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  1. Do you even read the meeting notes?
  2. use this form https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  3. When i started back on ALUK, we were a few buds going together, i miss the times, the tension, and the rush, one person had to buy a truck and a license, the other one bougth the cocaine license, then the third guy would buy a pistol license, and we'd do the runs, progression bit by bit, it was fun and entertaining, and when you reach the rebel stage you feel you accomplish something, instead of now, you can basically go sit in kav, sucky sucky 5 dollars, and a person gives you money, and you get enough for the rebel license, i support both roys suggestions. Well thought roy.
  4. i've missed being able to sleep until i wake up!

  5. Well if i need to post my opinion, it should be a no, Reason being, there is already a "soft" punishment system, you can achieve around 6-7 bans, before being perm banned, if you manage to fuck up all those times, you're proving to everyone that you simply dont give a jack shit about rules, and policies, only your selfish behavior. I'll be so cheeky to say, that i think, that the people who's been banned a few times, is laughing about how the ban system is, i personally find it okay, maybe a few too many chances, but that is it, but it feels there is no sort of punishment, because, you can just fill in an unban appeal and get unbanned, after your fifth ban for example, and this is setting an example to everyone else, that the punishment system is soft. With this "blanket" unban, or what we call it, we again show that we're soft, and we want to give you a try agian, because maybe you've changed, agian this is my opinion, but in case you haven't managed to change within the 6 bans issued, then you simply do not want to change, you can not force an alcoholic to stop drinking, if he does not want to quit it, same goes for this. Sorry to say this, we need to grow a spine, and the people who fucked up plenty of times, can fuck up other places, and have fun there. It's simple, it's not hard to follow rules.
  6. Rest in piece admin, you still going to play or are you long gone?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. majed


      you still admin for me idc about tag bro if i rdm and you say get banned i will not join again while i can idc who removed it for you but im sorry bro life is life 

    3. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

      Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

      I resigned, did not get removed

    4. majed


      i still idc you are boss 

  7. Action taken.
  8. Action taken.
  9. I'll be more than happy to.
  10. We discussed this clixy you and i, yesterday, i dont really want to go over the discussion agian, because we got two different PoV's that we will never agree on. I'm sorry to see that you're going to punish jimboke for it, and wishes to get him banned, when he just did as told.
  11. 00:00 - 10:49, negotiations, and the discover of a sneaky officer, it's being said he needs to leave. 13:05 officers is seen entering the compound, and we extract the hostage to the helicopter. 14:30 officers opens fire on the heli. 15:12 we need to emergency land due to a damaged fuel tank, and aswell shooting down the first pursuing helicopter 16:00 execution of the hostage. 18:20 clixy joins in on the pursuit for catching/locating us. not coming from the kavala side, but from the same direction as the first pursuing helicopter. 18;52 landing and shooting down the second pursuing helicopter.
  12. Video is up in 2 minutes. that will give you a full clear story behind it. i'll add timelines when it's up to make it easier to review. - had to reupload it under new url, due to uploading issues (yay youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDl23FfB964&feature=youtu.be ETA 5:45 PM
  13. I agree with you clixy i'm shocked how the main whitelisted faction decides to go against the words of the negotiator, and storm the compound midways during negotiations, not giving a crap about the hostage, i honestly expect the same from the main whitelisted faction... What you claim is RDM since you've engaged in a hostile situation whilst being in a marked helicopter following us while we we're on the retreat, as i've mentioned i dont see it as RDM since you took part in the situation which you have confirmed aswell, as i've said, it's true just because we're engaged in a figth doesn't mean we can kill cops in athira, but it's obvious that this is not the case, and is a sad attempt to get Jimboke banned, because a lack of communication and no signs of respect of negotiators, from the behalf of the police. And let's face reality, in a firefigth, every single time a new police car appears, you dont walk up to it and have a conversation about how his day has been, he's more likely to get killed since he enters the hostile situation, even though he came from the nearest city, aswell as the keeping eyes rule as you mention, again correct me if i'm wrong, i believe it's for when the combat has ended and you're pursuing the people without thier knowledge to then shoot them without warning on a later scale. Also to remind violations to Rule 4.2 which we have decided to look away from, and then in order to talk about your keeping eyes, i'll be so cocky, and mention rule 3.8 I'm not sure if it's uploaded or not, else it'll be up in mid-day, evening since i have to leave for work.
  14. I'd post a video containing the full scenario tomorrow morning when it's rendered and uploaded. Also to mention, just to go all in depth, i'm wondering why jimboke is being reported, when it was you and myself discussing this which we could not agree on. Correct me if i'm wrong but you and jimboke didnt try talk about it, it was mainly you and myself. (Not being sarcastic, can't remember it)

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