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  1. Big oof man, congratz!

  2. John Parker

    Great idea! Big +1
  3. John Parker

    @PFFFFTm Well you said you were banned from Teamspeak.
  4. John Parker

    The last weeks the server is going down all the time (not at the the restart schedule) while we are playing and it's getting more and more annoying all the time. Can the staff lead please get a better ddos protection for our favourite server or something like that....
  5. Happy Birthday

    1. Henne


      Cheers mate 

  6. John Parker

  7. John Parker

    The moment I saw my player dying I muted teamspeak and started raging/screaming like a little girl. I was like “HALLO how did he shot me” becuase I thought you wallbanged me but I need to admit it was a really good shot, 808m. I also broke a ps4 controller. Thank you @Cazual4d
  8. John Parker

    @Theo Wright a ok cheers
  9. John Parker

    Do all of them and set a day for each one
  10. John Parker

  11. John Parker

    Make at the casino a button that will say to place same bet as before it will be helpful for some people like me that use the arrow tactic what do you think about this idea?
  12. What about police whispers with server 2

    1. Rambo


      More teamspeak channels have been added to coincide with server 2, just set them up to the channels that are needed for when your on #2

    2. John Parker

      John Parker

      Do I have a choice..... :(

    3. Danny ✌

      Danny ✌

      just make an profile for s1 and s2

  13. John Parker


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