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  1. @Lee Chan
  2. Community Support and NHS tags please<3
  3. You don't even have 3.7 mil, stop making false bids!
  4. @Petrosgr7 you need to use the correct report a player procedure if you want this to be reviewed. You can find it here https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  5. +1 don't like when he calls me a bot though
  6. Reported for toxicity, please do NOT call people 'fat b****rds' on rebornroleplay.com
  7. Bloody hell @PaulS! Jon Snow is as stubborn as you!

    1. PaulS


      I'd bend the knee in front of her any day

  8. Don't you mean SC Tamwaar Masood? Curry face
  9. First day of whale hunting was a success! Caught myself a big one👌🏿

  10. Are you seriously going whale hunting for a holiday? Ahahahahaha

    1. Hoggie


      You should meet up with @Buidurd then

    2. Kierann


      @Battl^^Eye That not what you done in Maga... ? xD

    3. Peters


      Yeah, just strangled one to death with my python. 

  11. Hey it's the bare knuckle champ, how ya feeling lad

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Peters


      @Battl^^Eye Ronnie Picko 

    3. GenuineAF


      beating up old men are we?

    4. Peters


      @GenuineAF beat him up with his own walking stick!

  12. @Clixy remeber dat tim u wer raycyst on temspeek????XDXD
  13. I want to apply but I know I'll be declined (How to feel bad for yourself) (How to attention seek)
  14. At the moment, the APD is useless. Not a lot of people do it, as the profit is not really worth it. I came up with the idea of moving the casino and making it available for robbing as it gives rebels another option, instead of having to do the bank over and over. Also the casino will make a lot of profit from people who go there to bet/gamble. It would be cool if there was a room in the casino where all the cash that has been lost could be stored. Negatives of this idea would be - It would have to be moved outside of the greenzone, which could lead to normal people wanting to make a bit of cash being robbed. - The above will lead to less people using the Casino. This is an idea I literally came up with 5 minutes ago, so please don't hate on the topic. It would be nice to see other peoples opinion on this.

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