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  1. Sorry, I gave you a chance.... Denied.
  2. Its a no from me. If people want a second chance then appeal. I dont think we should ever wipe from here on out, I know we arnt number 1 for roleplay but whatever we have worked on people banned for not roleplaying will come back and just make us look shit again. Oh and @Sanik ߷ Some people are on a Perma Perma ban list now, including viozo who will just never be unbanned.
  3. Anyone want a steam link? There currently £3.99 on the steam store. Worth a buy
  4. Love the Adidas and supreme clothing! not sure we need more vehicle skins though!
  5. First off going to do some cheeky quoting These people must be the people that play for gunfights not rp. Ima cry if someone tells me its a military simulator and 'I should expect gunfights' No. This is literally the best thing I have ever read on the forums. Do I need to expand. Literally proves the point rebels are to op. Just don't die/get into useless gunfights and rp a situation out. Don't play that much these days but im sure 50% of gunfights could be avoided. Do something legal? I have actually wanted to raise the prices for some time, @Fuel did it but i completely back it. For so long now people have just completely not valued life, including myself, due to prices being so cheap and guns easy to get hold of. Actually might bring back people robbing guns. So from me its a -1. Maybe rebels might start RPing (again not played in a while, but when i did play it was pretty poor). What more is there to say? Upset about the prices then value your life....
  6. Woow! Thanks for the support everyone! Were 18th on gametracker and 19th on battlemetrics!


    1. Kallum
    2. Jamz
    3. Kevin


      Good to see, ya'll are doing an awesome job over here :)

  7. The time is now.

    1. Damian_


      Dont you mean in 30 to 60 minutes?

  8. The update is the housing update
  9. Yeah you just have to be first to the house to buy it
  10. The point is you have no houses, thats why your going to have to transfer them.
  11. You will get yourself money quicker if you sell now but you will receive some type of comp
  12. Right so after a bit of discussing and working a little web panel which wont be out for the update, but should be out in less than a week. How it will work: Displays houses, garages and containers. AND NEW CONTAINERS You will be able to sell your house, and sell the container Before you sell your container if you want to keep your items you will need to buy another house and buy another container, then you WILL BE ABLE TO TRANSFER THE GEAR ACROSS TO THE NEW CONTAINER Once you hit sell you will not be able to get your house back or containers so be careful You will login to the site with your steam account, don't worry its safe, All it returns is steam id no login details nothing. This allows us to identify your houses So to sum up. when the restart comes out AT 8OCLOCK TONIGHT (27/10/2017) GO BUY BACK YOUR OLD HOUSE (if you still want it). The update may take a while as i need to edit the entire database to use our new storing method. Feel free to ask questions Thanks, Joe
  13. Let the testing begin! All Major coding for the update is done, Testing for the next 2 days

    1. James Grimm

      James Grimm

      Looking forward to this.  ;)

      Edited by James Grimm
    2. O'Connor


      cant wait :P

    3. Hoggie


      Rebel life should pick up with this new update, im looking forward to it

  14. http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5025/ICEY__Steam_Link_Bundle/ Enjoy
  15. shh @Omligon

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