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  1. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

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  2. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    -1 I don't think the whole server should be a red zone and everyone is KOS , make it that CRIME is LEGAL for a whole server restart where you still have to initate and server rules still apply but you wont be wanted or anything
  3. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    @Fuel luis told me to go to lickz and help him sell paintings with him and then asked me to sell more with him(luis), I did indeed get distracted by the money which was involved however I had no idea they duped otherwise I wouldn't sell shit for them as I really do value my place in this server and I wouldn't let anyone make me do anything that will get me banned as it is not worth it. I realise that I have been perm banned many times and I wouldn't let a stupid incident like this happen while I know what is actually going on, I have learnt my lesson from this which is to be more cautious with who im involved with and where did it come from , I once again will repeat I don't know how to dupe or do anything like that if you even want more evidence I can share teamviewer and you can check all my files for arma , and I guarantee you will not find a single thing however again it is your decision at the end and I will agree as it is a idiotic mistake to make
  4. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    @Fuel yes I promise that is the story , I would never ever dupe because its not fair and im a person who always and tries to play by the rules , I promise you this will never ever happen again to me, and I will always and try to be more cautious
  5. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    @Fuel I don't even know how to dupe I thought he just had a fuck loads of them and he never even mentioned duping to me or anything he just told me go sell them and we will get shit ton of money and I thought he was doing it legit but he wasn't, I was distracted by the money which made me lose focus on how the money was made I never asked him how he got so much paintings , so if you want to wipe my account that's understandable and I would agree to do so as I don't even dupe or anything and the money on there is not legit, when I saw esketit's perm ban appeal I was very confused at the time as I don't imagine him doing anything like that , at the end of the day I was the idiot who should of realised that they were made by duping not legit,furthermore this mistake of mine is huge and can assure this will never ever happen again to me and I will question how people get there money and not take it like a fool, on the other hand looking at my ban history I have never ever duped and don't know how it works. however at the end of the day the decision is yours and I will agree the outcome of the result of the report.
  6. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    In-game name: AHMEDXZ Steam ID: 76561198220848676 Date of ban: 08/05/2018 Reason for ban: Duping ?? Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes because I was on holiday for a month and a half and I wasn't even on the server so I don't know why I was banned Why should we unban you? because I wasn't even on the server at that time I can even show you my plane ticket if you really want any evidence , if you want im on ts the whole day so don't really know why I was banned ?
  7. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    Nice montage J4Y
  8. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

  9. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    Results ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Group Stages: Round 1 Flix vs Jay - Winner Flix Lightning vs Rhinomad - Winner Lightning Ryann vs Jumper - Winner Ryann Crazy Frank vs Adam.bz Winner - Crazy Frank ^Ryyyy vs Vlad Vodka- Winner ^Ryyyyy Humzah vs PaulS - Winner Humzah Epic vs Masinad - Winner Epic Quater - Finals: AHMEDIZ vs Flix - Winner AHMEDIZ Lightning vs Ryannn - Winner Lightning Crazy Frank vs ^Ryyyy - Winner Crazy Frank Humzah vs Epic - Winner Humzah Semi - Finals: Lightning vs AHMEDIZ - Winner Lightning HUMZAH vs Crazy frank - Winner HUMZAH For 3rd Place AHMEDIZ vs CrazyFrank - Winner AHMEDIZ GRANDE FINALE HUMZAH vs lightning - Winner Humzah AND LIGHTNING ( due to too many draws ) Joint 1st = Humzah - Lightning 2nd =no second place 3rd = AHMEDIZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://gyazo.com/e1171b71233eecc7f0d86b4db61239a9
  10. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

  11. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    BRACKET EDITED https://gyazo.com/17838d9d6275c304040e639d29603524 @Epic randomised everything SIGN UP HAS CLOSED
  12. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    @CrazyFrank ur in
  13. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    @Aaron Michaels quite good
  14. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

  15. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

    @[email protected]@[email protected]@^[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] @♛ Jumper ♛ @PaulS https://gyazo.com/d06957f501967c174c15caa32f7ee669 The bracket has been MADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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