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  1. How can you ask other people to donate so you can have it better? Maybe you could donate some? ?
  2. Not general chat Plase a bid or dont
  3. Ill let lucas answer from now on @lucasbrown101
  4. Iam not responding for lukas just answering you. Whats the point for asking comp if you wanted to give it back ?
  5. Hello! I was with these 2 gentlemen resolving this issue! During the resolving Atn made the only point that he wanted comp for the LSD inside the Taru. I explained that it looks on the video like its boths fault, like an RTC. Lucas explained that he was willing to comp Atn for his gear but not for the LSD. Atn said many different stories, he first started with the point that he was going to give the taru back to lucas before he got exploded, he then said he want comp for the LSD because he wanted to keep it for himself, he then changed his story one more time saying that his friends where going to pull a 50-cal offroad to shoot the orca down. Lucas wanted to comp him for his gear, but Atn reported him before resolving so when lucas found out he withdrawed his will to comp for his gear. I tried to fix the "conflict" by coming up with many "deals" but Atn left the resolving in the end. I hope this was to any help Admins Kind regards Stefan Karlsson Community Support team
  6. Yeah, depending on the situation if you feel to taze one member then prepare because i think his friends dont whant him to get threatned to get 40 000 volts in him
  7. Yeah, prepare for a fight and conflict if you are ready to taze a rebel.
  8. Initiate with 3 tazers pointing towards him. Odds he has to comply
  9. Word from fuel "I'd take it as initiation if someone threatened to put 40 thousand volts through me" Tazing someone is like removing them from a gunfight as killing does. If threatens to taze you and you can't kill them there is nothing you can do since if you run you get 1 tapped. Why not try talk to them without threatening them with a tazer, then there wouldn't be an issue. Edited February 25 by andrew. @andrew. Words

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