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Rogers last won the day on December 9 2017

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  1. *Spits in hebrew*

    *laughs in farenheit*

    get beamed loser


  2. Damn, sad to see you go.

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    2. Nakraza



    3. Slice


      @Crawfy idk if he cheated in 39th but in cops he definitely wasn't cheating lol

    4. Jordann


      Ofc he cheated. otherwise he wouldn't be BE banned. hello :/

  3. Now we know why in your frag montage you're dog shit but was good ingame ahahhahaha : 


    1. es0n


      what the fuck


    2. Neo


      Hate to point out that most modern hacks don't show when recorded (overlay)

  4. Get Mooched

  5. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww............... really ???

  6. bye sir at least now I know why you use Mk 14 All the time 

  7. lol all the times u told me you were not cheating when i knew you blatantly were, what an XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  8. @Hoggieyou called this ages ago ahaha

    1. Adam Briggs

      Adam Briggs

      Think everyone did tbh

  9. so much for being a pro benchsniper

    1. BrooklynJ


      ay, that's me

  10. :( made my police days worth it 

  11. Cya!! knew something was fishy!

  12. Oof, told everyone you was cheating. Only took 2 years!! Bye bye!

  13. About time [39th RR] The MOOCH got caught!

  14. Rogers

    412 Report

    this is not "blatant vdm" and IMO is not intentional, just a traffic collision report denied

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