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  1. Thanks for all the great streams guys, genuinely mean it. Really appreciate all of the support :) I know there are a load of streamers at the moment so, for those who choose to watch mine, thank you so much! Love you xx

  2. Popo patrol with  Theo Wright. 2 for the price of 1, bargain. 


  3. Thank you to Devious for being such delightful hosts of my hostage taking. 

  4. Popo patrol with Tidus and Theo Wright. 3 for the price of 1, bargain. 


  5. Felt as though other members of the Community should express their opinion but its come down to a CSO should have a MK1, which is stupid and not a valid point.
  6. Jesus christ. 1. SW is not the best gun in the game. 2. I do not enjoy combat on ARMA due to the performance of the game. 3. I do not like rebel life, hence I am a cop. You clearly do not understand the point that I do not want to die repeatedly because of the weapons that rebels have access to in comparison to cops, since a ridiculous amount of rebels will just see a cop and initiate. That's some good roleplay! The day rebels roleplay more and I do not get repeatedly initiated on before I can talk is the day that I am okay being heavily outgunned. Also, I got this suggestion off of TIDUS. You know, the ROLEPLAY STREAMER.
  7. Why would you put that then just edit your comment
  8. I've suggested ranks that would be suitable for the gun, and how it performs. Don't be stupid and provide a valid argument, if you wish to argue the suggestion. ?
  9. It's not 'play[ing] around with them', it's having a preference of weapon. We need weapons, so why not have one that we like?
  10. What it says on the tin. I'm thinking like SGT+ or DSGT+ (Not asking for 100 round mags) Love you
  11. Unless they've discussed it in the past couple days then it has not been discussed yet.
  12. Police stuffs :)<3 https://www.twitch.tv/bayyy

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