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  1. Happy Birthday You Wirral head

    1. Richard


      Thanks you spital smach head

  2. Richard

    @Rambo I have seen floating road barriers used as cover in a rock formation, haven't you?
  3. Richard

    Removing silencers is a fair suggestion, may not be what everyone wants but I can see why some people don't like to fight against them, i personally don;t mind, but if you have a decent level of game sense it is pretty easily to conceal yourself from ever being found in a gunfight using suppressors on many guns (spar17 being the most effective) plus it adds a different level of play style as whiffing shots from a few hundred meters away, or just shooting in general reveals your position and making a main target so timing your shots better and prioritising becomes more prevalent. Personally i don't care too much for silencers with the exception of sniping, but that can be dealt with in other ways (Remove Chris Kyle). Your argument against this is pretty poor, your basically saying removing an element of the game is stupid if some people like and dislike it and if you remove silencers you might as well remove scopes. I get your point, silencers are a big part of Arma however, by this logic the server should have Navids, tanks, explosives artillery etc as some people both enjoy and hate having these things available in altis life. Removing certain items and vehicles from the game can make it better and fairer for everyone and silencers are one of things that many people consider as a negative, as would be navids etc. Imagine if the server had apcs, and everyone went round killing people with them... "What you want tanks removed because you don't like tank warfare? While we are at it we might as well remove vehicles all together?"
  4. Richard


    clickbait it was 1v3
  5. Richard

    @39thrr @39thrr @39thrr @39thrr So how come you guys need a whole mag to kill someone at this range with an AMS? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Who else shits on their hands then rubs it on the side of the toilet to make less noise?

    1. !Sanik


      sorry only shit on @Clixy's toilet roll

  7. Richard

    Lol when i first got my PC i got 70 fps in kavala on ultra and payed half the price, feels bad
  8. Richard

    Snoop Dog doesn't approve
  9. Richard

    ^ think your getting baited? dont respond....
  10. Richard

  11. Richard

    Well adaptive crosshair is considered much better by a lot of players...
  12. Richard

    Somehow managed to shoot more people in the back than the number of dislikes on the video hehe
  13. Richard

    Well if my mental age is 13 then i dont know what yours is if you didnt notice the fact that their is no reborn Ui and the reply i put in the post for those who misunderstood. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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