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  1. Pleased to see some positive feedback! I suppose you won't be interested in a holiday now @Bobby Shmurda!
  2. It's basically for people me who end up using 17-18 bullets of a 30 Round mag and then change, ending up with about 6 or 7 half spent mags in my inventory..
  3. Great to see some positive feedback relating to our force! This is noted and I look forward to witnessing this roleplay when I'm back, thanks @Sparrow
  4. Feedback: "So everytime we come through kavala we are either VDM'ed by a cop or rammed by a cop on the wrong side of the road." Response: Well, firstly, thank's for using the Feedback tool! Onto the actually feedback at hand, I appreciate driving in ARMA is different to driving in real life, given that we hold a license and have sufficient experience, people of course check their mirrors, look around them and are far more observant as to anything that's on the road and of course don't typically drive 320 KM/H in built up areas! That being said, I'd be lying if I haven't cause an accidental VDM (and perhaps a intentional VDM on a friend or two) during my time playing Altis, without a shadow of a doubt, I don't believe for a minute that we will forever be able to prevent a VDM as I'm sure you can appreciate there are situations where people run out into the road, people lose control of a car trying to avoid other cars and people and in general people thinking they can make an over-take without fully being able to make it. That being said, guidance will be issued at the next meeting, just to request people to be more considerate whilst driving through built up areas such as Kavala and whilst doesn't specifically state if it's intentional VDM or not, if you or anyone else in this community has a feeling that the VDM was intentional or 'on-the-sly' so to speak, I would always recommend you contact the individual to discuss it and contact myself just to get to the end of it if you would like to do so - Intentional VDM being a server rule break, I would certainly support any positive action to reinforce punishment for the behaviour. Whilst all that is said and done, I would also recommend you suggest any possible player names to me who may be driving on the wrong side of the road whilst on blue lights (When not suitable to do so) or in general driving dangerously inside of the built up areas, no one will receive punishment should they cause an accident as it happens in real life, we're only human and none of us are perfect, however I would also be interested in possibly reinforcing this message through a brief driving instruction to repeat offenders should the issue persist.
  5. In-game name: Rage Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Jabono15 Date of the incident: 08/18/17 Time of the incident: Approx 23:45 What rule do you believe was broken: Rule 8.1 Exploitation Any evidence available: Describe the incident: Whilst patroling North of Kavala myself and a CSO have come across a Quad Bike registered to an Owner of Jamie Hill. Upon checking the wanted list, Jamie Hill was wanted for several offences, unsure if this Quad was stolen, we've pursued and had the run around for sometime until we managed to get initiation, both subjects have fled with one getting into a black car and starts driving again until he manages to crash and his tyres were further destroyed. The suspect exits the vehicle and is subsequently tazed by another officer and restrained. Whilst restrained, Jabono manage's to help himself into a vehicle and for a period time refuses to exits. Considering all facts, this report would barely exist if it wasn't for the "I'VE GOT A GO PRO" footage and lack of effort from Jabono to respond. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  6. Right, Joseph/Broad. Firstly, you have been blacklisted for a situation that has taken place prior to my current role within the police. As a Commissioner, I have a level of responsibility to ensure that all police members are acting accordingly and upholding professional values that I consider to be absolutely vital within a policing scenario. You've previously been blacklisted, as you are aware, for killing individuals including other police officers and NHS personnel. Further to that, on the 15/08/2017, you brought an a situation to the attention of several of my officers in which you felt you were treated unfairly and demanded compensation from members of the Police. You refused and rejected all and any explanations that had been given too you, you persisted to ignore the warnings of myself and my colleagues and you were absolutely adamant that you were in the right. Despite this, you wish to join the police? Under absolutely no circumstances would I expect any officer to question that explanation. Further to that, you left the channel stating "If that is how the police do it, I do not want to be a part of the police". Your request has been permitted. I would also like to note that you have hindered myself and several officers, declaring that you should not be blacklisted, all of which are not in a position to remove you from the blacklist board. You declined to listen and ignored their explanation, leading me to assume that you have absolutely no understanding of the level of trust we place into the higher ranks of this force and furthermore I can only assume that you are unable to follow a chain of command. Finally, you have continued to make unblacklisting requests, join Deputy Commissioner channels and hindered officers whilst not on duty trying to plead your case. Despite being removed from the Teamspeak channels and re-joining, you simply cannot comprehend how much you are going about this the wrong way. Joseph, under absolutely no circumstances are you being removed from the blacklist board and I make absolutely no apologies for this.
  7. @Lewy @J.Ghost I'm game if we haven't got one setup
  8. My man, can never stick to them and always end up not playing them through, but the Fallout series are excellent.
  9. Oldie but Goldie!
  10. Ccompletely agree!
  11. I'm rather upset, I thought I was up there with the pros!
  12. Oh look, @Eddie selling all his guns because he's physically unable to shoot with them! 😉
  13. Hopefully this just about puts the Ghosthawk 'OP' argument to bed. Well done 39th, you've used your initiative where as other gangs have not to invest a minor amount for a big reward! I really wish you hadn't posted this video though.. I'll also be discussing with @Lewy why he's flying so bastard low.

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