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  1. good luck
  2. lucky
  3. i really dont know how to start it but the medic slots is a joke because when im playing as a medic im always looking in the map and must of the medics are in kavla many people have to wait long time until medic is coming even if its in kavla and thats because 6 medics are really not enough when the server is full 6vs120 ? 1 medic for 20 people? 120÷6=20 really hard to response fast in my opinion medic should get more 2 or 4 extra slots if somebody thinking same like me and looking for fast revive instead of waiting 15 min so please make sure to comment and dont ignore it
  4. dell.
  5. ok guys thanks for the suggestion i chaned it
  6. Item: SFU HATCHBACK SPORT Proof of ownership: https://imgur.com/a/N1kUQ , https://imgur.com/a/Z2x7V Buy now price:500K Starting bid:50K Minimum bid increment:50K End date:21/1/18
  7. In-game Name: DreamYY Steam ID: 76561198161071532 Date of the incident: 01/12/2002 Time of the incident: 17:25 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 90K Please provide as much detail as possible: so i was dealing with guys that vdmed my jeep so i told them wtf one got out with gun and shot me so my health went to 47% so i shot him and got vdm and rdm so i got killed and then the medic was right next to me and the respawn or request medic wasnt working so i had to close arma and lose my gear Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qksv4_pykBo
  8. Name - DREAMYY Age - 15 Hours On ArmA - 1.1K Nationality - IL Why do you want to join? - im looking to join because it seems like a good gang with nice people and im actully looking for a serious gang Ghost Cartel looks like a gang and not a joke What can you bring to the gang? - im a very great roleplayer and a good driver my combat skills are nice im working on fast land and i can bring my help with high standards | hope you will make the right thing and accept me | good luck ! Rate the following Role play -10 Combat - 8 Flying -8 Driving -10
  9. In-game name? -KadosAge? -15Are you a binman? - im the best binman in the world Bank balance? -4milHave you got both rebel licenses? -no advancedHours on Arma 3? -1.1-1.2KPrevious gangs? -Why would you like to join Garbo? -im looking for a good gang atm and i can bring my skill into the gun and to have some fun Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? -
  10. wow
  11. lmao
  12. nice
  13. In-game Name: Kados Steam ID: 76561198161071532 Date of the incident: 12/06/2016 Time of the incident: 17:15 in israel Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 30-40 K Please provide as much detail as possible: i had rook and 22 mags or 20 idk got killed by the hacker Any Evidence Available: f and i had press vest and racing helmet
  14. everything started back when i was a kid my name was jay tyler a young little boy who love to play videogames after 8 years i started with hacking to websites the police was about to bust me so i had to change my name and to move coutnry i had to stop hacking and to stop running i wasnt able to change my name because i was wanted so i had to hack into the goverment website and to change it but the problem was if i will do it they will bust me so i got a vpn and i changed my name to Kados when i changed my name i lived a happy life and nobody knew i was jay tyler forever and ever

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