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  1. http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5025/ICEY__Steam_Link_Bundle/ Enjoy
  2. shh @Omligon
  3. Because they are exploited items they will be removed from your house.
  4. Pretty close to the last parts of the update now. The housing system is pretty much finished. Needs testing and a few more bug fixes. Then theres a few other things that need doing and we should be good. I would expect around a week.
  5. Gret buch of lads pus wan frum me +1
  6. @GHOSTK1LL3R Sorry writing isnt my best skill
  7. Just as a update for everyone, Firstly sorry the update isnt here yet.. Been working on it solidly but theres so much to do and test, Secondly I have just started back at uni and been given a shit tonne of revision assignments which are fine but take up time. Now to the actual update and to clarify some things; When the update is pushed there will be a new housing database which means houses and containers will NOT spawn on the server. However there will be a webpanel I will make which you have to sign in with Steam. You will be able to sell the house from the panel and containers will be separate. Once the house is sold and you have your money back you can now go and buy whichever house you want, once you have done that place storage containers inside it and you will be able to transfer the inventory of the old containers to new. Selling old house on the webpanel will be optional to stop confusion so you dont have to wait for the panel to buy a new house. The panel could take sometime to create and would probably be the topside of a week. At the moment we are focusing on the update once that is done the panel will be out soon after. Containers will now be able to be leveled up rather than buying different sizes They will be able to be moved. Gang houses will be a thing Syncing - The syncing button has gone and all inventory actions money etc are persistent, im sure they will be bugs with this and things that dont trigger a sync but im sure you guys will find them. Database - The entire server and client side database model has been recreated taking a big load of the server and letting the individual client sort data rather than the server spending resources converting values. This should inturn mean the server can focus more on running the server and not handling/manipulating data HM - As you all voted the HM will be back at the domes. How it will work is each restart the building inside the dome will move so you will have to find where the vault is rather than being able to go straight to it. Invisible Map objects - With the new arma update we were able to use a new tool to hide map objects which is a lot more efficient to our old method with regrettably had lots of errors, but this was the way you had to do it. Now all the objects have been replaced with bohemias new module which hopefully will help performance wise. Battleye kicks - Bohemia has been working to get a new perf build out to stop the kicks and we think they have mostly been stopped. Now with this we will be able to bring back the headless client to take even more load off the server so it can focus on other things and let the headless client deal with the database. This however will take a bit more time and will not be in the update Friends/Setname - On restart setnames will be wiped. HOWEVER you will now be able to request name or something along them lines, not sure on the actual words yet but if the other player accepts this then it will stay after restart. Rank Icons - Rank icons have been remade and now are actually really nice and show above the appropriate ranks head. Jail Times - Jail times will now be restricted depending on the police rank Greenzone trigger - Lockpicking is now impossible in the greenzone and more things will be added soon. These are just the big ones, there are also 80+ small updates/edits/additions which will all be listed in the update log when we get to the update. Would love to give a timescale on this but its pretty hard. it wont be more than a month and could possibly be the end of this week. We will see Thanks again for your patience and staying with us. We appreciate all the support and everyone that plays on our servers, As toxic as you all maybe JOKING Joe Developer, Management team, No lifer, Nerd and Wishes i was better at Paragon then @Genesis
  8. Yeah think so.. should be next week when it finally hits.. sorry for the delays just started back at uni so super busy with that too. The housing system is like 80% coded and needs to be tested all the new databasing is about done with syncing
  9. Has been fixed.
  10. Just a bit of an update on this weeks update, wow that sounded weird... anyways... I cannot give a definite release time it could possibly be next week depends how fast i can get everything done. However I guarantee you it will be worth the wait. This update is huge and has changes to lots of things on the server, just so you know what your waiting for and to build hype i will list SOME of the things that have been done. Persistent inventory's with new saving method Whole DB formatting re-write - consistent throughout the server - faster querys Housing system General re-write of alot of files No Sync button but persistent saving, anything you do is saved no need to sync anymore. General weekly updates
  11. Hey peeps of reborn! been re-writing a big portion of the databasing and how syncing works and along with that that housing system. So the update should be next week as long as everything is complete. Im sure you guys can wait for a little bit It should be worth it anyway. Basically update will be out when its done. Thanks, Joe
  12. GO CHECK IT OUT! The game is not £4 and if you already have the game the season pass is free https://www.origin.com/gbr/en-us/store/star-wars/star-wars-battlefront/ultimate-edition
  13. No more HM wining please......... HM Competition up lets do something about dis

    1. James Grimm

      James Grimm

      One cool entrance enough?



    2. jcbjoe
  14. Starting today we will be holding a competition to create a HM Treasury! Lately there has been so much complaining about the layout of the HM and now were letting the community submit their own ideas, allowing our players to have a part of the server and say they contributed to the making! (which you all do anyway ). The Aim is simple... Create a HM Treasury! You will be rewarded in-game with a "to be decided" amount of money and gain a forum/teamspeak tag of community contributor or something along them lines The post with the most reactions/likes by 1st October will win and their HM will be added Rules and guidelines for the HM are as follows Don't make it heavily one-sided It can be anywhere in the map but redzone and vanguard land Previous submits CAN be re submitted Keep decoration objects to a minimum. Not going to have a max amount of objects but dont be silly Multiple entrances 4+ atleast Link to form: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/22-hm-competition/ Thanks, Joe

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