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  1. Its Stephan now for the last week ❤️ Dont know why that duplicated so much but ok
  2. Dont chat shit on others fraggies after u get banged with an AKM
  3. Ima let the auction go on for a bit.
  4. Item: 2 police hunters Proof of ownership: Will upload soon Buy now price:6 Mil Starting bid: 3.5 mil Minimum bid increment:250k End date: In 3 days from today
  5. Fkn beast! Great to know you are representing BW
  6. Hahahahhahaha ❤️ love
  7. +1 to something like dis What if we just put the casino outside of greenzone (patroled a lot with cops to reduce robberies) Like a zone where open weapons will be dealt with by police officers right away! And then you can rob the casino. Just an idea that i havent thinked thru alot
  8. With full legal dealer you make around 600k with a huron, with a taru around 500 (i belive not 100% sure)

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