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  1. visually supressed
  2. the 3d printer is working
  3. Alright, due to the fact that I was involved in this situation I deem it necessary to side with Langerd. Not even 30 seconds before we opened fire, we had arrived at a situation where multiple officers were shot and killed. I kept eyes on that quilin and refrained from opening fire to confirm whether the occupants were armed. Turns out that you were which is why we opened fire on you.
  4. Smh my kebab shop still makes more
  5. I kno you never read messages but pweez read mine xD

    1. Thesoldier


      correction, I never read STUPID messages.

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      whooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! you did him there boyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 

  6. In-game name: Kappa Venom Steam ID: 76561198215239855 Date of ban: 10/13/2017 Staff member that banned you: Wolfie Reason for ban: Fail Rp Why do you think you were banned: From my understanding I was banned because someone had a weapon pointed at the right side of my head and I attempted to pull out my weapon and taze the suspect. At the time this happened I was in-fact pretty tired from playing arma and was getting ready to head off after the situation because it was a total mess and because of ts going off and me having to unmute and mute my sound it just made me feel really clusterphobic and my mind had no idea what was even going on anymore. So when an armed person initiated on me, due to the fact that he was being annoying before I pulled out my gun to arrest him because he was just totally making things more difficult for me but I realised after I pulled out my weapon that he was armed but it was too late to turn back. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: When I was banned, once again from what I understand wolfie and jamz wanted me to re-visit the rules and take a few days off as a proper punishment to get back on track with everything due to my history. I believe I should be un-banned due to the fact that I didn't deliberately break this rule and I understand why I was banned and I've spent the past 48 hours revisiting the rules and reading through them more thoroughly and in-depth. For next time I'll pay more attention to the game and observe all necessary information before doing something. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: No Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  7. Happy Birthday Neo :DDD

    Tell genesis im sorry i luv him and tell fuel he sounds dank

  8. He told me himself through ts he doesn't have a recording. I initiate from 0:20 to 0:23 and Qwerty is no where to be seen next to me. It's so damn obvious that I wasn't initiating on him
  9. In-game name: Kappa Venom Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Qwerty Date of the incident: 10/10/2017 Time of the incident: 20:30 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/ILM629YS4AA Describe the incident: Me and my colleague Custard Cream responded to an armed robbery and the suspects refused to comply so I initiated with non lethal force and then they threatened to kill me and I believed they were armed, so I killed them. After that Nicolaj Myles knocks me out randomly so when I get back up I initiate on the tires of his vehicle but do not fire. Qwerty then gets out and just shoots me in the face. Qwerty (Yellow shirt guy) claims I initiated on him when it was clear that I initiated and chased someone else. He was also behind me until I opened fire on the suspect so Idk where he got this false information from. He then started to claim one of my bullets ricochet and hit him. However I don't believe this was true so I asked for evidence which he failed to provide. I tried to resolve but you can see from the teamspeak chat that he just didn't want to resolve and started spamming me with off-topic stuff claiming I purposely try to get him banned which is completely false. Of-course I don't have all day for this so I informed him I'm just taking it to the forums. TEAM-SPEAK CHAT <21:15:08> "Kappa Venom": Police liason <21:15:17> "Qwerty": for? <21:15:20> "Qwerty": you initiated <21:15:21> "Kappa Venom": rdm? <21:15:32> "Kappa Venom": I said if you attempt to drive away non lethal force will be used on ur tire <21:15:41> "Qwerty": yes thats initiation <21:15:45> "Kappa Venom": no it isnt <21:15:48> "Kappa Venom": I didnt shoot at ur tires <21:15:50> "Kappa Venom": nor u <21:15:55> "Qwerty": you still initiated <21:16:05> "Qwerty": and also a second ago you said stop running or you will be tazed <21:16:09> "Qwerty": then shot in my direction <21:16:10> "Qwerty": and hit <21:16:11> "Qwerty": me <21:16:13> "Kappa Venom": i iniated on ur tires, i didnt threaten ur lives <21:16:20> "Kappa Venom": when did i hit u lol <21:16:26> "Kappa Venom": I initiated with tazers on the runner <21:16:36> "Qwerty": how do i know who your talking to <21:16:39> "Qwerty": especially when you shoot me <21:16:51> "Kappa Venom": because its obvious af? <21:16:54> "Kappa Venom": show proof that i shot u <21:17:09> "Qwerty": what the fuck you mean its obv <21:17:12> "Qwerty": im running infront of you <21:17:18> "Qwerty": and your behind me with a weapon <21:17:19> "Qwerty": saying <21:17:27> "Qwerty": stop or non-lethal force will be used <21:17:31> "Qwerty": you then shoot in my direction <21:17:33> "Qwerty": and hit me <21:17:35> "Qwerty": with a lethal bullet <21:17:39> "Kappa Venom": no i didnt lolk <21:17:44> "Qwerty": are you dumb? <21:18:00> "Qwerty": you shouted <21:18:02> "Qwerty": sir <21:18:09> "Kappa Venom": look at where u are <21:18:13> "Kappa Venom": http://prntscr.com/gvshao <21:18:37> "Qwerty": ok son there is this thing called ricochete <21:18:43> "Qwerty": and its where bullets are deflected <21:18:43> "Kappa Venom": yes and show me proof <21:18:46> "Kappa Venom": that a bullet hit u <21:18:48> "Qwerty": i dont have a recording <21:18:53> "Qwerty": but its quite obvious <21:18:57> "Qwerty": when im on 90 health <21:19:03> "Qwerty": and you had previously initiated on me <21:19:09> "Kappa Venom": no i didnt <21:19:10> "Qwerty": i dont know what your problem is kappa <21:19:19> "Kappa Venom": My problem is that u rdmed <21:19:20> "Qwerty": but everytime i come across you you start a sit with me <21:19:31> "Kappa Venom": Your failiing to resolve, ive asked u to come to ts <21:19:35> "Qwerty": and you always seem to act in an agressive manner or get me in trouble etc <21:19:42> "Qwerty": i can easily resolve by texting <21:19:51> "Qwerty": i dont have to physically talk to you <21:19:57> "Kappa Venom": your required to join my channel <21:20:01> "Qwerty": you are constantly witch hunting me <21:20:06> "Qwerty": and trying to get me banned etc. <21:20:11> "Qwerty": but then do the same thing <21:20:16> "Qwerty": and no im not required to join your chanel <21:20:17> "Kappa Venom": trying to you banned? <21:20:30> "Kappa Venom": to get you* <21:20:32> "Kappa Venom": Wtf are u chatting <21:20:47> "Kappa Venom": if anything its u always complaining to get me in channels <21:20:52> "Kappa Venom": and looking for reasons to report <21:20:54> "Qwerty": once i caaleld you? <21:21:00> "Qwerty": earlier you were slagging and mocking me <21:21:02> "Kappa Venom": im taking this to the forums at this point you clearly dont wanna resolve <21:21:06> "Qwerty": and then when i confronted you about it <21:21:11> "Qwerty": you said it was your role-play character <21:21:20> "Qwerty": and then you mimicked me today <21:21:22> "Kappa Venom": dont even start mate you were the one harassing me constantly <21:21:22> "Qwerty": when i was arrested <21:21:25> "Qwerty": and when i did it back <21:21:28> "Qwerty": you called sander <21:21:33> "Qwerty": i have it all on video <21:21:43> "Qwerty": every time come across you you are being so toxic <21:21:49> "Qwerty": calling me a crack-head <21:21:57> "Qwerty": saying my dad abandoned me <21:22:02> "Kappa Venom": thats in defence of myself cuz all u do is try to give me shit <21:22:04> "Qwerty": and mimicking me <21:22:13> "Kappa Venom": like dont even start, we having that resolved with fabrizio <21:22:14> "Qwerty": obviously im gonna retaliate with you <21:22:29> "Kappa Venom": "retaliate" can u just stop bringing irrelevant bullshit into this <21:22:34> "Qwerty": mate <21:22:53> "Qwerty": you litterally said yesterday that you wanted to get on good terms with me <21:23:03> "Qwerty": and then today you have started so much shit <21:23:05> "Qwerty": in 1 sit <21:23:09> "Kappa Venom": and all you do is give me shit for being a squeeker so it isnt happening is it <21:23:30> "Qwerty": ye cause the first time i came into contact with me you called me a crack-head <21:23:36> "Qwerty": and said my dad abandoned me <21:23:39> "Qwerty": listen <21:23:44> "Qwerty": its getting off topic here <21:23:49> "Kappa Venom": yea it is <21:23:52> "Kappa Venom": and ur the one rambling <21:23:55> "Kappa Venom": about irrelevant bs <21:23:57> "Qwerty": end of the day <21:24:00> "Qwerty": you shot at me <21:24:02> "Qwerty": and initiated on me <21:24:05> "Qwerty": previous to the sit <21:24:09> "Qwerty": i kept eyes <21:24:13> "Qwerty": and took my oportunity <21:24:16> "Kappa Venom": didnt initiate on u, nor did i shoot u <21:24:27> "Kappa Venom": u werent even infront of me ffs u were like behind me as i chased someone else <21:24:39> "Qwerty": you said sir stop running or i will be forced to use non lethal force <21:24:41> "Kappa Venom": im not gonnna sit here and litsen to u have a breakdown, im taking it to the forums <21:24:43> "Qwerty": then you shot in my direction <21:24:44> "Kappa Venom": so please stop messaging me <21:24:51> "Qwerty": your failing to resolve then? <21:24:55> "Qwerty": im not having a breakdown <21:25:08> "Qwerty": just tryin to enjoy my time on the server <21:25:10> "Qwerty": not deal with your bs Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  10. We know our rules just as well as we know our alphabets.
  11. Tactically outplayed
  12. ur not welcome on this post git out
  13. In-game Name: Kappa Venom Steam ID: 76561198215239855 Date of the incident: 10/07/2017 Time of the incident: 15:50 Link to player report: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/12832-25177-lil-pump-neon-report/ Lost Items and Estimated Value: Bergen Backpack (big one), Combat fatigues, Carrier rig, stealth balaclava, Helmet camo, Mk18 supressor rco bipod and x10 mags with an AMS in the back. Spent about 400k Please provide as much detail as possible: Report shows it Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxkVeWLEy2o
  14. Stop commenting on reports just to back up your friend in a report. Only post if you can provide any form of evidence. I didn't pull a weapon, I passed you a note saying "Not valid" after you initiated. Your saying I pulled a weapon. You can see in the video I was already running with a weapon, its part of the animation where it pulls it out and I don't blame you for killing me for turning around but i'm reporting you for the invalid initiation which led up-to you shooting me. Its within your responsibility to know what a valid initiation is and isn't. Time to comply? I was in a VDM script like 90% of the time I had. And can I also add when I first said "They've initiated" I spoke too soon but splitz clearly didn't threaten my life and I recognised this and took it back and told my team-mate.

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