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  2. m8 you're recommending the whole community
  3. All Joanna and Charlotte do is crash. Terrible Drivers AKA Women Drivers <3
  4. Whats combat stance LMAO Also, 1.55 nice valuing your life my man
  5. Top lad
  6. Yeah I feel like ima either get shot from land whilst swimmin or shot from water whilst healing
  7. +69
  8. People fail to see the point of this lmao Cars arnt ALWAYS immediately available.
  9. +1 Black would go better with my Pink shirt and tie
  10. Explain how it will take away from roleplay. Legit all this is doing is helping lmao. I dont wanna be holding shift and w 24/7 so i can run a marathon. Its boring
  11. Not the same thing. You cant grab a coffee whilst in a gunfight and expect to actually succeed in what you are doing can you? This does not give you an advantage. It simply makes life easier and allows for you to not be limited to one boring thing. If you did not have this then you would be running anyway. As I said in the post, people who play PUBG will understand how useful this is (If they actually make use of it, which you should)
  12. They weigh like nothing broooooooooooo how does that work. You have some dodgy switches m8 Would it not be 10x easier for an auto run?
  13. When ya got a lil while to run its boring as hell. You cant do anything else whilst you're running because you gotta hold it down.
  14. Initiation?
  15. Anybody playing Player Unknown's Battlegrounds should understand how useful the auto run function is. On PUBG, the keybind is = (equals) which, to my knowledge, will not interfere with any other keybinds on the server if it were to be implemented. I cannot imagine this being crazy difficult to add, but I don't know how you do ya stuff. Hope it gets implemented! Keep up the good work on the server

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