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  1. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Oh No
  2. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Dont wanna talk about it 😢
  3. Jay (Custard Cream)

    There is always gonna be 3 sides to a roleplay server. The people who play for the gunplay, the people who play for the RP and others who enjoy both like myself. Capping gang aint gonna improve RP or make it less OP. Being in a big gang and being OP is part of the fun. so -1
  4. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Dont usually make these things and not the best clips just a couple from a few days (IK im trash) Feedback Appreciated x
  5. Jay (Custard Cream)

  6. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Name: Custard Cream Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/6c7c65c5fa855e46a63feb9d517ba55d Bank balance (screenshot): Get one soon but 11m Previous Gangs: Imperial some other stuff i cant remember Why do you want to join: Want a group to have some banter in, get some good fight idk Anyone who can vouch for you: Flix
  7. Jay (Custard Cream)

    In-game name: [AHA] Jay Name of the player(s) you are reporting: SC Dean Date of the incident: 10/25/18 Time of the incident: 16:30ISH What rule do you believe was broken: No Value Of Life, Toxic, Fail RP, Executing as a police officer Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/obdHp2Zryk4 Describe the incident: So i was driving out the GZ when i saw an officer had been spiked stripped by someone so i decided to rob him, like an idiot i left my vermin on single fire and it got me killed. I iniated on the cop from behind and told him to holster his weapon and to not turn around. He then 180s me and kills me. Afterwards he is toxic af as a cop breaking RP in voice chat then finishes me with my own gun. Im sorry but there is nothing to resolve on this end hes a cop and should know the rules but shows no regard for them. I dont usually report people for stuff like this cos i give them the benefit of the doubt and if they are in a crap mood i dont feel right making it worse, but attitude like that is just crap so i dont see a point in resloving it. I have more footage if needed of the whole incident. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No
  8. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Kinda got the idea from @Proud's Thread on the idea of taking keys from restrained people. Hopefully this will give more skill trees to pursue when gathering points. Right now taking peoples gear is as easy as cuffing them and selecting the option and anyone can do it. To change the system up abit why not add stages and tiers for interaction when robbing players and cuffing them. this would work in conjunction with the handcuff perk. For example TIER 1 - (Lights Out) - [ Gives player the ability to take communications from a handcuffed person. ] TIER 2 - (Pocket Puller) - [ Gives Player The Ability to take Virtual Items from a handcuffed person. ] TIER 3 - (Goodnight) - [ Gives player the ability to "stun" the handcuffed player for 15 seconds to prevent them talking when handcuffed. ] TIER 4 - (Where Am I?) - [ Gives player the ability to blindfold The handcuffed player giving them a distorted black vision effect whilst the blindfold is on them ] TIER 5 - (Hey Thats Mine!) - [ Gives player the ability to strip people of their gear by dropping it all on the block instead of removing pieces from their inventory ] Obviously this idea is a concept and could be easily expanded across but i think this idea will be better so more hostage takings are rp'ed out instead of getting cuffed gear stripped and then left or shot dead. People can still have their gear taking by the hostage takers telling them to drop the gear but the skills would make it abit easier and another skill path to follow.
  9. Jay (Custard Cream)

    IGN: CuStArD cReAm Age/Country: 19/uk Bank balance (screenshot): Ugh will get one soon : 10 mill Previous gangs/Faction units: Imperial/ accepted to sinity never joined more i cant remember Hours on Arma *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/7c6ceb79dfd5544d10ef26827a1f29c0 Can any members vouch for you?: dunno who the members are so dunno
  10. Jay (Custard Cream)

    pls +1
  11. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Are you off your rocker? 15 mill for all that? id pay 6-7 mil max
  12. Jay (Custard Cream)

    +1 Great idea would love to see that implemented
  13. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Was accepted into sinity before but never joined and somet else played with kappa venom alot cant remember tbh
  14. Jay (Custard Cream)

    Name: Custard Cream Hours: 4428 Previous gangs: Cant Remember tbh been a while Bank balance: 11m Rebel or Advanced: both Vouches: dunno
  15. Jay (Custard Cream)


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