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  1. No reply. Report rejected - Insufficient evidence.
  2. Yea i agree i think it should be moved further away, then you'd have to call a taxi and RP your way up to get your car back, will make it so much more interesting aswell if the taxi driver get's pulled over and decides to drive off! People got different opinions.
  3. Don't worry we'll get a solution to this heli problem, we just need our shipment to arrive.
  4. Well time to show yourself as a good citizen, make sure to re-read the rules and stay out of trouble. As of now, Unbanned.
  5. Why didnt you want to play by the rules this first time?
  6. Would it be possible so you could see your gang members / Police / Vanguard members on the GPS overlay tab, if they have a GPS on.
  7. Do you have any evidence that show that he's actually being killed in the first place?
  8. So let me ask here, what can you contribute with? how can i assure myself that if i unban you, you will not be doing the exact same thing?
  9. Unbanned, dont screw it up.
  10. Rules are rules, i just realised it was under Altis chat, rather than compensation request ^^
  11. Fucking hell BGK you got me there.... sorry for the warning sadz, it's been revoked aswell lol.
  12. So the difference between reading the rules and playing by the rules are huge, i'm going to ask you this question here, have you read the rules and you're willing to do your best to follow them?, or have you read the rules, and follows them when you're in the mood for it?
  13. Rejected. You didn't comply with the demands that they gave, even though the sound is quite low, i'm still able to hear the initiation, this is not RDM, you failed to follow their demands.
  14. Let me remind you of one thing as i always keep telling you guys, and let me be very clear now. WE ARE NOT A REBEL GROUP! STOP SCAVENGING VEHICLES THAT HAS NOT BEEN INVOLVED IN A DIRECT DEADLY SITUATION TOWARDS VANGUARD PERSONNEL Keep on scavenging like this, and find yourself removed.
  15. I'll respond a bit to this, and everything Else when i get home and back from the gym

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