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  1. Yian

    CS frag montage 2

    @cr^zedthx ❤️
  2. Yian

    CS frag montage 2

    Lemme know what you guys think? thx 4 view
  3. Yian

    CS montage

    first one I've made so hmu with some feedback.
  4. Yian

    Phoenix Cartel

    Ingame name: Masinad Hours on arma 3: 1500 Hours on Reborn: 218 Previous bans: none Previous whitelisted factions/gangs: been in cops and Cammorah Timezone: UCT + 2
  5. Name: Masinad Age: 18 Bank Account Balance (112 mil 😞 Previous gangs/factions: made DSGT in Cops, was part of Cammora as well as rhino assasins. Hours on ARMA 3 (Screenshot):https://gyazo.com/d282efcb8e896aac23065fb6e58bc1df Hours on Reborn (Screenshot):https://gyazo.com/334c2cb3841f025d67c521e0ab041348
  6. Name:Masinad Hours(Screenshot):https://gyazo.com/a85e13f8bafdbf892851f6c3d5bf8591 Previous Gangs: Rhino assasins, peaky blinders, a few smaller ones Why do you want to join: just wanna really get in to playing with proper gangs just for some combat tbh Anyone who can vouch for you: K-V
  7. i mean no one else has bid on it sooo ill just wait for the auction to end
  8. +1 if you do a run like 1/3 of ur profit goes to covering the pullout price. kinda <inappropriate1>ed
  9. I had a similar idea however my thought would be that if we store the big boy vehicle we would maybe get half of the retrieval price back?
  10. Yian

    BW Qilin

    @—Alex— you on now?
  11. Yian

    BW Qilin

    @—Alex— ill be on tonight as well as friday evening.

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