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  1. Fury

    y u got to delete my reply 

    1. PaulS


      Don't want to see ips or anything like that on the screenshot, feel free to shit talk cozza tho that's fine.

    2. Fury


      good man ;)

      it was my old IP anyway, was trying to scray me, boy couldn't run up the stairs nevermind a booter xoxox

    3. Abdul_
  2. Fury

    Drop RR 7

    how the fuck does everyone wiff on you. unfair ahah
  3. not bad for a first one joshh x
  4. runs should not be RNG based, make the tiers tier 1: able to break down attachments, mags tier 2: able to break down 9mm, .45 and such tier 1: able to break down 5.56 tier 1: able to break down 6.5 tier 1: able to break down 7.62+ Easy way to eat up skill points. Make SKILL points not the random number generation and luck
  5. Fury

    Knocking out

    thought it was, but ty
  6. Fury

    Big Corey D Report

    you are not at drug dealer tho, you are at a secluded part of the map where no one goes. you are 28m off the ground when i kill you, not 300 you are flying directly at me IN A GUNFIGHT you are in communication with the guy we are shooting at ultimately, at the end of the day you WERE in the same gang, and you WERE coming to help him. Leave it for an admin to reply;
  7. Fury

    Big Corey D Report

    we initiated on your buddy, he failed to comply. You literally can hear, in your own video that we have shot his engine out, it's clear you are involved as you are flying low directly over and straight towards an active gun fight.. So i took your head. Don't see the issue here. However, you took us to TS and we tried to explain that you flying directly towards an active gunfight and get shot at was simply RDM, even tho you are in the same gang, you were on route to kill us, and you were communicating with the guy we killed. Ive played this game long enough to know when someone IS involved in a fight, even if they have not yet got out and shot me lmao. If an admin needs to see my POV I should have it, but I'm not going to bother wasting my time rendering otherwise, you are wasting an admin's time.
  8. Fury

    F u r y

    In-game Name: F u r y Steam ID: 76561198085769271 Date of the incident: 03/10/19 Time of the incident: - Link to player report: - Lost Items and Estimated Value: ifrit and 500k Please provide as much detail as possible: I cut the ifrit, and as you see, and it cut the quillin, therefore lost the ifrit Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/8f5b720dfb45ad2f04ef0292aad701fb

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