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  1. K-V

    You banned me for shooting someone that did that lmao
  2. K-V

    already a feature. Go on your phone - Settings - should be on 1 of tabs within that
  3. K-V

    In-game name: Dynamic Steam ID: 76561198122129733 Date of ban: 11/04/18 Reason for ban: I attacked fuel and cozza out of anger and salt due to being banned which was immature and stupid of me. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: 100% justified Why should we unban you? I believe I should be unbanned from the forums as I believed I have learned my lesson now by not letting my emotions take control of me and lash out trying to harm people. The last month was a bit of a bad time for me and I am truly sorry for what I did to fuel and cozza and I hope you can forgive me for what I did on the forums. All I ask is to have a second chance of being able to use the forums again and I promise you that I won’t act like a child again causing problems for people in the community. If I am given a second chance I promise I won’t mess this up and won’t act like a salty little kid on the forums and if I do ill happily agree on being rebanned on the forums if i act like this again. It’s been roughly 2 months since I was banned from using the forums I believe I deserve a second chance at using the forums again and fuel I am truly sorry for this and I promise you if you give me a second chance you won’t see this behaviour from me on the forums again. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/4411-dynamic/ -forum account
  4. K-V

    Yeah but what are our advantages? Having better guns and being able to HOLD the compound? Cops counteract that with free gear and triple our numbers most of the time, they get free MRAPs to push in with too so they can pull a shit ton. In the end its fairly balanced but when you add flashbangs they just press g, toss a flashbang into the deerstand and just push with it being almost impossible for rebels to fight back. Rebels dont have such an advantage where we can make it impossible for cops to fight back.
  5. K-V

    That's just absurd, one of the dumbest reasons to counteract something being overpowered. If I'm sat holding a deerstand and a hunter reverses up and decamps then people start throwing flashbangs into the deerstand, it just makes it impossible for me to hold and it's stupid because it just makes you incapable of being able to fight back.
  6. K-V

  7. K-V

    The current ones honestly look good but a preview of the combat fatigues one would be nice so people can vote which one looks better.
  8. K-V


    spam x
  9. K-V

    Yeah I think everyone knew he was cheating tbh from the 39th. Don't think he cheated in cops tho cuz he played like utter trash and just benched for kills. Was usually the first to donate strides and hunters in banks too lol.
  10. K-V

    Starting bid 5mil
  11. K-V

    I'll have to check lol, probably got like 5 or however many you get in the airdrop
  12. K-V

    Lrps too hehe
  13. K-V

    reduced it a bit, will see how it goes
  14. K-V

    Yeah, its become more of a roach fest rather than cops getting in MRAPs and pushing strategically

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