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  1. If you're not in a position where you can take cover or hide in case he was going to shoot you, then that isn't his problem, it's yours. You are the one who decided to initiate in the first place, and just because you thought he was going to shoot back doesn't mean you can instant kill him. I will find the correct prices for comp.
  2. If Flix tried to resolve or not is something he needs to answer on himself. However, when you decide to initiate on someone, there are three simple things and NEEDS to be there to make it a valid initiation 3.13 Poor RP/Initiating A valid initiation needs to contain the following things: 1. Clear instructions. 2. A visible or audible threat. 3. Time to respond. In the video, you give him orders, but I wouldn't call it clear orders. He can't see you almost, so he doesn't know if you have a gun or not. And the last one which is the most relevant one, you don't give him time to respond. This is therefore classed as Poor Roleplay or Poor Initiation. At the end of the day, I prefer that you guys get resolved instead of me issuing a ban. So if Flix is willing to take compensation then that's fine for me.
  3. I will give @Samuel Escobarr24-Hours to respond to this report.
  4. The player is new to the server and doesn't have a profile on our forums. Player report accepted. Player banned 24-hours for breaking rule 11.1 Combat Logging
  5. Player report accepted. Player will receive a 24-hour ban for breaking rule 6.1 RDM.
  6. Please send me the video on DM.
  7. Report Closed. Player Banned.
  8. Any chance I can see a video where I can hear you aswell? The fight had already started, and he knew that you would kill him anyway. But, the fact that he didn't get killed when you shot him while he was knocked down, is a bug. He should have been killed. But instead, he took that to his own advantage and killed you. Please upload another video where I can hear what you are saying. I will give BigMan67 24- hours to reply.
  9. 24 hours given. Report Closed.
  10. I can hear in the video that he initiate very loud and clear. But, this initiation was very bad. He is not hiding behind anything that would protect him in case you turned around, which you did. And in a situation like this its very normal to turn around to look, he doesn't give you any information that he points a gun towards your head either. Player will receive a verbal warning for poor initiation/roleplay. Report closed.
  11. In the video you sent, your music is very loud.. I can see that when he arrived, he jumped out of the car and said something before he shot, but you probably can't hear it because of the music. In that case, that's your problem.
  12. 24- hours is given. Report Closed.
  13. In this video, I can't hear/see what your friend is doing while you are buying the gun. Please provide a video where I can see both parts during the situation.
  14. The video isn't working. U able to post a new one?

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