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  1. That's honestly a stupid arguement. You don't know for sure whether I was involved or not in the gunfight. Sure there's a high chance that I was but cops now a days look at guys with guns and instantly want to get them in restraints and use the excuse "HE'S A DANGEROUS MAN" rather then speak to them and gain a few important details and exchange rp. The weapon I had could've just been something I hunted with, there was lots of different alternatives. The reason gunfights even happened in cases like these are because cops don't give rebels their space to roleplay. Try and have a calm conversation with them first and if good roleplay is provided, then reward it by telling them to keep their weapon concealed etc. There's no harm in that. Now ofcourse the same thing could happened in cuffs but here's the problem. With the recent state of cops, almost all officers just want to make an arrest etc so they forget about roleplay etc which is why rebels don't want to be in cuffs, they don't have space and are helpless where as the officer has the power to do almost anything. Look at it this way, If a man in real life was carrying a firearm and you believed he was a murderer, wouldn't you try to keep him calm and gain pieces of information that are important? Or would you instantly start to make an arrest which could potentially anger the person and cause shit to hit the fan. The point im trying get across is the fact that cops need to stop appearing hostile towards people with illegal firearms so much. When you tell him/her to put his/her hands up, its hostile. When you tell em he's gonna be tasted if he doesn't, that's a hostile way of interacting with them, they feel threatened and would rather get you to fuck off than speak to you even if that has to resort to killing. I'm not talking about "TIME GIVEN TO COMPLY". I'm talking about you just rambling on so you can make the arrest rather than make sure I understand what you're actually telling me because honestly madhatter, I didn't have a fucking clue what you were saying cuz you sounded like Jehova's witness at my door trying to teach me the ways of life and in my head I was like "What the actual fuck is this guy on about". (Not saying that with the intent to offend anyone, just using an example)
  2. If I'm honest madhatter. I respect that you tried to roleplay but to be honest you got me up, didn't even let the medic finish treating me and instantly wanted me to put my hands up. When I was in cops I did the same thing and got warning pointed for it. I couldn't even tell what you were saying as you just rambled on about my rights and didn't even ensure I understood what you were saying, it wasn't rp at all, it was just you following a nessesay protocol for making an arrest which you didn't have to make. If I complied with u, I would've lost my gun at the end of the day and my illegal contraband despite how hard I tried to rp out of it. That's literally what I've seen 99% of the cops do on this server. As bobby said, cops need to stop rushing things and instantly trying to put people in cuffs. You could've just let the medic help me and questioned me and gotten an rp story out of me which I always provide to cops in situations like these and there could've been a happy ending to the story where both parties get what they want. But what I won't have is cops instantly trying to put me in cuffs right when the medics got me up because that is what I think is shit rp and it just tells me that the cop is just gonna take my shit and it's a lose lose situation whether or whether I don't rp well.
  3. That was knocking out without initiation. Madhatter initiated with non lethal force so in my defence I knocked him out which is allowed Here’s what I dont get, am I literally just meant to let em arrest me and take my shit? Even if I didn’t knock him out and waited till he tried to tase me then shot him, he would’ve still said its fail rp Taser vs MK1. Pretty sure I’d be able to knock him out alot more effectively
  4. That was knocking out without initiation. Madhatter initiated with non lethal force so in my defence I knocked him out which is allowed
  5. Nice man, pretty nice multikills
  6. Nice man
  7. 16:9 aspect ratio Interface size normal
  8. 1920 by 1080
  9. Fuck knows but does it really matter lol
  10. Will do next time
  11. When you're not getting enough kills on reborn
  12. Will do next time, Just wanted to wrap this one up quickly so I didn't take em out Yea, shame that it had to be changed

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