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  1. Fair enough, the long auto messages maybe don't have to be there but a short one like "I'm a little bit busy so I'll be with you shortly" isn't that bad.
  2. I gave 10mill for few words, I want a refund. On a real note tho, lewis is a good guy and happy to know him.
  3. This would help in many situations. +1
  4. This is a good idea but as you said It would have to be a decent price or everyone would be tracking everyone.
  5. Isn't it like 150-250m Between each one? Not really much of a run tbh.
  6. Let me do it
  7. When you get banned on a KOTH server and have to pinky promise you won't go on a 10x again xD 

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    2. RyanH


      xD thats what he gets for giving out tanks to everyone

    3. Kallum


      this happened to me and they changed my ban from a 150d to a perm and then banned me off their Discord

    4. Lee




  8. I think it's a nice change to the uniform compared to the jumpsuit there is now.
  9. Dan is fine
  10. 2.2 m
  11. Surpise me @Lee Chan
  12. 3mill now
  13. 2.5mill BUY NOW
  14. I gave the order to jim to shoot. I told you my shadowplay stopped midway so the video I had is gone. I kept eyes along with redfez and slave on the hunter that left chalkeria. You asked me for the route and tried to say it but mystic said I was a lier. I also believe that the "resolving" that took place was not actually a resolving session and request that we try again. The attitude from BOTH sides was bad,

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