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  1. you don't need to have inity in your gang mate
  2. thats killswitch trying to shoot me fella
  3. Crawfy

    free him up @battleye 

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    2. crazed


      may someone please inform me on what has occurred 

    3. Joshh


      @crazed Clixy got game banned 

    4. johnny_watermelon
  4. The whole "wait for a PD attack" is the most stupid shit I have heard, theres a chance an admin will ignore you, will say no, or will take that long to respond that police crush whatever is inside. If you are initiated and the decide to bring it to pd, you should have every right to kill them in there.
  5. Crawfy


    In-game name: Crawfy Steam ID: 76561198339109409 Date of ban: 11/14/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity Staff member that banned you: Charlie Thomas Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope, It was completely justified Why should we unban you? I would like to say everyone is affected by cancer and the amount of peoples lives that have been changed by this horrible disease is astounding. I'd like to apologise to anyone I have upset with my poor choice of words, there are so many other words I could have used and I what I said was just unacceptable. All I can ask for is your forgiveness, and assure you that something of this nature will not happen again. Due to the current situation with my gang and people on the server regarding sensitive subjects I can understand why my last ban appeal was declined. However I was not intending to offend or harm anyone with my comment, I was just frustrated with another gang, which I was previously in and have no problems with.

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