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  1. Gamer down for ESP, not global or game banned, gets denied..

    Chicken parmmy man gets unbanned after having two global banned accounts, numerous DDOS threats and countless toxic bans. 



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    2. Epic


      Charly's ban is stupid. Hes gonna keep him banned for a long time and realise he isn't cheating because he doesn't get global banned then unban him after denying him like a year or so of playtime on the server. Bit similar to what happened with pablo. He should be unbanned now tbh @Fuel

    3. Fuel


      posts like this make it take even longer and gets more people banned.

      bye fury

    4. Neo


      I'll also add that it was months before he got unbanned... not a couple of days.

  2. Fury

    Spawin Point at Airport

    Sorted, you said it yourself. Just spawn atheria
  3. No I'm not confused. You're just wanting to play minecraft where you can carry anything and everything. System is fine, you can carry a medkit, lock pick and monster with only a vest. That's plenty for a hobo. Buy a backpack..
  4. Strongly disagree with this, this is purely so you can carry a hemmts worth of shite while you are parachuting, or you have just spawned in as hobo and want to make a play like its rust. Virtual invs have been fine for nearly 5 years, no need to change them now. Buy a backpack..
  5. Oh yes, let's make it nice and convenient for you too steal everyone shite.. They are fine how they are.
  6. Fury

    Spawin Point at Airport

    -1 Parachuting into caps and fights is bad enough, no thanks. Spawn atheria or get a gang base.
  7. Just another thing that's gonna go tits up when a gang disband, I don't see a reason for it to be honest. Maybe if your gang holds cap they can pull cars out from the flag poll, but their personal cars. Yet another reason to full cap and not just kill and leave.
  8. No, no one pulls cars anymore, it's just fucking parachuting, yeah, nah..
  9. Been suggested like 13 times, not gonna happen
  10. Fury

    y u got to delete my reply 

    1. PaulS


      Don't want to see ips or anything like that on the screenshot, feel free to shit talk cozza tho that's fine.

    2. Fury


      good man ;)

      it was my old IP anyway, was trying to scray me, boy couldn't run up the stairs nevermind run a booter xoxox

  11. Fury

    Drop RR 7

    how the fuck does everyone wiff on you. unfair ahah
  12. runs should not be RNG based, make the tiers tier 1: able to break down attachments, mags tier 2: able to break down 9mm, .45 and such tier 1: able to break down 5.56 tier 1: able to break down 6.5 tier 1: able to break down 7.62+ Easy way to eat up skill points. Make SKILL points not the random number generation and luck

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