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  1. Report Resolved
  2. Ban Expired.
  3. The issue i have here is that in no way is counting down 3,2,1 acceptable roleplay in any situation. You need to be giving sufficient time for someone to react to what your saying he was no threat to you he did what you asked of him and yet you shot him because he didnt drop his hat. I would like to unban you however i would like to ask if you could elaborate and tell me what you could do next time to make the situation better for both partys so i know this wont happen again...
  4. Accepted 24hour ban issued for Poor RP/RDM If your in need of compensation please head over to this link and start a new topic, please include this report in your request. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/55-comp-request/
  5. Your blacklist isn't changing please sir calm ones self
  6. Ok as there is no evidence and this report is going downhill im going to deny this report and lock it.
  7. +1 If your in separate gangs you should have to separately initiate....
  8. All MRAPS are illegal, Thorium transporter is not illegal unless it has Thorium inside.
  9. try this one
  10. Completed
  11. This is a massive +1 from me especially with the new faction coming about we need to have more emphasis on what a gang actually is, a gang should be a gang and something you take pride in a good example at the moment is 39th all of them have gang tags in and wear uniform. If you have different gang tags then you should have to separately initiate its not hard to throw a tag in when your going to play with friends just to keep things nice and clean.
  12. Thanks for your feedback and hopefully I shall soon see you on patrol as an officer
  13. Completed
  14. Has this RDM been accepted in a report? if so could you please link me it
  15. @Tidus

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