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  1. You've previously been banned for RDM and twice for poor roleplay i have downgraded your ban to a 24hour if you get another ban it will be a month. Stop with the shit hands up or die roleplay. Player will be banned until 02/23/2018 10:45 PM
  2. Any evidence available: yes Please post here if you do...
  3. This is something that has been on the list for sometime but due to other projects and also being short on dev's it will come eventually just its not a priority at the minute.
  4. Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes How did the resolving go?
  5. Actioned
  6. Player is currently banned for soft logging will be extended to a permanent ban for exploiting via spike strip.
  7. Compensated the value of 129 thorium. Completed
  8. Video is unavailable
  9. You threatened to shoot him with your CMR yet claim you didnt threaten anybodys life. Denied.
  10. Completed
  11. Player is already permanently banned for Racism, if you require compensation for lost items please head over to here and start a new topic. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/55-comp-request/
  12. 7 Day ban issued for RDM.
  13. 7 Day Ban issued for Poor RP which can be appealed 48 hours from now.
  14. Your ban ends in 2 hours you will be unbanned then.
  15. At the minute inside the jail you sit there and look pretty, how about putting some sort of community service inside the jail such as Mining rocks with a pickaxe which you can turn into bricks and trade at a vendor for a reduced sentence? The more bricks you make the less time you will have to spend in jail. Also an orange Jumpsuit with a backpack for standard prison uniform whilst doing so.

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