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  1. Crawfy

    Once I get my new one, we can negotiate. You must be use to negotiations by now
  2. Crawfy

    dad ❤️ Get that new gpu please
  3. Crawfy

    Nice one gent
  4. Crawfy

    Exactly to YOU, not to the majority.
  5. Crawfy

    What happened to listening to the community? Its not like we are asking for zafirs or tanks, its the removal of sniper scopes. Anyway this is sort of off topic, but is one of the downsides of having the whole redzone. If you enjoy getting sniped from 1.5km not having a fucking clue where the guy is, I've lost all hope.
  6. Crawfy

    A few? Surely the biggest gangs and majority of the players here should have an influence, you obviously didnt read my post. I said majority.
  7. Crawfy

    @Scott McTavish Its really not all that hard to snipe with an ARCO/MRCO/RCO, it takes more skill, but if you are determined to snipe use that. Most people who snipe play on 60-70 fov anyways. Ok purely a matter of opinion, however it seems that a majority of active players would prefer it that way.
  8. Crawfy

    I definitely said that.
  9. Crawfy

    Personally, I think the best way to prevent people from getting shot from outside of the capture zones (OG Arms and Church) is to just make that whole south side of the map a kos/war zone. However, you can still include the actual capture point so gangs can earn cash. And maybe replace Abdera cap with East Arms.
  10. Crawfy

    In-game Name: Crawfy Steam ID: 76561198339109409 Date of the incident: 07/09/2018 Time of the incident: 14:06 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 126 x Pure Thorium = 1134000 + Tier 5 Bartering = £1417500? Please provide as much detail as possible: I was on my way to Pablos drug dealer when the server randomly restarted, causing me to lose that whole run. Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/67a62aec45434fcb961db50ebe9abc62 https://gyazo.com/55fdce27cabfd5df01d9fc47663d77db https://gyazo.com/b268a01e164c3938a50aeb33bf0414c9
  11. Crawfy

    Na, knowing the gang you're fighting prevents incidents were you accidentally kill someone who isn't involved, leading to comp.
  12. Crawfy

    England have had it really easy, just wait and see, don't get your hopes up yet lads.
  13. Crawfy

  14. Crawfy

    Oh dear...

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