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  1. Lee

    tru quilins are worthless
  2. Lee

    In-game name: Abdul Steam ID: - 76561198293063283 Teamspeak UID: - XJuQGbr4qlpAl4t4kiiEdgMCjO8= Date of ban: 08/29/2018 Reason for ban: I previously put channel names on another Teamspeak server under some highly inappropriate names, these names were indeed disgusting and I completely understand that I shouldn't have done so. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was most definitely fully justified and I completely understand the reason behind this here ban. Why should we unban you? I'd like to be un-banned as Reborn was a community with which I liked spending time with, for a long time I had one of the highest play times on the server and I felt like I was a fairly respected member within the community throughout most of that time, up until I screwed up - and for that I shall apologise as it was very disgusting of me to come up with such absurd channel names. There's really no excuse for something so absurd but I'd just like to say that I hung around with the wrong crowd and got way in to it all. Now that a fair amount of time has passed, I'd like to believe that I've now grown up and I'm ready to prove myself if I'm given a chance.
  3. Lee

    OAP Ting

  4. Lee

    You live in a bubble, AMD isn't what it used to be a few years ago I hope you realize.
  5. Lee

    Happy Birthday ❤️

    1. Tidus


      Cheers Sugarplum!

  6. Lee

    Taking over. @PaulS
  7. Lee

    Buy now 3mill and starting at 1.5mill? Are you dizzy?
  8. Lee

    Support my stream and it'll please me enough
  9. Lee

    i'll take a gift either way ;)
  10. Lee

    Welcome, enjoy your stay
  11. Happy Birthday :x

    1. Theo Wright

      Theo Wright

      Cheers boss x

  12. Lee

    Good idea, would be interesting to see.
  13. Lee


    1. Lee


      Best song

    2. Asmodeus


      i can agree 

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