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  1. Lee

    Issa pretty cute PC
  2. New stream panels and stuff 😛




  3. ye'


  4. Grafting for that content count o7


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    2. cbjo 🚑

      cbjo 🚑

      @Leethat is actually what I was doing to be fair now at 300 I can chill

    3. Flix


      ecks dee (don't need any more)

    4. cbjo 🚑
  5. Streamin' 😘


  6. Happy Birthday 😘

    1. Hartleo


      Dziękuję Ci :P

  7. Lee

    don't get tazed but gl x
  8. Lee

    I mean, if you've got an NVIDIA graphics card then you can use ShadowPlay.
  9. Lee

  10. Lee

  11. Imagine having a picture of someone wearing a Supreme Box Logo but not owning a single Supreme item.

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    2. Lee


      put myself ashamed

      Image result for facepalm

    3. Benny
    4. ^Ryyyy


      Perm trial nakraza


  12. Lee


  13. Lee


  14. I hope you get spun.

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    2. Lee


      You really need to quit barking, haven't seen you perform either my man. Bare in mind myself and Vibz were late to the fight and upon arrival I got one tapped out, yes I was circling star badly but where were you during that time? Oh, being yelled at by the rest of the plebs. I've literally properly played with the gang for a day and only came to 2 gun fights. I also wonder why I was late to OG, hmm. I still want that 290k comped by the way. All you're good at is yapping.

    3. Nakraza


      imagine thinking u getting that 290k 

    4. Lee


      I'd advise you to comp it lmao.

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