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  1. Brian O'Conner

    This player is very new to the server and probably hasn't read our server rules. I can't find him on the forums as well. Tom will receive a 24-hour ban for breaking rule 6.2 VDM
  2. Brian O'Conner


    Compensation request accepted. Go to your phone --> settings ---> compensations to receive your money.
  3. Brian O'Conner

    You don't get compensation for a jumping bug. And be careful when you glitch into a house like that. What you should have done is go to TS and get help from a COM Support or Admin so we could have helped you there and then. Glitch into a house like that is an exploit, which you can get banned for. Compensation request denied.
  4. Brian O'Conner

    If the medics were there and already started to revive people, this would have been looked in to. But they are still far away and anything could have happened there. Compensation request denied
  5. Brian O'Conner


    The link doesn't work. Get a new one or this request will be moved to denied.
  6. Brian O'Conner


    I see you crash into the wall's, and probably something came back into the truck that made it blow up. However, its a bug and shouldn't happen. Comp request accepted Enter your phone -> then settings -> and compensation
  7. Brian O'Conner


    U able to give me a longer video where I can see the whole [email protected]
  8. Brian O'Conner

    I think his plan when he arrived was never to kill someone, but when you start the whole situation with that sentence, he might think you are only looking for someone to kill. Therefore he killed you. Guess there is many different ways that situation could have went from both sides
  9. Brian O'Conner

    Gang Disbanded. Moved to archive..
  10. Brian O'Conner

    In game name: -Brian O'Conner- Age: 18 Bank account balance: 25M Previous gangs: Faceless, Betrayal Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: 1600+ hours Why do you want to join Hennessy? Last time I applied, I got denied without any reason written down. I want to join ur gang because I know some people who are already in it. But also because I want to play with an active gang. I've been cop most of my time on Reborn and now in the later days, I've played with Faceless which are disbanded. Therefore I'm applying for this gang Can any members vouch for you? Nakraza J.Ghost Also Miller can vouch
  11. Brian O'Conner

    After looking through the video a couple of times, I can clearly see that he is not valuing his life. @DaddyLongChin will receive a non-appealable 24-hour ban from our server, for breaking server rule 3.13 Poor Roleplay. Report Accepted
  12. Brian O'Conner

    @DaddyLongChin Anything you want to say?
  13. Brian O'Conner

    The link of the video doesn't work. Please provide a new link that works, or the report will be taken down.
  14. Brian O'Conner

    Video doesn't work...
  15. Brian O'Conner

    Accepted Player compensated 150K for Gear Compensation for gunpowder will not be given as the stuff were not sold and still in your truck. Collect it by going on your phone -> settings -> compensation to claim your compensation

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