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  1. Loool wtf is wrong with you dude? Abusive Behavior really xDDD 

    1. Kallum
    2. Rage


      >Receives warning point for abusive behaviour

      >Asks admin "whats wrong with you".. 

      Good job it expires if it is a joke.

  2. Hi @Benny - Can you please provide me with the total amount you are claiming for? Thanks!
  3. Compensation request accepted. Please message myself or another member of the admin team to arrange for the funds to be entered into your in-game account. Compensation requested completed. Amount awarded: £650,000.
  4. Hi @Huskyy - Can you provide me with a total cost of equipment you are claiming for please?
  5. Hey Brian, I'll be dealing with this report today. Allow me some time to review the evidence and I'll get back to you! @Brian - I'm looking at the video, can we ascertain who was the first individual who was killed by Ken Guru at the hospital so we can gather some further information? Thank you.
  6. Compensation request accepted. Please message myself or another member of the admin team to arrange for the funds to be entered into your in-game account. Compensation requested completed. Amount awarded: £550,000.
  7. Unfortunately due to insufficient evidence in this case I am forced to reject this report. Please resubmit the report in future for us to investigate meeting the correct guidelines, ensuring you meet the minimum 2 minutes required to report RDM and ensuring you can respond to any further queries we may have. Many thanks,
  8. Hi Freddi, appreciate this looks clear, but is there any chance you can upload a video that's a little longer? We require a video of 2 minutes or longer in regards to RDM. Also, have you made any efforts to contact the individual?
  9. This. This comment is by far the best and should receive some form of award. This is a person who is actually insinuating that he has some form of skill in combat whilst playing a slow-paced, tactical based simulator with absolutely zero form of e-sports and best of all, plays on a roleplay server. From reading this comment, you think you'd be talking about CS or something. In the last few days, I've had 3 individuals leave the police on the basis that the weapons available to them isn't sufficient and they purely want the ability to use 7.62mm weapons. if you're looking for a better combat situation without the ability to use long ranged precision scopes, you're looking at the wrong game.
  10. The face I make when we talk about police matters


  11. £800,000 a run?! That would only take me 6 hours of constant game time..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Duderz


       @Brian Duncan dw I know the feeling of only having a spar 16 but their are some people like me. That grind at early hours to fill up houses I will spend the whole 4 hours to grind  and might make anywhere from 3-5 mil depending on robberies and so forth. If you put in the grind you can earn but it's all about that. When I was a cop I would make about 350k a day from playing multiple hours but never really spent it so gave it away a lot. I would say I lose/ get confiscated about 1.5-2.5 mil a day and then I actually have time to have fun and do what I want at the rest of the time. 

      Currently I have about 20 mil but that was from doing runs over the space of 4 days this actually gives me the chance to now do wht I want to do until I lose it all xD

    3. Zeroic


      Duders, i have never done an early 4hr restart grinding sesion. Only been robbing and doing caps. I got money for the rest of my time here

      It is indeed easy to make money

      Edited by Zeroic
    4. Duderz


      Yeah but I'm just bad xD @Zeroic

  12. Or just make the red zone offer the same amount as the current Vanguard dealer allows and reduce the Vanguard dealer. Risk won't play a big part in it when people are trafficking at the early hours.
  13. Makes me look like the king.. Which I am. I like it!
  14. £500,000 and you don't get demoted.
  15. £500,000 and an endorsement from your Commissioner

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