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  1. Rogers

    good tage steph
  2. Rogers

    i enjoyed this, very good
  3. this is some feature film production value
  4. Rogers

    this is something you should bring up in a board meeting @Knasen
  5. Rogers

    1: rp 90 2: top quality roleplayer 3: You RP great and i can see you are passionate about rp, What you can do better: try to spice things up a bit when rping (rp can sometimes come across "robotic") ALSO PUT IN SGT FEEDBACKS
  6. Rogers

    the issue with that is this processor costs 350 euros which is more than half his budget lol
  7. Rogers

    I find it interesting the range of different calibers you use, 3 frags on @Alex Gavin in one montage 😆
  8. Rogers

    +1 banks should not be the sole income for a big gang like they are now, needs to be made harder
  9. Rogers

    My specs (bragging rights) I7 8700k OC to 5.1ghz GTX 1080 16gb DRR4 RAM 2400mhz 250gb SSD In kavala full server 45-55 fps everywhere else 60-70fps half server in kavala 60-70 everywhere else 70-95 my tips to you are Overclock your CPU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV-J2TU08Qk If this doesnt give you any performance gains (which is very unlikely) either your SSD is like 40gb (larger SSDs are by nature faster than smaller SSD regardless of performance specs) or your RAM is bottlenecking your cpu so you would need to OC your RAM aswell for simplicity sake processing power works like this SSD --> RAM --> CPU so the first two need to be running quick enough to feed the information to your CPU otherwise your CPU OC would be pointless
  10. Rogers

    lmao i got skenged out of a vehicle and had no chance to shoot back, the entire "elite unit" your supposed to be leading got wiped by vectors
  11. Rogers

    lmao this guy did the same thing to me today " i need money, i need money"
  12. Rogers

    i dont think we want it removed, it was perfect the way it was before, and was a great addition to the server and people seem to like it as a feature
  13. Rogers

    i personally loved the jump script the way it was +1
  14. Rogers

    that is just poor rp

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