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  1. CyUNUSa.png

    1. Lewy
    2. bear jew

      bear jew

      end of the day rage, its still wales so you lose

    3. Rage


      @bear jew Condolences of your failed World Cup boyo

  2. @Saul Richman
  3. 74683aec00d2763752631d978b9200d1.png679217d9041b56e60aab91bb1fba47ae.pngbf30a2a4ff739c5743ae6cbabe5254a3.pngee935c9837806898c27d36dd505e74f8.png83513ed302920d6dc41c7f5533b9b6c0.pnge1782e4c254761c8f875b0438ae9a3a9.png


    :ph34r: someones keen

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    2. Pablo


      @RomaN is just one of them sad kids, out to report everyone for everything

    3. Enzrah


      +1 Image result for rule book

      Edited by Enzrah
    4. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Says the one banned for exploiting 9_9

  4. +1 nice tage dud
  5. yo this shit hard niQQa @N I N E X good shit dude +1 keep it up!!!
  6. where have i seen this gang post before?
  7. Gl sxc x
  8. 3 tits? fuck yeah!
  9. can i?
  10. Gl skanks
  11. gl
  12. woweee!!!!!d41904a0594991f189fd075632847f6a.jpg

    1. Fabian



  13. damn

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