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  1. You have to start somewhere
  2. he taught me to fly a plane the man is a legend
  3. not talking to you after what you did to my donuts
  4. @Sanders showed me around on his plane today. I discovered some great tea party locations that I will make sure to try out. After a while he landed the plane and wanted to teach me how to fly. He was very patient and kind, even though I kept messing up. (we only almost died twice) Great rp the entire time. Huge +1
  5. i love you and will die for you
  6. thank you i will now die for you.
  7. +1 very nice and helpful guy
  8. +1 amazing guy and roleplayer
  9. Me and @goldshot went on a tea party tour to gas stations all over altis today. This wasn't your typical tea party, as we had no tea and at least 5 people died at every stop. Nevertheless best tea parties ive ever been on! Unfortunately we forgot to scan some coffee which triggered the alarm several times. Because of this though we met some very nice officers. Some of these including Jon, Ryan, Louis, Jamie and @Matty D. There was more but I didnt get their names. They were polite and rewarded good rp! We also met some nice vertigo members. also Kevin McMuffin, he wasn't there but he's cute so +rep. Honestly some of the best officers I've met so far. Was a blast roleplaying with them today.
  10. I just want to thank @Lee Chan for buying me these amazing games! I'm probably not going to play arma anymore though as I will spend all my free time on these games
  11. if anyone else wants this game pls message me. this game has helped me through a lot, hopefully it does the same for you.
  12. +1 He's super nice and really helpful. He's also one of the best roleplayers I've met.
  13. <3

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