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  1. Fury

    c r a w f o r d , n o

    1. Yeezysloth


      OBAMA IS GONE!!!!!!

    2. Neo


      ffs, more 8d fake shit.

      yay, music is spinning around my head! wooo...


    3. Fury
  3. Fury

    lowkey this song sounds like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDtDKuOGE40 lmaooo. thats a tune tho so nice tage tho dynamic
  4. Fury

    good shit Kaane
  5. Fury

  6. Fury

    the title says it all, the amount of times I've been killed due to the fact you cant cancel healing is insane.. combat - accidentally healing combat - about to get pushed crashed cars - trying to run away from an imminent explosion, accidentally healing kills you small quality of life fix.
  7. Fury

    good shit jimmy
  8. Fury

    how didnt you get banned in that ban wave too? big cheater
  9. Fury

    ye, alot of asylum players got hit. dont play here tho so no point in naming
  10. Fury


    1. K-V



  12. Fury

    In-game name: F u r y Steam ID: 76561198085769271 Date of ban: 12/23/18 Reason for ban: RDM Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no, didnt contact me, no way of knowing it was RDM until video was provided, but by that point you said "its bans not comp" so i didnt even get a choice to comp Why should we unban you? Ive been here since day one, explaining my long ban history, Id like to be unbanned because he didnt communicate with me any attempt to resolve. not only that how am i ment to know its RDM, im more than 100m away when iniation happened. then my gang sprays them all, i roll up 10 seconds later and then shoot. how am I meant to know initiation wasn't valid.. no one said it was not, the player reporting attempted to call me out over side chat, but with him being in a faction, side chat is different, meaning i didnt see it.
  13. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTmOYfJKKlJ3adqvirQKDT

    adam Briggs birthday FIN.png

    Have a good one mate ;) 

    1. Adam Briggs

      Adam Briggs

      Hahaha cheers x

  14. Fury


    rip my guy ahah

  15. Fury

    aim is smooth and LEGIT , teach me

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