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  1. Take care out there. Hasta la vista.

  2. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    Do you even read the meeting notes?
  3. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    use this form https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  4. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    When i started back on ALUK, we were a few buds going together, i miss the times, the tension, and the rush, one person had to buy a truck and a license, the other one bougth the cocaine license, then the third guy would buy a pistol license, and we'd do the runs, progression bit by bit, it was fun and entertaining, and when you reach the rebel stage you feel you accomplish something, instead of now, you can basically go sit in kav, sucky sucky 5 dollars, and a person gives you money, and you get enough for the rebel license, i support both roys suggestions. Well thought roy.
  5. i've missed being able to sleep until i wake up!

  6. Rest in piece admin, you still going to play or are you long gone?

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    2. majed


      you still admin for me idc about tag bro if i rdm and you say get banned i will not join again while i can idc who removed it for you but im sorry bro life is life 

    3. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

      Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

      I resigned, did not get removed

    4. majed


      i still idc you are boss 

  7. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    Action taken.
  8. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    Action taken.
  9. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    Raxzz for new designer!
  10. Welcome back @majed

    1. majed


      thanks general Fabrizio 

  11. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    Therefore this solution Will help it?
  12. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    Maybe add some Lord of war crafting materials, lenses etc
  13. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

    I agree we need a solid wall!, so we can upgrade from the current low budget fence, with a total of 8 holes, can you add some AA guns while you're at it?
  14. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

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