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  1. Rogers

    24 hour bans are nonappealable, you need to wait out your time declined
  2. Rogers

    the number in the video is 58818 not 56818 both players banned for vdm accepted
  3. Rogers

    I have spoken with the majority of the staff team and we feel while what happened in this video is uncommon, it is insufficient evidence to convict someone of lag switching Report Declined
  4. Rogers

    locked and moved
  5. Rogers

    Accepted 400k Compensated
  6. Rogers

    it was, in fact, Jordd who banned you for discrimination, I banned you for combat logging both were forum reports and both were accepted and both bans issued on the same day, Jordds was 7 days the report I dealt with was after jordd had banned you for 7 days, so it was a month ban given the circumstances, I'll unban you I want to see better decisions in the future Unbanned
  7. Rogers

    whether the person outside the heli shot at you or not, the pilot of the heli did nothing and was not given enough time to comply, Matt Brody already banned, 24 hour ban issued to Lewis report accepted
  8. Rogers

    @40Ninjaman waiting for your pov
  9. Rogers

    report accepted ban issued for initiating after a traffic collision
  10. Rogers

    player banned for NLR
  11. @t0es do not ever restraint glitch and shoot your weapon, even in a situation like this, two wrongs don't make a right, restrain glitching like that is exploiting and is a perm ban, consider yourself warned 58298 banned for poor rp
  12. Rogers

    player already perm banned
  13. Rogers

    i'll be dealing with this report, give me time to review the evidence and get the whole staffs opinion
  14. Rogers

    resolve on ts comp has been given
  15. Rogers

    player banned for poor rp

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