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  1. not worth buy now 2 mill
  2. We are not chatting shit we are just stating that it to much and people to take them out
  3. I if you lowered the buy now price then i would bid
  4. ill but now both of them
  5. Ok i was thinking longer because a few weeks isnt really that long
  6. how long do you think it should be
  7. we have very clever people on this sever and the suit doesn't need to be perfect but and i am sure sure someone could make something that looks good
  8. Changed to 2
  9. Having A Mayor Anyone can run for Mayor and the community will decide who the best Four people are. Once four people have been chosen they will be required to do speeches in Kavala. A straw pull will then decide who will be thier Mayor the Mayor will be in that position for 1 months then a new one will be decided.

  11. Wheezy_Toy_Story.thumb.png.ca536084601769f6284e05aabf531ed2.png

    1. Pingu



    2. Lewis Goddard

      Lewis Goddard

      They found him a new voice box


  12. 1 2 3 breathe!

  13. lol
  14. I agree with OwenB but I hope that the active members of vanguard will be allowed back it
  15. decided to RP ark gallery. I set up a meeting with pine and had some amazing RP with I showed him all the documents and discussed everything that would be happening and after he gave the all clear he handled the deliver very well 10/10 for this guy he was at the meeting with pine

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