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  1. Neo was a nob and deleted my awesome club! Everyone join back quick!

  2. Can we play Skyblock sometime?

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    2. Viozo


      That hurt my feelings alot

    3. Clixy


      What texture pack is that

    4. Kierann


      @Clixy What Joy stick you use?

  3. @Clixy @Tactical Venom @Kappa Venom
  4. Re-wrote garages needs editing did everyone on the map and forgot that one ill look at the meta gaming spikes saving should have been fixed
  5. That's not the point... Don't be greedy. Money is already easy to get why make it easier? People want everything handing to them on a silver platter..
  6. Everything is getting a little move around soon
  7. With the perk and purified you get about 3.7 mil a run. Therewas plans to move the processor closer just havent found a good location for it yet. Not highrisk if you can just fly away in your big huron. The truck is supposed to make it more risky thus having 800 storage which is more than any of the other trucks! if you want to use your huron go do weed or something. If you think you can defend yourself then do thorium. Its not suppoed to be a one man job its suppoed to be something that gangs do. EDIT: There was also some ideas about adding helicopter specific runs. But thats all in due time..
  8. Will be in the next update. I had to clone the item because each item has one price - Police = 0 so had to make the rebel one a different name.
  9. @Sonny Asif When your next on ts send me a message please.
  10. Shouldnt be a issue anymore @Chelston that shouldnt happen anymore. Turns out i did add a max of 5 levels. I have changed it to 10 levels. which is 80 players. Ready for next update.
  11. Will look into this, thanks
  12. Thanks, is it the same organisation each time? Its potentially something to do with max members or organisation level
  13. There is no coded maximum. Do you have a screenshot of the error message? Organisation name?
  14. Screenshot? of the message? Have you tried a different organisation? is the one your trying to join full?

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