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  1. License currently costs 1 million and serves no purpose other than to increase roleplaying, i dont believe the spawn point gives you an advantage in anything and ive noticed alot of new players to the server asking about it yet cannot buy it due to the excessive price. With some feedback maybe we could decrease the price so that new players are able to purchase it without grinding out for a day or two. What price would be best for the AAA License?
  2. The use of bugged medic vehicles as protection in gunfights is classed as exploiting, if you have one in your garage please scrap it and we will compensate for the other half of the cost, contact a member of the staff team and they will get it sorted for you! "What i mean by bugged medic vehicle is that if you purchase an SUV and it comes with a medic skin rather than a normal one and then using that as protection so people wont shoot at you in combat will be classed as exploiting"
  3. Teo

    Unbanned for last chance.
  4. Teo

    Im going to give you one last opportunity to play here Teo, if you fuck up its a perm do you understand?
  5. Sorted.
  6. Just because you dont like sniping doesn't mean you should take away the fun for someone who does enjoy it.
  7. If your not going to take this seriously then neither are we. Denied.
  8. I spoke with him after this incident and told him of the rules inside the greenzone to which he apologised, however thank you for taking the time to report this and making our server a better server to play on.
  9. In future refrain from saying KYS in side chat its not appropriate and we dont allow any racist remarks on the forums either. Any further racism from yourself will result in a perm ban Unbanned
  10. Happy Birthday You Wirral head

    1. Richard


      Thanks you spital smach head

  11. Happy Birthday Sir!

  12. Hhaahahahahahah blurt

    1. Rambo


      Miss me dont you

  13. Paul & Hank both issued a 7 day ban for RDM & Killing NHS
  14. Since its your first offence i'm willing to give you another chance, dont fuck it up. Unbanned
  15. staff lead ew

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