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  1. Crawfy

    I have spoken with a handful of members and they all agree that the gang wet suits don't look particularly nice, and are really impractical. We already have enough gang skinned clothing so this wouldn't really effect anything, all the skin does is ruin the original wetsuits. I would normally wear a wetsuit however the skin just put me off even thinking about buying one.
  2. Crawfy

    Not necessarily, I've seen it done on other servers, they have a limit of 4 characters in a tag. I doesn't have to specify to the start of name of that gang. For example your gang would have [5th] I mean that you can customize to your liking.
  3. Crawfy

    I had this idea a while back but forgot to suggest it. Basically instead of having to go into your arma profile and change your name to apply a gang tag, it should be a thing that you can choose when creating a gang or can add to a current gang. This would obviously be mandatory as it already is. This would also prevent people forgetting to put tags and getting themselves banned. Once you have made the tag, you cannot edit it.
  4. Crawfy

    Worst part is he was really shit for a cheater
  5. Crawfy

    Good tage mate but it looks like you are in slow motion with those frames lmao
  6. Crawfy

    Some bot
  7. Crawfy

  8. Crawfy

    Decent tage mate, but try and make the music in sync I dont know how you play on that fov lmao
  9. Crawfy

    Bet you stole it off a COM after he died. You corrupt officer!
  10. Crawfy

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!
  11. Crawfy

    Can't today, can tomorrow.
  12. Crawfy

    I have screenshot of my bank account having the same money. There is no way I could get a recording of my game actually crashing as I use shadow play.
  13. Crawfy

    Nice wan
  14. Crawfy

    Erco mk1 hazu Anyway as for feedback it's actually not that bad, however don't include killing hobos in greenzone or like rookbanging cops.

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