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  1. have a good birthday mate 🍺

  2. Rogers

    This was not VDM, this was a road traffic collision unless they were involved with the RTC, then anything you had was free for the taking report denied
  3. Rogers

    send me the evidence
  4. Rogers

    The vdm does not seem intentional to me, as for the rdm your video is too short for me to say decisively if you were initiated previously report denied
  5. Rogers

    I don't think this is intentional vdm, but for an rdm report im going to need at the very minimum a 2 minute long video , do you have that?
  6. Rogers

    Im going to need to a 3 minute @[MAD]PetteMelk
  7. Rogers

  8. Rogers

    I have transferred the one mill you two agreed on situation resolved
  9. Rogers

    @Jack Z11 @DeclanC if this report has not been resolved yet i will continue with the report, so whats the status?
  10. Rogers

  11. Rogers

    This is user error and is not something we can compensate for, but you can, however, sell your van and recoup some of your investment comp request denied
  12. Rogers

    This is not toxic, Rude maybe, but not toxic or ban worthy report denied
  13. Rogers

    can you provide a video of the event so I can get an idea of the entire situation
  14. Rogers

    Go be racist somewhere else, if you're going to be saying derogatory terms then you better be sure no one who may be offended can hear it, representing the server like that on live stream is unacceptable 48-hour ban issued report accepted
  15. Rogers


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