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    Recruitment process is as follows commander in chiefs are picked aswell as the Secretary of State so we have a leadership to begin with. Chief intelligence officers who run the units would be recruited through the interview and training process that would be in place, as I want this to be run side by side with the cops but under government rule they would have the same rules and regulations of cops. After speaking to Fuel about how to work it so there isn’t loads of SIS members on and no cops we would have limits to how many are allowed on operation at any given time and because the members will be recruited directly through the police force when there isn’t enough cops on SIS members will help on normal patrols.
  3. Rambo


    The unit would consist of 2 Commander in Chiefs (CIC) seeing the overall function of the SIS , 1 secretary of state for intelligence(SSI) who would report all findings and intelligence gathered from the 3 Chief intelligence officer's (CIO). The CIO's would be held responsible for the running and day to day operations of their unit, with the rankings within the units consisting of... Chief Operative (CO), Interrogation Officer (IO) and the beginners rank of Security Officer (SO). Rank System. Commander In Chiefs Secretary of State for Intelligence Chief Intelligence Officers Chief Operative Interrogation Officer Security Officer. 1. What would these people be doing when not called upon? as you said they are not police, so are they playing as a civ doing illegal shit then switching to doing police stuff? They are not police however because they have been commissioned by the government to subdue the rebel activity and the growth of camorra they would scout hotspots gather information from high profile criminals but not do general police work. As i also want this to be kind of heavy RP related within the time frame of being called to help the cops the unit could do snatch and grabs of gang leaders take them to secluded spots and interrogate them for information. 2. they would need to be in a BlueFor slot as I have previously stated, so are they just going to all sit in a HQ waiting to be called out? Please see answer for number 1 due to the high profile government task force (SIS) would always wear balaclavas as to not reveal their identity even to the cops they work with. They would not sit idle at the HQ they would be either be driving unmarked vehicles or helicopters above doing as stated in question number 1. 3. if they are not normal police thats taking numbers away from normal police, so whats the number cap? as we dont want 20 MI6 online who are not patrolling and only 10 cops that are. The cap for the unit has not been set of course we dont want to be taking numbers away from the police however with this new unit if SFU was to be removed and as said SFU could be allowed to apply and because of their experience would be looked at greatly however because of the recent downfall of SFU i wouldnt want it to be another SFU. The cap can be discussed with yourselves the founders this isnt something to rush into as the idea itself is great and i wouldnt want it to flop and be a disaster. My idea was to have a maximum of 3 small units consisting of 4 people in each unit with a leader. Now as said before not taking number away from the cops however i dont want it to turn into another SFU again the general selection of SIS members would be chosen from the police after you have reached a certain rank and maturity within the police force. No rebels would be considered as its not a rebel faction or group. The selection would be intense with long interviews and applications. @Fuel
  4. Rambo


    At the moment because Camorra are here to stay for the foreseeable future the unit would be under blufor however if Camorra did eventually leave the island it could become a bigger force and run as its own faction still with smaller numbers than the cops and work to a budget like a Private Military Company. (Just not military)
  5. Rambo


    They wouldn't only be called to such things its just that would be the main things, cops could always call for their assistance when needed.
  6. Rambo


    The MI6 would be a replacement for SFU however not run by the police force but called upon by the police to assist in operations as they have been drafted in by the government to deal with the uprising of rebel activity and the growth of camorra. The MI6 would not go about the island conducting standard police work unless called in to assist, they would only conduct high risk operations such as drug smuggling, arms dealing and protecting Her Majesty's Treasury. The small group of MI6 Agents would be held to a higher standard than the rest of the police force, strict training and protocols. The way MI6 Agents would work is under Blufor with a different tier/ranking system and of course previous SFU members can apply they would not be as militarised as NATO so no its not specifically a copy. They would have access to equipment that would suffice the job at hand. It wouldn't just be a deathsquad they will be held to a high standard of RP, Roleplaying as a SIS agent they are supposed to act like one. Of course anything that is here can be changed to better it in anyway possible so open to suggestions.
  7. Rambo

    Nothing on record of you being toxic or racist. Keep it that way please. Unbanned.
  8. Rambo

    Wouldnt be so bad there isnt as many messages as you think. Would be a good addition to add a little marker for when someone needs help. Kind of like the panic button the cops have now but for civs (and no i dont mean a hotkey for civs)
  9. Rambo

    You have 8 bans on record, your current ban is only perm your lucky it isnt community ban otherwise you would be appealing in 6 months. You waste our time we will waste your time, sit your ban out and as per what fuel said on your last appeal "your ban was upgraded to a permanent ban, you are not permitted to appeal until 16/07/2018"
  10. Rambo

    Player will be banned until 05/15/2018 1:13 PM. That is 5 days ago.
  11. Rambo

    7Mil for a restart is pretty steep, it could be the more people capping the point or holding the point the more cash is put into gang funds
  12. Rambo

    @Jordann Its just my suggestion to see what everyone else thinks then its upto Fuel really
  13. Rambo

    At the minute nobody fights at the cap points which is making them useless, my proposition is to simplify the cap points to where you get an x amount of money for however long you hold the point regardless of how many drugs/guns or vehicles bought. I understand at the minute you gain more money from this however it just needs to be simplified. All money from cap points is put into gang funds and you receive a paycheck from the gang funds dependent on how much is within gang funds and how active you are, this could also be decided by the leader. (The more active you are the more paychecks you receive from gangfunds)
  14. Rambo

    Player is already banned an additional 24 hours will be added on.
  15. Rambo

    You died in Sofia you went back to sofia regardless of the time and whether you was just flying over, just use abit of common sense next time in knowing that the people who are forcing the dealer are probably the same people who killed you. ~ Lowered to a 24 hour ban.

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