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  1. Rogers

    @Nathan Ryze going to need a 3 minute video please
  2. Rogers

    the player ID you put is wrong, this is the correct one 76561198121262054 unbanned dont do it again appeal accepted
  3. Rogers

    quite the coincidence he got kicked off the server right once restrained since he did not make an attempt to come back and continue the rp situation I can only assume he did it on purpose ban issued report accepted
  4. Rogers

    the word was not said in a hostile manner, that's why instead of a perm ban he's getting a 1 weeker ban issued report accepted
  5. Rogers

    When you call for police assistance, help Will show, the response time depends on many factors, such as location, rebel activity in the area, and crime level on the island, police response is almost a guarantee but not always before "it's too late" The best way to guarantee your safety is to Plan ahead and always have a contingency plan and give the police enough time to respond.
  6. happy birthday

  7. Rogers

    This is clear vdm ban issued report accepted
  8. Rogers

    money transferred, player has been comped resolved
  9. Rogers

    rebels are allowed to use lethal force when being threatened with non-lethal force But this is fail rp because he pulled his gun off his back and shot u ban issued report accepted
  10. Rogers

    I have written a note on his name on battlemetrics Feel free to make a comp request for anything you lost inside your truck (make sure you have evidence) report accepted
  11. Rogers

    player has been warned about poor initiation before ban issued report accepted
  12. Rogers

    this is not vdm this is a traffic collision , there's a difference VDM is intentional traffic collisions are accidental report denied
  13. Rogers

    You may not shoot out of a safezone to kill someone ban issued report accepted
  14. Rogers

    @Fierce @Jarretthas comp been sorted?
  15. Rogers

    ban issued

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