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  1. Taking PayPal donations for Community support pm me x

    1. majed


      Rambo im just too scared that you will keep the mony for your self :D

      Btw if it really worked buy me some Mcdonalds and dont forget the extra cheese with the large size i need big mac i dont take small one because small ones are for pussy people ok ? we will share the profit together and btw its good business my man Gl all community support you deserve our mony to be given to you because you are just working for this community and we never said thanks and now im saying thanks for the work you people have done 

      Edited by majed
  2. as long as they are given to all factions like last time then i dont see why not
  3. Happy Birthday! :x Who are you? xx

    1. Rambo


      Thanks John I’m the person who made you relevant by making you Dcom 🙄🧐 have a lovely day x

    2. Je baited

      Je baited

      Sit DOWN

      Edited by Je baited
  4. @JamesB0 Ive unbanned your account for the time being so you can reply here whether you stay unbanned is entirely upto yourself, You knew it was wrong because i warned you not to continue posting shit yet because you thought you hadn't received 2 warnings points you wanted to push it and see how far you could step over the line without being banned? We dont have to issue 3 points before you are banned if we feel you contribute nothing to our forums other than absolute garbage we will just remove you from them. In future dont try and see how far you can push it and dont follow in the footsteps of your idiotic gang mates. Unbanned.
  5. Whos Joe?
  6. Congrats on commissioner:x

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zeroic


      power is cut, what happend? xD

    3. Rage


      I expect that comment to be retracted @Adam Briggs

    4. Clixy


      Congrats on COM @Rambo cant believe it! 

  7. Déjà vu? @Fuel

    1. Rambo


      Actually my birthday this time so you cant #blamejoe :P

  8. People who have large forum signatures are the bane of my life.

  9. Happy birthday lad, have a smashing day :x


    1. Rambo


      You dont understand how accurate this actually is haha

  11. 0

  12. Happy Birthday :x

  13. Very few people do runs now, just try static map again if nothings changes then try static legal runs and dynamic illegal.
  14. iHy

    Next time a disconnect occurs please contact the people who you were roleplaying with on teamspeak if possible. Unbanned

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