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  1. you need a better grammar instructor
  2. Accepted on Trial
  3. show me when you fragged me, then i'll believe it
  4. you just described the exact thing you do....lol..
  5. still haven't got a frag on me yet , pretty much every ifrit in this video i have cut'n'shut all jokes aside i like this gang as they actually put up a fight and dont give up when they get beat, respect to them, they make the server interesting for us
  6. Thanks for your interest in joining the 39th, unfortunately you do not meet the hours requirements for the gang, feel free to apply again when you meet the requirements, Declined get rebel license and 3 mill cash and then message me and you will be accepted on Trial,
  7. Unbelievable unprovoked toxicity loved the frag video @Zeroic can always count on you in a gunfight
  8. taking down that building was so fun
  9. i sent you the 250k back directly after you sent it to me, we want comp for the drugs in the truck not the truck itself
  10. application Accepted on Trial
  11. if your not even willing to do an interview your probably not going to be very dedicated at all, majority council decision Declined
  12. if ya cant beat em, join em your welcome to come for an interview, contact me carl or keiran
  13. i'll take 2 mk200 mags, also one LIM and 2 mags for it
  14. should probably remove that quote

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