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  1. You actual disgusting cheater. Should be ashamed you house map using animal.
  2. They'll instantly blame tower lag despite they were shooting at him and still getting dicked
  3. K-V

    kv Report

    Hah no ones joining your dead ts for that dead gang bro Keep bigging yourself up for shit that happened months ago
  4. K-V

    kv Report

    If that was true, you would of saved a recording and uploaded it and already shown everyone to boost your own ego. lol ok
  5. K-V

    kv Report

    alright, go on then give the context because the only thing you're saying rn is "HAHA ITS A MEME" like its the only thing you've got to defend yourself I just didn't beg tho, I simply asked.
  6. K-V

    kv Report

    I asked you for a vouch cuz we were chill at the time so I don't see what's wrong with that. There's a difference between licking your ass and asking something, maybe if you didn't have your head so far up your own ass you'd realise that lmao. [03/03/2019, 22:40] a n d r e w: if you want to join you can reconcile your sins write me a formal apology and apply It's a shame you have to do shit like that to get even garbo sloth in your gang https://gyazo.com/2fd7b217349085658f1df9d6a8ef02c6 https://gyazo.com/ab06806c2186735ba7e8eef1e79fe2f4 https://gyazo.com/dc5ec1c29943e6d1912a6aac67a6aeb0 https://gyazo.com/f376c9eef29ee073877677f960acc257
  7. K-V

    kv Report

    After you initiated ofcourse Haha the last time I came in your ts was when I left your gang so Idk what you're yapping on about. Don't talk to me about ass licking when you're wierd ass is popping up to me with shit like this. I would say it was cringy still lmao
  8. K-V

    kv Report

    you're sat there screaming random shit being cringy af so I don't think you got any valid point across "you pipping up you little sket, shat ap you little rudeboy" some shit like that from the recording Will upload relevant recordings when I can
  9. K-V

    kv Report

    Also spoke to an admin in support yesterday and even they would class it as a different sit to the bank. If an anti fed can only be done when the trucks leave the bank then it's not classed as an anti fed if we fight you before the trucks leave because that would be a different sit. As I said before you clearly just abused the fact that we need to see trucks leave and initiated on us but if we initiated on you before the trucks left, you'd cry that we're "INTERFERING" so it really doesn't make sense. And no we weren't driving around, we were sat in a line and you were the only person we saw come out the bank.
  10. K-V

    kv Report

    I mean, I really couldn't care less. I've done nothing wrong from what I've been told.
  11. K-V

    kv Report

    no that would never happened because your gang would start crying that we're interfering
  12. K-V

    kv Report

    from what what paul said, it doesnt really matter cuz the gold truck has to be outside. you basically abused the fact that we need to wait for trucks to leave to anti fed so you can initiate on us and pick us off
  13. K-V

    kv Report

    <18:10:58> "Sloth": If a gang is doing a bank and they leave the bank without the gold (no hemmts or anything) onto the airfield to kill us <18:11:08> "Sloth": is that still to do with the hm>? <18:11:28> "PaulS": no <18:11:31> "Sloth": ok ty ty
  14. lol if i was trying to be funny i think id be forum banned rn

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