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  1. thats fine, if he uploads can lee compensate
  2. There an active bank going on, and hemmts where coming to the gold trader so i shot you as you are in a hemmt next to the trader, also you never tried to resolve so please dont lie, i would of been happy to comp and resolve. if comp is required take it out of @Lee bank as i am skint
  3. its luck kappa came on and bought 4 scratchcards and one on the 4th one
  4. they took 20mill from me and spent 5mill on them and didnt get it back
  5. Jones Outlaw

    Jones Outlaw

    In-game Name: Jones Outlaw Steam ID: 76561198350082258 Date of the incident: 07/02/19 Time of the incident: around 18:00 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 30million Please provide as much detail as possible: i won the scratch cards twice. Then the day after 30mill got taken and im now broke. Honestly i dont get it u guys add a system in which you think works, but when it dosnt work and the player base starts to make money its a bad thing and u take everyones money from them. I dont get it , alot of people are annoyed about it Any Evidence Available: I have 2 videos of me winning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FstZkS-IkE&feature=youtu.be
  6. show me evidence of the other stuff
  7. right well u want 120k for a mk20c sorry not happening
  8. @Bob Boberts what would u like out of this
  9. im gonna get a gyazo give me a min i was unable to get a gyazo but if u checked logs you would see that i asked multiple times for him to come in and i didnt get a reply
  10. u r full of ur self HAAHAHHA
  11. sorry mr big ego, u sir are I R R E L E V A N T
  12. when i get back later we can do the deal
  13. Item: SOLD Proof of ownership: SOLD Buy now price:SOLD Starting bid:SOLD Minimum bid increment:SOLD End date: SOLD
  14. In-game Name: Jones Outlaw Steam ID: 76561198350082258 Date of the incident: 01/05/19 Time of the incident: around 23:00 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: like a 250k mk1 loadout Please provide as much detail as possible: we was flying a heli and the orca bugged when we landed Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/video/5c31f380bb2a44b59b/bug
  15. @Daniel 76561198075644619

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