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Everything posted by ^ethan

  1. ^ethan

  2. ^ethan

    adam ur literally more inactive than me wtf, the old reborn main aka 180 hours last two weeks adam wouldnt do that!
  3. ^ethan

    hands up buckaroo
  4. ^ethan

    My man DylN did nothing wrong o7
  5. ^ethan

    And strider
  6. Only reason i replied is because i believe its unecessary to bump a 6 month old post. Post was dead and still is, same with most the stuff u reply too.
  7. when you're the only one replying yes
  8. ^ethan


    nice hair lol
  9. ^ethan

    why are you bumping posts from 6 months ago ...
  10. ^ethan

    Either make time it takes breaking in reduced or have the outer entry door locked and vault but the rest open
  11. ^ethan

    bröther @DylNN 😎reunited with his pal connor rude 😎
  12. ^ethan

    Literally no need, just make sure to decamp while your vehicle is moving 😎
  13. ^ethan

    if your active and you know it clap your hands *and i dissapear*
  14. ^ethan

    -1 Is not needed. The gear you pay for is Y inventory, unless you buy 30 monster greens you will quite easily earn money.
  15. ^ethan

    @.Jck.you could take some inspiration for editing of this pal
  16. ^ethan

    there is more to the island than kavala l0l
  17. ^ethan

    Shadowplay for NVIDIA then OBS for AMD
  18. ^ethan

    90% of people who come to free weekend have a steam account that is older than 2 weeks lol
  19. ^ethan

    its only new steam accounts they dont allow im pretty certain.
  20. ^ethan

  21. ^ethan

    We play this game to have fun, not afk and waste 60-80 min depending on how long ur in cuffs and in jail...
  22. ^ethan

    Most servers that has more than 60 minutes always has an activity where you can lower the time by gathering said item and turning it in. This makes it not half as bad, but making it 60 minutes without any activities is just plainly stupid. Allow people to play and enjoy they're time not force them to afk due to no possibilities for rp in there.
  23. ^ethan

    @Adam.this guy is copying your gaming lifestyle wtf
  24. ^ethan

    thats fine if you set a certain max 40-50 min as people rarely get up to that point.
  25. ^ethan

    yes, post count makes people relevant l0l

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