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  1. Can a admin transfer the hunter to Jack's account please I'm on holiday , and I won't be on for 2 weeks
  2. @jack.PM me when your on , plz close
  3. AUCTION FORMAT Item: Police Hunter Proof of ownership: when I get on ill show proof Buy now price: 5 mill Starting bid: 1 mill Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 06/04/2019 (end of today)
  4. AUCTION Item: 6 mk18 , 3 Mk1 , 1 type and 1 spar Proof of ownership:https://gyazo.com/9effd206a47061e7372827b8259576f9 Buy now price: n/a Starting bid: 500K Minimum bid increment: 50K End date: Need it gone ASAP
  5. tbh I don't think lucas is cheating it was just a flick , happens to me as well
  6. lol , what happened to vortex ?

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    2. George Skrrt

      George Skrrt

      Maybe because we got removed noa , for a exploiting I just want to know who did so dont talk shit its kinda pissed me off 

    3. <Noa>


      nah, u dont know what ur talking about  

      We drop-kicked their ass off the leaderboard ;)

    4. George Skrrt

      George Skrrt

      what do you mean?

  7. @- [SCK] Peter Pan - you selling 10 suppresors for 400k ?
  8. @Ryan Jones.yh ill take them off you
  9. want 10 7.62 Suppressors name a price

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