
  13. Zeroic

    Yes its shit now hah
  14. Zeroic

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