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  1. Rambo

    PC plum

    1. Rage


      You should be arrested for theft of oxygen.

  2. happy birthday babe

  3. Rage

    I can't wait until wendyball season is finished
  4. Rage

    Personally, I'm rooting for whoever is playing against England
  5. Why is Gore not an option? On another note, this is new to me, I'd be interested to see these videos!
  6. Rage

    Alright, so I've hidden the posts which are clearly just shit posting and arguing like a bunch of housewives over a prime school parking spot. I'm in two minds which way to go with this, so give me a moment. Having spoken to both parties and their leaders, I see no benefit in adding an additional ban to Bez and feel that a written warning is sufficient. Both Bez and George Solar will receive a warning as well as a 15% deduction to their bank accounts for stupidity. No action will be taken in relation to their position within Camorra, it's been noted by Camorra command that they are valued members who preform and conduct their role without hesitation. Ashton will not face any action in relation to the accusations of "Not valuing his life", it's been deemed by myself and management as perfectly adaquate in the circumstances. Take it as a luxury of my good nature, a matter of fact that you have broken a server rule and it would be absolutely justified for me to issue a ban for this.
  7. Rage

    Had you of continued leaving the situation and not returned, I would quite easily be able to justify some formal action, unfortunately though you have just signed your own death warrant. @Trevor @Trevorrr - Don't shoot at someone prior to initiating on them. Denied.
  8. Rage

    Ban actioned. I should add, @Raymen - In future, if you can drop a little hint to suggest that stealing or robbing medics in any way is forbidden, it would be much appreciated.
  9. Rage

    Struggling to find a rule that fits the finger here, instead we'll scratch it down to poor roleplay. Flux - If you're going to decide to take over any land or get yourselves involved in a situation that is likely to result in killing people, at least have the common decency to roleplay your way into it. You've literally done nothing but avoid all contact with Camorra here and I can completely appreciate where Adept is coming from. I'll only give you one warning to this, I've yet to get my hands dirty and ban an entire gang so I'd love to see someone fuck it up for all of you. Provide roleplay from the moment you step into their lands and refrain from pretending no one exists until you're in position. Simple as that. Adept - It's simple, they've disobeyed a direct order from the moment you tell them to wait outside of the gate. Get the jump on them. If someone is cleary getting into position, you guys need to work out a counter strategy. In addition to that, part of the reason I'm not taking any direct positive action right now is because you're letting the worse get the best of you. Denied.
  10. Rage

    Unban actioned.
  11. Rage

    Just a screenshot of your keybinds will suffice, thank you. I'll unban you shortly. Please post back here as soon as possible or the ban will be reinstated.
  12. Rage

    I'll take over from here. @Austin Twinkletoes Can you prove to me that you have now deleted your whisper keybind?
  13. Rage


    Accepted. Paid via account.
  14. Rage


    Please post the request once the report has been dealt with. Denied.
  15. Rage

    @Scott McTavish

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