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  1. Stefan Karlsson

    Hello there. I joined the second time speaking to only @Jace Vast. We talked about the issue and he did said and explained that he was sorry and knew that he was wrong. I later then dragged @Tommy Robisonin so we gave it a chance to resolve it again. After i got hold of the video i explained some stuff to @Jace Vastand after that he disconnected from the teamspeak. Stefan (Community support) @OutSyder
  2. Stefan Karlsson

    True i totally agree that if they are added they should be combined by water to be used.
  3. Stefan Karlsson

    Iam not sure if it is a in game item that you use and get both food and water, If it isnt i would suggest a MRE or something related, Like police gets MRE it cost but it give 75-100% hunger and thirst, Rebels and civs either get MRE or something else. So we dont need to buy food and water just MRE that give us both
  4. Stefan Karlsson

    Understand the lag issues a bad idea when you guys made me notice.
  5. Stefan Karlsson

    I love this server, We love this server! The only negative thing is that during the evening the server is almost full always... Or atleast 129/130 people in. This is great that the server is active, but would it maybe be possible to add 10/15 slots its not much but it would make a change. Sometimes you can sit and wait for 15-30 minutes for a slot and then someone else takes it.
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