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  1. CSAT protect best against small calibers like 5.56, not so much against 7.62 and 80% of the police use 5.56-6.5 so its hard to fight rebels with csats but we have free gear and they don't.
  2. best wishes @Sanders
  3. have you got a fricking problem?

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    2. Neo


      Yeah I do... foul language on my front page.


    3. Free Bobby

      Free Bobby

      Ayy gimme gimme Name change plz

    4. ^Pingu


      skeng in my pocket can't you see the bulge in my coat @Neo

  4. excellent to hear, i wasn't present for this operation, do you remember who were the officers involved?
  5. I personally liked it much more the way it was before the update, it felt like a "kavala strip" instead of "kavala square" because all the shops were alongeside the road instead of in the square, i spent so much time in kav before the update because there was so many people alonge the strip but now its almost empty so personally i prefer the kavala strip feel, and it was much more filled than it is now after the update, not as many people, also the fps was not affected much
  6. #3

    not starting beef, all im saying is if you craving approval from others on your montages then your not as good as you think you are the best need approval from no one
  7. #3

    what are you doing with your life if you need likes on your montages to know your good at arma its like a high school girls Instagram in here
  8. staff level 1 takes 4700xp, just keep grindin'
  9. new pc btw

    1. ^Pingu


      courtesy of me xoxooxox 

  10. lmao it gets pretty heated in these chats with all the estrogen flowing in here also who is this elijah and why does he keep mentioning 39th as if hes relevant
  11. Like most recent exercises in arma 3 nostalgia, Majeds new frag film has an underlying melancholy. It's not just because Majed has aged with the rest of us, but because today's arma so rarely manages to devise brand new films with the same breadth of appeal. Majed has a subversive streak, but also the knack of gratifying an audience through a stream of small surprises. He delivers nearly everything a Majed fan might want, though not always in the expected ways While majeds latest film may not receive top marks for originality, this official entry in the majed saga is still one of the most entertaining blockbusters of the year.
  12. 120
  13. paigon yute

  14. unfortunately because of financial situation i wont be able to pay you the 3mill promised for the paramedic rank
  15. iv come to like our current ts tags, but the forum ones look nice +1

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