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  1. you stink of piss
  2. i have to 100% agree with scotty and all of blackwater sinity are just a ZERG!
  3. Kyle.


    In-game name: Kyle Steam ID: 76561198271050256 Date of ban: 02/09/19 Reason for ban: Exploiting [Looking through a rock] Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was fully justified since i did look through a rock to see if there was a guy on the other side. I was stupid for doing this and i should know better since i've been apart of the community for along time. Why should we unban you? I think i should be unbanned because i understand that the rule that i broke isn't tolerated here and it is a big deal, it has been along time since i received the perm ban and i wan't to play the server again. If i was to be given a chance to play the server again i will try my best to make sure not to break any rules while playing and i can promise i will not exploit again.
  4. Happy birthday gav

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