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  1. Crawfy

    Nice, bit short tho
  2. Crawfy

    Flush the toilet 3 times
  3. Crawfy

    Did you not read it? Why would you take time to get a 5.56 weapon? Im stating how the server needs variety in weapons.
  4. Crawfy

    I’m seeing all these -1’s but the points are just “it’s too op” when in reality it’s 5.56 which is very weak compared to mk1 etc. I just think more variety in the weapons from the shop would be nice to see. Spar 16s is not overpowered at all, it even takes a fair few shots from a 7.62 to take out tyres of MRAPS, so imagine 5.56.
  5. @FuelPretty sure even if you don't look at flashbangs they still get you, you have to be behind cover to avoid getting affected by the grenade. It must have the range of an actual grenade, and if it "damages" you it causes the flash to happen.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. carstensen


      pretty sure ive been flash banged while driving an ifrit

    3. Jimmy00


      Ofc it still gets you its not CS its the arma grenade and when you get hit by it you get flashed

    4. Neo


      first person, look away, best way to be sure...

  6. Crawfy

  7. Crawfy

  8. Crawfy

    @2:01 https://gyazo.com/0663d1f4bb0cd9aeb6a73de449102690 Wall is there for me lmao, great game
  9. Crawfy


    aimlock broke
  10. Crawfy

    Just a bug in the system guys
  11. Crawfy

    0:40 average rpuk player spamming x lmao https://gyazo.com/47fc42fec785bb8c23873eb71e6efca9
  12. Crawfy

  13. It legit feels like Im playing koth now that pawnees can shoot Infantry in their lands. Why can't it just go back to being able to shoot MRAP and Air?The 7.62 legit ricochets everywhere which is shitty when trying to hold a deerstand. The person flying can be awful at flying it and get a lucky kill. And being able to fly in the redzone and shoot Air targets doesn't make sense, its not their lands to defend, whats the reason for it being in there? Earlier on I was in a grounded heli taking off from rebel and started to get sprayed.

    1. Neo


      They're only allowed one in the air at a time.

      But dont like they can shoot squishies 

    2. Crawfy


      @BobbyWhat about if it crashes they cant pull another pawnee until after restart?

    3. Charly


      @Crawfyvery good vehicle sir. 

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