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  1. its contrast, makes it look more animated, good for tanoa imo but not so much altis
  2. bobby you do realise you hoggie and maiko are literally the only ones who dont like my suggestion, i know you guys like to buy mk1s and go frag, but most people want to progress through the levels like a campaign and build their character bit by bit thats what a proper roleplay server is all about
  3. well said and accurate, roleplay servers are not tdm servers, your not supposed to be able to log on and go buy the best gear straight away, arma life is all about the struggle accomplishing and reaching your goals, thats why they call it arma LIFE not deathmatch
  4. could not have said it better myself, its all about the sense of accomplishing something and the challenge of progressing through the server bit by bit
  5. thats why gta is so small and nobody plays on it right? ...-_- look the idea is to have goals that people have to achieve like saving up alot of money to get advanced rebel, this will increase activity and runs because people have to be on the server active while achieving these goals, AFTER achieving this massive goals people are invested in the server because they have worked so hard to achieve them
  6. this is more of an simple overhaul than a suggestion, and will have a drastic affect on the way people play this server, got well over 4000 hours on arma rpg i know what makes this game mode enjoyable and what makes people stay on a server atm this server is lacking in some aspects and i know this small overhaul will increase player activity/runs/rebel life/gunfights 1# i think the dynamic runs were a nice idea but i dont think their really working, we should change it back to static runs because people actually did runs back then, runs need to be static, i remember on "another server" after i had done a coke run like 20 times i began to know the fastest route and short cuts, the run becomes intimate and has a sense of purpose and becomes much more fun to do and dynamic runs take all that away. The run locations will have to be carefully picked by someone with significant experience on arma life and knows what hes doing, and id be more than happy to make a "example map" with the new run locations on it for the owners to review 2# most illegal runs should be more centered around the east side of the map, and more legal runs should be in the west near kavala, when players start out they will be near kavala doing their legal runs and doing general hobo activities with other hobos and wont be bothered by dangerous rebels who will be around athira/airfield/the east getting into gunfights/robbing and doing general rebel things atm everyones always in or near kavala, the word "kavala hobo" has become irrelevant on this server because everyones in kavala, 3#atm illegal drug license cost all 100k this means a hobo can do one run and go buy a thorium license, this gives no sense of challenge and was one of the biggest things i loved about "another server" was that illegal license ranged from 500k-3mill and this meant you HAD to go through the stage of being a hobo for awhile and saving your pennies to get into the rebel life, it was a sense of challenge and accomplishment and atm we dont have much of that, i think all illegal license should cost 500k-3mill so it would be weed would be 500k and thorium 3mill ,there also needs to be more of a price difference between different illegal items sold, 4# Advanced rebel should cost 20mill EDIT--5# something i forgot: there should be a license leveling system, so weed should be like lvl 5-10 and thorium should be a very high level, this will add even more of a "progression" factor and you have to do small runs to get the xp to level up to do the big runs, in a perfect world the lvling should be redone to have a max of 20 levels and weed would be lvl 5 and thorium lvl 20 advanced rebel should become available at lvl 15, and getting to lvl 20 should take months even with very active gameplay. This adds a huge sense of "campaign progression" to the server and will increase activity, i remember on "another server" i obsessively spammed runs for months to get the xp and money needed for advanced rebel, this system works our servers problem is not getting new players to join the server , our problem is keeping them on , according to battlemetrics we get 50 to 250 new players each day which is a shit ton and if we could just manage to hold onto even 10% of new players we would grow so fast and i believe my small overhaul would make the people on our server have more "sense of purpose" and stay on longer to achieve their goals, (like getting that shiny 3mill drug license to start making bigger money to get that 20mill advanced rebel) i know for a fact this will increase activity especially for new players, i miss having to spam to get in the server now its just up to the the owners, and if they like my overhaul i hope they give it a try. @Fuel @Neo @Genesis
  7. happy birthday

  8. this is pretty funny
  9. @Clixy for captain!
  10. lol thats pretty funny,
  11. i like the idea of this christmas unban things, but people like viozo who are just toxic 24/7 and well known to staff as rule breakers should obviously never be unbanned but give people who just made a mistake another chance, its all about staff leads and management differentiating the trouble makers from those who just made a mistake
  12. he resolved in a kind and mature manner /Closed

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