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  1. Snoop Dog doesn't approve
  2. ^ think your getting baited? dont respond....
  3. 5.6
  4. Well adaptive crosshair is considered much better by a lot of players...
  5. Somehow managed to shoot more people in the back than the number of dislikes on the video hehe
  6. Hmm a bit fat rank symbol that bugs out and shows through walls +10000
  7. ....
  8. Well if my mental age is 13 then i dont know what yours is if you didnt notice the fact that their is no reborn Ui and the reply i put in the post for those who misunderstood. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Kyle
  10. @Cooked breaddont worry, it was not on the live server. @maiko seen yourself
  11. @Fuel ?
  12. I go them BTEC editing softwares
  13. @JoshDF @Stevenn @Chelston @JasonMeister @Hoggie and anyone else i know who wants to play join the rust zerg room in supporter channels at 6.00pm pls
  14. Just tighten the restrictions, its becoming a bit of a joke recently, i have seen cops use the ghost hawk against 2 ifrits in a 6 man bank when they had 30 cops and hunter, the ghosthawk sprays the mrap even when the tires are out, making it impossbile to decamp and get away without dieing. I think the amount of MRAPs for it to be pulled out in a firefight should be 3+ maybe even 4 or when their are multiple air vehicles around a firefight and once the tires are out the ghosthawk must stop shooting the MRAP. I dont mind the ghosthawk but ive seen one twice a day this week and it gets pulled out when their is no need for one other than overkill

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