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  1. i think i know who is that kid but i dont want to say because i dont want another warning point lmao
  2. - In-game name: Kyragaegi - Age: 15 - Nationality: Israel - Hours on Arma 3: 2K - Licences: all of them - Previous Gangs (Reasons for leaving): I was in many gangs but left since dead but all i can remember is void and some other tiny kinda gangs with my friends so i will not take it as a gang but if needed so sr and other one that i forgot the name - In-game Strengths (At least 3):Good at flying close-medium range combat good at comms and know to communicate well. - In-game Weaknesses (At least 3): im not that good at driving hatchbacks and stuff but decent at suv long - sniping from like 600-800 im decent but not the best and cannot think on any other weaknesses - Why should we recruit you: You should recruit me since im looking for a gang to have some fun and experience it to meet new people and members / recruits and have some fun and funny stuff and some serious stuff im good at roleplaying and decent at combat know almost everything and i belive everything on arma since im playing it since 2015 and i experienced most of the communities and ive been in big gangs but would like to try exodia , good knowledge of the rules (never got banned) and im in the community for almost a year - Do you have a stable bank account:about 7mil (got advanced) Skills (1-10) Combat: (Also add what you prefer, i.e close, medium, long) close - medium Flying:8-9 Driving: 7 Roleplay: 8.5
  3. 2pac mate..
  4. i had many others frags but i had over 100gb of arma 3 records so i just ctrl+a and delted all of that
  5. well thats my first montage dont expect for miracles lol umm
  6. So first off i know im bad at editing and its my first frag movie witch is shit and im not that kinda person who make frag movies but enjoy
  7. good luck
  8. Ok so as i can see its a problem in arma i try to verfiy games files and if its not working try to reinstall arma and also delete your profiles and other arma 3 files on %appdata% and go to local and delete the arma and bohemia files @Stevenn
  9. Good frags and great song
  10. you realize its worth like 10K and you can get it for like nothing i already have hatchback sport and queliin of the camorra 300K is very overpriced but good luck mate !
  11. Name: Kyragaegi aka shekel Age:15 Hours on Arma:2K Gangs: silk road interlude mdma aka void Bank Balance:like 6.5mil after i got tier 2 container in my house and got like 3 more hummings and new orca Why do you want to join: To have some fun with the boys and to meet new people in the gang , i also belive that will be much bigger and many people will join it , i would like to expeirence it as well
  12. lmao
  13. just want to say holy like faking shiet!!!

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