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    Got 2 reports on the same situation please close this one as I’ll only reply in bisons report

    aitchmedxz Report

    Ok firstly I don’t know why you have put up 2 reports up from the same situation so I’m just gonna use this one : 1.) you And @Garnierclearly knew I was behind the right wheel of my car for the entire situation, I know this because garnier or you say he is behind the right wheel of his tire , so why should I go to the left side of my vehicle where I can visibly be shot from the deer stand (where I did die) so you can see I’m there. Also you can clearly see I enter code with a red suv and imitate on you with a red suv so you know where I am and also you are pointing your gun at my engine clearly knowing where I am , I kill you because you bipod on the wall looking like your going to shoot me so I had a quicker reaction time and killed you. 2.) I don’t know why you are lying , you did not try resolve it with me at all I asked you in ts if you received the comp but you didn’t even respond 3.) only reason I gave you comp was because I realised my recording wasn’t turned on , but you still knew where I was so you knew I kept eyes , however don’t say you declined the comp because you didn’t say anything to me when I asked you did you receive it , you didn’t say anything at all just kept the money or didn’t even send it back. Ty dodorex


    In-game name: AITCHMEDXZ Steam ID: 76561198220848676 Date of ban: 01/18/20 Reason for ban: Mass walkout Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes it was justified and I see the reason why you have done it but we did get the general of blackwater to approve it and ask him if it’s ok and if blackwater will be stable if we left and he agreed I also believe that there are around 10 applications to join blackwater so there is high demand of people who actually want to play and enjoy the server so why should we be the ones not allowing them to , there’s a point where blackwater isn’t enjoyable so we decided to leave thinking blackwater will stay stable and accept people who want to join and enjoy blackwater Why should we unban you? I think this is a misunderstanding because we didn’t mean to cause harm to blackwater at all we just didn’t find it enjoyable to play , so we left having the intention to leave so people who really want to join blackwater join and enjoy it more than us. So we didn’t have any intention to harm blackwater or damage it in anyway

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