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  1. Lee

    ɥɐddʎ qᴉɹʇɥpɐʎ

  2. Streamin' some League if any of ya'll interested ;z


  3. Bruv, if you ain't got RP I don't want it.

    1. Matthew


      You got any rp?

    2. Boris Popov

      Boris Popov

      Lee ≠ RP

    3. Crawfy


      Bring him home

  4. Sure, but I'm having a lazy period so its up to you lol
  5. re-logged and no 2 year award zzzzz

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    2. Lee



    3. Neo


      @Leetry now.

    4. Lee


      Worked, cheers! ❤️


  6. Lee

    Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! ❤️ 

  7. Lee

    Reborn Podcast ?

  8. worst gang i've encountered in-game for a while ngl your 50cal disappeared faster than madeleine
  9. The frag montage overall is awful, kills are fairly average from what I see on Reborn I suppose but there's nothing suspicious about any of them. The flick that got him banned is simple, anyone with decent reaction and game sense is able to flick the way he did. Switching targets is one of the first few things people learn as they pick up a new FPS game, its literally something that's done on a daily basis and usually separates the good from the bad.
  10. Anyone who has played any FPS prior to Arma is capable of flicking like that, he saw someone come up and flicked, nothing suspicious about it imo.
  11. Lee

    gz on sl my guy ❤️ 

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