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  1. Ooooooo get youuuuuuu! Where is that hobo I use to run about with rooks gone! ❤️ well deserved ma man x

    1. Slice


      Man, congratulations. I told you you would become management however anyone that can read, understand and remember could've told this to you. Very deserved have fun man.

    2. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Thank you boys 😁😁

  2. Hows it feel being a year older and still fat 

    1. Cameron


      Still making your name longer to compensate for something?

    2. Kierann


      @Cameronto compensate for the lack of weight iI have over you.

  3. Kierann

    RedGull hotkey

    The only hotkey needed is to be able to cancel Healing...
  4. Just not logical, I assume you are referring to the incident earlier. But its never really been an issue in the past and sometimes it is needed and plus if it is breaking any rules the Admins will hide it anyways so.
  5. 16!! That's gotta be a lie... Haha Happy Birthday, Officially Legal 

  6. Amazon can get 400ml for few quid.
  7. Kierann

    Name and Shame

    HAAAAAAA, Obviously new around here, Im 39th Kierann nice to meet you.
  8. Kierann

    Name and Shame

    Missing a few but im sure it will catch up eventually.
  9. No. No its not "Sorted" When ever I see someone willingly drinking Bucky i want to bottle them with the empty to put them out there own misery..
  10. Says the guy who chugs bucky like its goin oot of fashion.... DISGUSTING!!
  11. Hes bringing sexy back yeee

    1. John


      Indeed, perhaps time for admin Kierann to make a return? 

    2. Kierann


      @PaulSYou heard the boss


  12. @Ryannn You been selling him stuff?
  13. +1
  14. R.I.P Big Stan Lee.....

  15. Happy birthday doll xx

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