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Thanks for trying out the earlier time of Gang Wars! This was only a trial run, and will be back to 8pm - 12am next week!


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  1. A small amount of XP for kills. Given like "street rep"
  2. Item: Black Water Armed Qilin Proof of ownership: nothing.rebornrp.com/vehicle/607263 Buy now price: £3.5 Million Starting bid: £2 Million Minimum bid increment: £100k End date: 17/09/2019 17:00 GMT
  3. DENIED re-apply when you dont shoot people in their backs
  4. Yes!! Cops cant play rebel for base bidding!!

    7.3 Police Legalities
    Police cannot take part in Rebel activities whilst part of the Altis Police Force. Exception to this rule will be Saturday nights between 8pm-12am.

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    2. ReeeAgan


      Not happy slav m8 u used a post malone gif with out my permission  !!!!! 🤨😖🤯😨 @TheSlav at least it's a new one in saint tropez ;)

    3. Luke Wilson

      Luke Wilson

      its literally common sense, clearly they'd change the rule smh my head 

    4. Slice


      Smh @cops playing this restart

  5. Nice montage Hazza! But what happened to the green boxes from the preview?? 😂 Jk lol
  6. Wouldn't have left cops if I could play rebel. Ah, oh well, atleast I get to put Superintendent on my CV now. 😃
  7. BillWhite


    I'll just send you my IP, it might just be easier... 😂
  8. Sorry Hazza!11!!1 , i think we all logged off at the same time tbh
  9. apology accepted. dont say them horrid words again!
  10. no swearing or i will refer this to an admin

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