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  1. Yes MK cant wait for the meal deals to be in game. good suggestion

    1. Girraffe


      very good mk love it m8

  2. Can sell you the parts required to build your own armed qilin. You name your price
  3. Use them to their full advantage! Fly passengers from A to Z. And enjoy the roleplay in doing so
  4. +1 if possible. But this is arma
  5. i dont play that server.
  6. Meet Pyrgos Gulf with an armed boat
  7. Are you actually Pirates who sail the ocean?
  8. Never heard of before. Describe plz
  9. Not exactly War Points My idea is to have a Second Currency. It could be called UnLaundered money, or could be a totally illegitimate currency with a random name. The currency could be used to buy high value weapons eg 7.62s or advanced rebel equipment. The second currency can only be made through illegal activities, such as drug runs or cap zones. One way conversions can only be made 2nd currency -> main currency Have to go to a specific place to convert. Multiple of these would be around Could be an ingame Y menu item or a value like cash is. (MAYBE) Canot be deposited into a bank Can be stored in houses and possibly vehicles.
  10. Can you use missiles on jets?
  11. Make a rule where players cannot intentionally spawn in a gang base at gangbase bidding night if their group does not control the base.
  12. M K

    TFU Hunter

    Hes left the server now
  13. M K

    TFU Hunter

    not me pal
  14. M K

    police cars

    You were pulling over people who wanted a fight. It's not hard to find someone to pull over that wont speed off.

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