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  1. Player Josh Bingham has been issued with a permanent ban for: Breaking the New Life Rule Homophobic Slurs Toxicity Being a general tit Player doedarius has been issued with a 24 hour ban for: Random death match Bans actioned. Let this be a lesson, I can tolerate a little common slur here nd there when in roleplay, but keep pushing the boat out and I will hand out bans. @PolskiKielbasa - Just a kind notice, be mindful of insinuating people have broken rules out of roleplay. I understand you meant well, but this too can land you in hot water. @Wilma Fingerdoo - Just for your information, I noted your ban on Josh Bingham too.
  2. 5 members, including the above named have been issued a permanent ban after footage was supplied by another member of the community, appreciate the report all the same, but someone beat you to it! Thus, I’ll be denying this!
  3. All 5 members located after a thorough search, appear to be of a similar gang/similar previous names via Battle Metrics. Permanent ban issued to all 5. Thanks for reporting these assholes @Camber!
  4. Actioned.
  5. I doubt Fuel will mind me hijacking this thread. Both players ban. Please make a compensation request @okoii.
  6. Ban issued.
  7. Ban issued.
  8. Agree, I love the idea of having to build items that you want, but since a large portion of the community enjoy being able to pick up a gun and get into a fight, it should be limited to vehicles that are worth waiting a few weeks to get!
  9. Approved. £1,508,000 added to account.
  10. Denied - Duplicate
  11. You haven't evidenced that people want snipers removed, just because some people want them removed, does not mean everyone wants to remove them.
  12. *Posted on behalf of Hoggie* In-game name: Hoggie Steam ID: 76561198182295777 Date of ban: 03/02/2018 Reason for ban: Fail RP & extensive ban history. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I keep falling short of what is expected of me and I want to prove to myself and everyone else here that I can do better. Why should we unban you? I have been given permission from management to put up this appeal. So to start off, I was recently perm banned due to my poor roleplay. I’d like to go through it and explain what happened after Nom’s (playing as a cop) revived me during an active combat situation. Once I was revived I grabbed my gun off my back and shot Noms.A heat of the moment decision because I didn’t want to get tazed/killed. At first I thought this was allowed, but it clearly was not. My reason for thinking this was allowed was due to me playing on other servers like Olympus/GTA whereby players are allowed to get up and continue fighting, if you are combat revived. At the time I was told there is no rules on the forum regarding the new down system. Personally I was 50/50 about the whole situation, I tried resolving with Noms about the situation and even told him that if a staff member tells me what I did was wrong, I would be more than happy to apologise and we can move on. This got ignored and he messaged Fuel and I received a perm ban. I did receive a message later that day as he did apologise and didn’t want me to get perm banned. I understand now what I did was wrong, I was confused at the time and fucked up again. I will make sure if a situation like this happens again, I will not continue fighting until I take shots again and there’s a clear reason that every time I’m banned, I want to come back, I want to play here and I want to continue being a part of this community. My other reason for getting perm banned was due to my long ban history. I know I have been banned for a lot of stupid reasons in game and on the forums. A lot of these were genuine mistakes and most of my bans I have, I feel I deserved, but some of them could have easily been avoided. I need to make sure to be 100% sure of the rules before I do something in game. I know I have caused quite a few issues during my time on the server. But I do believe I am a well respected member of the community, as seen in my leaving post I received 38 likes and only a few dislikes. I know this doesn’t mean much, but to me it shows that a lot of people had respect for me during my 18 months on the here. I know I have caused way to many issues to keep my place on the server, but I do think I have done some good while on the server from helping create/lead a few specialised unit in the Syndicate, suggesting updates that have been implemented and supporting the police command to improve the performance and capability of the police here. I am aware that people in staff feel I treat the server like shit compared to how I act on other communities. I can give you my word this isn’t true. I apologise for making people think that I treat the server like shit. Reborn is the main server that I play on, so I would like to continue playing on it again. It’s been my home for so long now, I can’t feel like throwing in the towel over the mistakes that I make. My ideal plan is to somehow get myself unbanned in game. This is so I can play with my group of mates that play on the server. After this has happened I want to show that I can keep myself out of an trouble in game. Hopefully after quite some time I can be seen as a trusted member of the community. If required I am more than happy to join a whitelisted faction to prove that I can roleplay well on the server and also to show that I do not play for combat 24/7. I am more than happy to try and plans something out like this , so I can increase my chances of being unbanned. To summarise I know I do not deserve any more chances. I have been given a lot and each time I have fucked up and got myself banned again. Hopefully people will understand that I am serious about wanting to play on this server. I will ensure that I keep myself out of all problems in game / forum / ts. I will keep my head down and make sure I do not cause any more issues.
  13. @Fuel

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