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  1. Out of all that, I’m going to pick out something. What on earth is stopping you from recruiting, making a gang bigger than Trident and actually giving them something to moan about? Take it from someone who ran a much bigger gang than Trident or Vertigo. The sooner you get out of this petty “fuck the police” gangster mentality, the sooner you get to be a rebel. There’s a massive difference. Believe it or not, the police understand it well too. Prior to all of this, the police were in the exact same position. If not worse since we still couldn’t get the bigger guns, or the activity, numbers, armoured vehicles and so on. You’re not the people that make the community, as the community is not you. The community is everyone, hence the word itself; community.
  2. You see, this is again one of my concerns; just because you can't see the other gang, or maybe you don't know their names, doesn't mean they are not there. We see an admin panel, under that I can see exactly which person is part of which gang and they're all grouped up nicely. There's been 4+ gangs on the sever since 2000 restart, of which, none have confronted each other, they've been sat on the door step of police doing gas stations, the best part is, I know the majority of those people as ex-SFU members! Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. 3 Caps isn't an issue, but making them pretty and forcing people to do them is absolutely nuts to me. My room is always open, police or rebel alike, I'm happy to speak to anyone! They do, I watch them on a daily basis, believe me, they log on just for the quick OG arms fight. I'm not talking PM, Gucci Mafia, I'm talking the remnants of 39th, some old Vertigo members, MW & KFC Managers (who recently returned!) In regards to I'm encouraging fighting, answer me this; When was the last time you took another gangs member hostage and demanding a ransom for his life? When was the last time you recruited more players into your gang to make yourself more powerful than the next gang? When was the last time you decided to put the fear of god into Police by literally taking over part of the Island or making a road block demanding justice, freedom for a gang member or just some money? These things don't happen and yet they create incredible RP scenarios that keep people interested in roleplay. Make money illegally, by all means, that's your intended role, but at the same time, you have to sometimes create situations for yourself and stop replying on shoot'em'up situations like cap zones. I'll address this last point very easily as it's come to me before. This Server is not orientated around Police. 30+ Cops doesn't happen, the max is 30, this happens very rarely. We only recently just re-opened police applications after we cut the ranks dramatically (I'm talking a few weeks ago, max) It's not really "super hard" to be a rebel, you've got almost £21,000,000 in your bank. That's more than I've ever had or will have. Cops are not getting updated on stuff, in fact the most recent change to police was the Darter nerf (Or arguably the SDAR increase, which only allows MPU to use SDAR). Some of the other most recent changes include; Maximum 7.62's while on patrol (Affects all police members) - Rebels do not face the same situation. Maximum SFU Members in a roster (Affects all SFU prospects) Police Uniform now default Green and Red. How does any of that benefit the police?!
  3. Indeed they are, they're the bane of my existance, I genuinely feel like they de-value roleplay, yet we have them, they're used and they are here to stay. I don't see why we should paint a pretty picture of them or force people to use them. See: We need rebel activity, we do not need an environment where people log in to literally fight at OG arms. If you want a fighting aspect, arrange a gang fued, rob more rebels, make yourself the best and strive for something. Having a roleplay background will help, even if it means going down the "We're the last freedom fighters of Altis and we swear to protect the poor" bullshit, it's not just one tiny area on the map, it's the entire red zone and the cap zones. I can assure you, I know rebels very well, what we have at the moment is a bunch of organised hobos running around robbing people and using Fuel stations for fights against cops. No hate taken, this is a genuine concern that we both hold, a genuine argument and that shouldn't stop people posting here, perhaps we should stop swearing so much though..
  4. This thread has literally suggested that people are forced into fighting at Cap zones to get money! Despite that, you're still taking a large amount of the playerbase away from the roleplay, putting them into a situation where they can pick up a gun and shoot anything that moves and that mentality then gets brought back to the rest of the map.
  5. -1 Promoting Cap Zones And especially forcing caps zones to me appears absolutely backwards. It’s a roleplay community and one where roleplay is actually enforced. The more we give players guns and push them into a ring to just shoot whatever moves without a hex just feels like we’re moving in the wrong direction if we want to host roleplay. I’m by no means suggesting that we remove them as I’m all too aware that a section of our player base come here just for them, but I don’t feel we should be enhancing them any further than what they already offer unless we add some form of roleplay element to them.
  6. I've only got one person in my gang so...
  7. @Xander - This is still outstanding, if you can provide Sanders with the amounts and evidence this can be actioned.
  8. Report Declined. Past 24 hours for evidence to be submitted.
  9. Has been a considerable amount of time now. I'll be declining this as no evidence or reply from @Danny01051 for some time. Should evidence be located, please re-create a request. Request Declined.
  10. Report Accepted. Player Stefan banned for 24 hours. Rulebreak: 6.4 Helicopter blockingUsing a helicopter to prevent someone from taking off is using your vehicle as a weapon and is no longer permitted, this is classed as VDM.
  11. That is correct, unfortunately a lot of us have things we need to deal with in real life without counting down the minutes to a player report. You’re not losing out on anything regardless if it’s 24 or 48 hours. Report accepted. Player Reece Smurf will be banned for 24 hours in relation to the RDM Offence. Unable to issue ban for any other offences due to limited evidence. Moved to Waiting for Action. Actioned.
  12. Request accepted. Total due: £228,000. Moved to awaiting action due to not being at computer,
  13. It’s not about arguing what he did wrong, but it’s to give his story. For all I’m aware, there could be extenuating circumstances that resulted of your death but isn’t portrayed by your evidence. This is why we ask individuals to liaise each other and resolve the issue.
  14. @Reece Smurf - Anything to say in reply to this report? I'll allow you 24 hours to discuss this before a decision is made.
  15. Declined. As stated, please use the form above.

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