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  1. People get shot out of ifrits and run to staff to get them banned. 

    Whats going on?

    1. Hoggie


      Imagine cheating and then crying that someones a hacker hahahaha

    2. Bobby


      stop accusing people of hacking hoggie!

    3. Hoggie


      Sorry gamer. Im reformed. I won't accuse anyone of cheating. Ban the cheaters and make arma great again.

  2. Bobby

    GTA have their own healing system, what i mean is there is no way to keep it as the normal healing system and make it so you can cancel the animation.
  3. Bobby

    not possible without mods
  4. Bobby

    @[email protected] Feed back appreciated !
  5. 2018-07-14_18_50_56.thumb.png.63e0573b7b03809742542758e88f6fbf.png

    @Jayget the mincraft bifta on the go again

  6. free vertigo

    1. Hoggie


      good old days

  7. Bobby

    old millers back good luck lads
  8. Bobby

    the kid
  9. Bobby

    Its rarely used and when they do, they still lose the fight so who cares? -1
  10. Bobby

    real drillers
  11. Bobby

    its possible but its very buggy its not really worth it
  12. im sure if you dont want to be disturbed or someone is spamming you, tell an admin say they can ban them or im sure they will give u DND tag for some time.

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