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  1. DanC

    Dann RR 2

    Thanks guys. Best movie on here tbh
  2. This might be my 2nd report in nearly 3yrs. I have no intention on getting banned. I have no clue what to do than offer my deepest apologies and comp for your gear.
  3. No just stop. It was bad rp end of. Nothing to reason with. The threat should have not been rushed and if I knew that at the time you wouldn't of been shot (I didnt hear the threat). We apologise for what happened and are willing to comp your gear.
  4. It was not me that shouted at you but as i thought at the time he did a good job at letting you know you was already dead (ofc he didnt it was very bad rp) and i was the one that ended your life on this earth i am willing to comp you your 50k loadout.
  5. What's your roleplay alias?: General Dann Of The VanguardCurrent Hours: 12kYour previous gang affiliations: VanguardOn a scale of 1 to 10, how hard do you roleplay?: 11What's the colour of your panic button and how hard can you hit it?: BOLD COMIC SANS REDAre you willing to take a voice frequency test prior to final acceptance?: NoWhat's your current relationship status?: Single and ready to minglePlease define Brexit in at least 3 words?: I Don't CareHave you read and accepted the terms of service in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation?: GDPR is a load of bollocks Vouches: I have a deal on the back of my bus ticket for MC Donald's. Bug Mac?
  6. Kinda badish but oh well. You get what you get.
  7. DanC

    3x Striders

    Item: 3 Striders Proof of ownership: Buy now price: For all 3 15mill Starting bid: 1 strider = 2mill start bid Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 11/08/2019

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