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    I didnt went to dinner because it was night already second i message the guy after i came back because i was afk for few min now about the ddos part i just blocked him instead and i really just wanted to solve it but i got banned as soon when i came back
  2. NotATACO


    In-game name: Kyragaegi Steam ID: 76561198161071532 Date of ban: 04/16/2018 Reason for ban: Posting private in real life information about a player Staff member that banned you: PaulS Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: (my ban was very justified) At the time my banned issued i was gone for few mins because of siren that was in my country paulS wanted to talk to me but i really had to go im not saying its unjustified and if that is the reason i was banned for so yes i desereved the ban , so i had one friend but i will not say names and he was a very good friend of mine ... we talked and played together from time to time and then i told him if he want to see someone irl picture (facebook kinda link) so i send him the link in steam and then after few days he decieded to report me and when i was on a patrol as a nhs so paulS came to my channel and my friend accused me for stuff and yes i did and it was a mistake that i really regret and never will happen again so anyway after paulS came to my channel he was speaking to me then he left and nhs command was in the channel and then i said that i need to go because there was a siren in my country so i went away for few min like i mentioned and when i came back i was banned in game perm and in teamspeak perm as well for reason no... Why should we unban you? So first off i know that i was wrong i everyone make mistakes but my mistake was very very big so it will never happen again and i really regret it since i really like reborn and for the past ive been playing it for few months on daily and ive been here for almost a year in few days i started long time ago took a break and came few months ago then i started to play everyday on daily in the server and found that i really like it and i will save myself and i will never get ban and i did i never got banned not even once after that i made a mistake and yes i admit i was really really wrong if someone would of post irl stuff about me i will do the same thing and i will try to get him banned / away from the community , im so used to reborn and its really my favorite server and now when im perm banned it really sucks because i really dont like other communities and i really wish to come back and play it daily with my friends and have some fun once again (i know that im a horrible person about that mistake i did but if you can give me one more chance since i never got banned before and perm ban as my first ban is really suck...)
  3. i had many others frags but i had over 100gb of arma 3 records so i just ctrl+a and delted all of that
  4. well thats my first montage dont expect for miracles lol umm
  5. So first off i know im bad at editing and its my first frag movie witch is shit and im not that kinda person who make frag movies but enjoy
  6. NotATACO

    Camorra SUV

    you realize its worth like 10K and you can get it for like nothing i already have hatchback sport and queliin of the camorra 300K is very overpriced but good luck mate !
  7. ye ive been thinking about it and ye when you can see someone gang and then like look how many online and stuff so ye
  8. Forgot to mention if its get accepted and people like the idea to make a range for the gang name that show when you aim so it will be like form 300-500 meters and not like 1K + or just make it when you aim at the player or his car when he is INISDE
  9. Ok so first off to not make it metagame ONLY the GANG NAME will be showed and not the player itself so metagame will not be effective lets say the player is in the gang 123 so while some that have a GUN AIMING at the player / car so he will be able to see his gang name and not the player name itself second options is to just make a rangefinder / binoculars that will show player gang name instead of aiming with any some sort of gun @Fuel
  10. NotATACO

    150 slots

    -1 im sorry but i really like the idea but some people dosent have a good pc so more people = more lags i had tons of issued but changed cpu now im better but still drops from time to time kavla will cause to massive fps drop witch is most of police and nhs starting from + ddos issues can effect hard on people that do runs and more comps and problems sorry. camorra really not need 22 slots because they doing a well job together nhs is not that full anymore and medics doing thier job fine no needed and cops not always valuing thier life due to free gear and stuff so more of them will be very hard to deal with.
  11. NotATACO


    AAN News can be an amazing faction whitelist slot / just a job to work and they will be able to record stuff and share it on the forums about news and updates of altis and rebels / police / nhs activities | the reporter will not be able to get kidnapped robbed or do any illegal activity such as robbing carrying guns and etc.

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