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  1. Hello Reborn, As most of you are aware this faction (Camorra) will be having some features that involve civs/rebels and I will be explaining what each one is here and also show some skins (Subject to change). Camorra Drug Dealer: The vanguard drug dealer was good and I know a lot of people liked to use it so the drug dealer will be staying in the server and it will be located nearby where the old one used to be. This dealer is the best drug dealer on the island and can be forced open if camorra do not unlock it for you. Camorra Arms Dealer: The camorra arms dealer is just like the vanguard rebel shop (so 6.5 and below). The difference from this dealer to others is this one sells weapons for 25% cheaper on top of the bartering perk (So very cheap guns). This can be unlocked by camorra and cannot be forced open. Camorra Vehicle Dealer: The camorra vehicle dealer is like a rebel vehicle dealer but sells vehicles 25% cheaper on top of the wheeler-dealer perk (Ifrits on half price with max perk is about 800k). This cannot be forced open so ask camorra to unlock it for you. Skin leaks: Officer+ Standard uniform Vehicles:
  2. frags?
  3. I didn't mean it in a bad way. no hard feelings.
  4. It's ok @Jordd I will write you one
  5. I would love to take your advise @Thesoldier but you don't play enough on RebornRoleplay to realise how the server has become and what it may need. I like your ideas and maybe that can be a next faction but for now, the mafia will be coming.
  6. Declined
  7. You are the one that is reporting them so you are the one that needs the evidence. Why should they go out of there way to edit/upload a video when it is you who needs the evidence.
  8. Review time. So watching that video shows me nothing but you dead so I will be needing more evidence than that, please. Also towards the end, all you do is say "baiting VDM" over and over....
  9. After review, it is quite clear that this Tyrone person does not know the rules and cannot keep in roleplay. Accepted and action taken.
  10. Deadline for these interest forms for camorra will be the 15/03/2018 6pm.

  11. It's people like you that just don't get it. I see 7 gang rooms full of people so....

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