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  1. +1 good laugh and he's got some great roleplay. Love patrolling with him
  2. I'm torn because when you have multiple of the tags, they look nicer as squares due to them tesselating. Circles don't do that, but they look nicer on their own. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm http://prntscr.com/i0brom
  3. DO the circles have to have boxes around them @Lee Love the colours now btw, admin was a bit ehh before.
  4. Sir, i belive you forgot to click the follow button. Please make sure to click it for some good rewards :x

    1. OwenB


      Sir, I do not appreciate the disrespect that you have displayed towards me.

  5. Sorry Sir, I believe you accidently clicked the unfollow button. 

  6. I love how this has turned into the CSAT discussion again. Fuel said that if they are added, they won't be removed again.
  7. Anybody else getting disgusting bass because it's so deep lmao
  8. Sorry Sir, I believe you accidentally clicked the unfollow button.

    1. Fury


      no wasnt me, didnt do such a thing

  9. I'd recommend taking a couple hours to learn HTML, CSS and how to use WordPress. They are very easy languages and WordPress will allow you to easily create a website with the use of HTML and CSS to do whatever you want with it.
  10. It also shows that you have nothing else to put and are putting whatever will seem somewhat legitimate. Sneeky breeki
  11. -

    Good luck!
  12. Nice advertising man, I like it!
  13. Looks great!

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