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  1. @Ezra - Please state the total amount you are looking to claim for please.
  2. Please send the evidence.
  3. @Xander scopes still up and how much you want?
  4. Okay @Alexander Reznikov - Thanks for that, have you spoken to Kalawete and how did you attempt to resolve the issue?
  5. Resolved. Please liaise between yourself for the compensation and contact myself or repost this report if compensation is not received.
  6. Damn, I wish they’d give me this much time to comply..
  7. Having spoken too Roy Rogers shortly before writing this, Roy has confirmed that he holds little offence to the remarks and believes the insults were meant to be taken in a toxic manner. I've spoken to the individual who issued the ban likewise and he is happy for me to unban you. Take this is a warning though, we can all have a bit of bants and a chat between each other, but we have to ask ourselves where the line is, draw it clearly and not step beyond that. I believe you've suffered the consequence of your actions and as a result I feel that you can be unbanned now. Actioned.
  8. @Alexander Reznikov - Do you have a longer video of the situation?
  9. Report Rejected. You told him multiple times to put his gun away, whilst not initiation, someone who perhaps isn't paying full attention to the situation may take this as initiation. There is clear intent from your side, however your initiation was poor. It's clear that you've not made any attempt to resolve this. You're banned anyway.
  10. @Nathan Ryze - Since Furel has been banned, consider this a stark warning - your initiation was absolutely dreadful and further conduct like this will result in a ban.
  11. Actioned.
  12. Request rejected. As proven in the player report, had you not have swerved right into the hatchback, you wouldn't have been in a VDM situation.
  13. Report Rejected. It's clear from the evidence supplied that you have swerved right into ^Mod and not the other way.
  14. Actioned. 24 Hour Ban issued.
  15. Actioned.

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