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  1. Brian O'Conner

    Hello! Anyone here that has any experience with cloud gaming or hardware streaming over to a different pc or something?. I have a pretty big computer home and its a mess to bring it around. I've heard something about a company called "shadow" where you can rent an online PC into a box and it will work as a computer. I have also seen someone use a Raspberry Pi etc.. And if anyone have tried it, did it work good?
  2. Brian O'Conner

    Congrats to all new admins !
  3. Brian O'Conner

    https://plays.tv/s/LuIW9Xyiencu Here is a longer video
  4. Brian O'Conner

    I will provide a longer video tonight around 9PM. Coming home from work at that time. @Harry Lewis
  5. Brian O'Conner

    First of all, I did try to resolve with you but you did not agree with what I said. We were in the middle of a gunfight with a bigger rebel group up this mountain and around the area. We had choppers giving us information about vehicles in the area and vehicles coming up to us. My fellow colleague told us about a black SUV is coming up and my other officer starts to fire some warning shots. Instead of leaving you decided to jump out of the car and hide with a weapon. My other colleague then gives me permission to shoot as you can hear in my evidence. When I see you you're outside of your car with a weapon. hiding, therefore I killed you. If you were not involved, you shouldn't have stopped and jumped out, especially not with a firearm. Here is my evidence: https://plays.tv/s/Lu9yCpy_CndI
  6. Brian O'Conner

  7. Brian O'Conner

    So for those of you that wonders, J.Ghost new this one we’re coming out. And I asked if it was okay to publish this on the forums, as this is a living meme in the Police force.
  8. Congratz dude! :)

  9. Brian O'Conner

    Someone couldn't hold it inside until the bank was done. https://plays.tv/video/5b893acf227240f6a6/someone-in-the-bank-couldnt-hold-it-inside-?from=user
  10. Brian O'Conner

    Ohh snap
  11. Brian O'Conner

    you need to have some actual balls to challenge whitebeard in a donation fight
  12. Brian O'Conner

    I think he stole my beat or something..
  13. Brian O'Conner

    Okay good that the topic decide if the stream got content or not then
  14. Brian O'Conner

    Not unfamiliar, but I do it in a different way
  15. Brian O'Conner

    I've done a lot of cringey things, but this one top it all i guess I said the same with your stream

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