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  1. the music the kills the fps its just horrid to watch
  2. lol
  3. this the new faceless?
  4. finally paid for cop ranks
  5. The point is if you making a montage and going "hey guys look how good I am" then we dont want to see how you can kill people without a gun/sitting in a car.
  6. jeez
  7. Crumbs is taking over :3 @jstar
  8. thats ur best bet mate no ones going to buy them for 1.2mill its not worth it
  9. ummmmmmmmmmmm ill start it off at 650k
  10. Simply fighting right now is just annoying, due to the constant grey rule breaks that happen. Using police as a example because it mostly happens because of them, not calling out certain people as its a conman mistake that anyone can get confused about. Every gun fight we get into we get killed by someone we dont even know we are fighting. Then when we ask why they killed us its always "we got shot at" and its getting kind of boring. Let me start with a scenario. Prime and Immunity are fighting in athira, a undercover black suv police car comes along does not know whats going on and starts to get shot at. This is when the whole police force and 18 police log on to spawn athira and fight because someone in police who does not understand the rules and got shot at... So we add gang tags. You dont need a brain to think, there are shots in athira and looking at chat I can see and [Prime] are dying so they must be fighting. So the police officer drives away and calls in for backup. Police then can follow the rules and initiate. Of course this will help the problem not fix it so I suggest a rule is placed. Say the player "bobby" kills the cop "jstar" and it was RDM as there was no initiation. Police can now ONLY kill bobby not the whole of his gang. And before anyone asks its not meta gaming. I hope you understand that most of the rebels now are getting a bit annoyed that we die to people that we dont even know where fighting so we have to spend time in liaison, ask for comp and ask to come back to the sit its just stupid. This rule has been asked for many times and keeps getting denied for whatever reason. I understand the at the end of the kill message there is ".... from immunity" but its not helping at all.
  11. What you did was fine... There is no rule anywhere saying what you did was wrong. A guy pointing a gun at you so you cant knock them out? Biggest BS have ever heard. If someone is abusing you getting up from a medic then dont even talk to you just straight trying to get you in cuffs how do you think a rebel with a 300k load out will react? Cops need to stop being dumb, I know kappa and if you just sat there talk to him without trying to get him in cuffs and straight back to a bluezone then he would of happily talk to you.. Also love the "we got many officers in the area" it was just him lmao.
  12. hes talking about windows key "clean up" so you can make mags or guns on the floor disappear to help with lag and no they should not have it. Lets face it if someone is abusing it in police they will get dealt with, if someone is abusing it in camorra nothing will happen to them
  13. give me COM and ill fix the policeΒ 

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