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  1. https://gyazo.com/b98b5aa3c604bce1c87e025979be7fbf when you got a pulldown but on single fire lmao
  2. Bobby

    For the gang that "always gets slapped" and is "always salty and toxic" and "cancerous". You seem very angry. Instead of trying to show proof of why you broke a rule, you seem to be more interested is saying how shit we are lol.
  3. Bobby

    Since I was involved in the situation id like to say a few things. The New Life Rule is NOT in effect when: The server restarts (planned). You have been VDM’d (see VDM rule). You have been RDM’d (see RDM rule). You can not break NLR due to someone failing RPing on you anyway. Even then id like to point out that rule, 3.13 "Please note, sometimes fighting for your life is valuing your life". If you want to report ashton for Fail RP you can do so. But lets keep on track with the report. You both broke NLR and said you got permission from an admin to come back. Bez has told us that he DIDNT get permission to come but he thought he did. You lied about getting team killed. He didn't kill you because you was breaking you a rule, he killed you because you had no GPS. So, you are constantly lying about getting permission to break NLR and lying about why you was team killed, you can see above ^ you was team killed due to you not having a GPS. We are not reporting you due to "salt". Simply someone that is in a white-listed roleplay faction, id expect alot better, not constant rule breaks and accusations of our gang being toxic and in your words "canc....".
  4. xxxtentacion confirmed dead 

    rest up my African american 

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    2. ^Ryyyy
    3. Cameron


      Fuck dude, was just listening to his music, rip

    4. Hoggie
  5. Bobby

    He refused comp so let him get a longer video.
  6. Bobby

  7. Bobby

  8. Bobby

    so you take my POV and say its you looooooooool ur dads getting hit off
  9. Bobby

    ashton is so fucking shit at for honor looool
  10. Bobby

    1. You cant hear me talk because you or the video was lagging like fuck. 2. We accidentally crashed into each other it was hardly intentional. 3. I did have a gun you just wasn't looking back you just drove straight off without looking at me. 4. I offered you comp since in sidechat you was asking for 300k for your friend. 5. 10.4 You cannot retreat to green zones for safety. Going though or stopping in greenzone is still retreating to greenzone. Ill still offer comp but what you are saying is just stupid and I cba replying to you anymore.
  11. Bobby

    Sorry for commenting but I think he was trying to issue warning shots? But it can only be done with tracer rounds. 3.16 Warning Shots You can issue warning shots to air vehicles with tracer rounds. If they fail to leave you can shoot them down. I cant speak on behalf on @C63 tho.
  12. Bobby

    do you want the comp or not lol
  13. Bobby

    I dont really care if you went back into greenzone, its just that you're trying to get people banned for breaking rules but you are breaking them yourself. You are clearly new to the server so ill offer comp since all you care about is the gear your friend lost so msg me on ts whenever and ill send u comp.

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