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  1. Fury

  2. Fury

    ^ whats the song tho
  3. Fury

    Fuck you, actually fuck you. you know im using this song in my montage not bad tho
  4. Fury

    aint my poll
  5. Fury

    85% of the community says otherwise son
  6. i never said he was "one of the best" no where near fucking close ahahah, i did think he was legit tho. the lil bastard still wiffed on people ahaha just shows you, anyone can be cheating nowadays
  7. Look im not starting shit, but did you actually read the fucking thing or just deny it with a generic sentence.

    Ive countered every argument and @Tidus came up with a few good suggestions.


    Can I have more than a sentence to explain why its not only a bad idea, but why it wont work???

    Infact ive another question, why did you lock it and not a dev or management memember?? 


    @Harry Lewis

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. dob


      @Fuel tell him to approve it

    3. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Yeah, I did read it.

      I have edited my response to add the reasons behind the denial.

    4. dob


      @Harry Lewiseither if it is RDM, top addition to the server. works on another server, so add it to this one

  8. Fury

    You have said it yourself 7v123.., if you actually read the post before chatting you would realise there is a timer after reved via epi pen, this means you must seek medical attention. Ie, going to a hospital or medic and ROLEPLAYING for professional help that will make your timer disappear FUTHER MORE if you use the remaining collective brain cells in your head, you should be able to see that after being rev'ed in a location that you WONT go too they NEED to leave for medical help or else they die. So it aint a death match Clapped
  9. Fury

    Exactly, you are one if the few medics that actually goes to redzone, now yet again you are proving my point. Give rebels epi pens and you don't need to deal with that bullshit of flying around for 40 mins to lands and not get a word out of the people you rev Wouldnt you rather be reving people out of redzones and let's us have epi pens in redzone? Also still no reply @antjo , useless
  10. Fury

    Proves my point "we usually stay away" ARU dont go redzones. Yet again proving my point that me need epi pens.... means ARU can attend to the closer people and rebels get each other before being FORCED to leave the gunfight as if they do not, they will die from the 8 - 10 min timer Thanks for staying neutral and seeing both sides brain xoxoxo Go on, give us a reason why its a -1 @Antjo
  11. Fury

    I like it If an ambulance rocked up to my house n didn't help someone cause it's a "privilege" they themselves would need an ambulance. I fucking HATE that argument. If people abuse, they should be banned. However I do see where you are coming from with the redzone being a "go big or go home" area, I understand where you are coming from, but I'd counter that by saying that a person reviving you in redzone is also risking their gear, making it a double down value wise
  12. Fury

    CONVOY royal snail illegal depoy to sofia dome, make it happen
  13. Fury

  14. Fury

    i hope not, a week try would be nice, I might be wrong. might be a shit idea, only one way to find out!! But they just dont goooooooooooo, its so far it. they dont try. Lets be honest here if they went, all would be fine Proves my point, they dont wanna go. give us epi pens, problem solved. this is why we have rule and scripts that prevent certian things also REDZONE ONLY Proves my point, they dont wanna go. give us epi pens, problem solved. And what happens when my friend dies not in a car, or if he does and I drive him to pygros safe, then the medic doesnt come as even agios is out of their reach most times, MOST not always, but whats the chances
  15. Fury

    How does it defeat the purpose of the medics If anything it makes them better, they dont go redzone anyway! also means that if for a brief send the stopped and wondered about going redzone they would have an excuse not to and then they would be able to revive more people on the mainland QUICKER, its literally win fucking win. HOW dont you people see this..

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