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  1. Charly

    robs hobos doing iron ore in boxer truck
  2. Charly

    -1 Roleplay should always be your top priority.
  3. Charly

    ps. also Pine helped with idea pps. +1 -Pine
  4. reborn roleplay ark server.. very good original idea ark is very good game and i like roleplay it would be FANTASTIC if reborn would make very good ark community with roleplay aspect i would be very big fan plz no "Denied" or turd emoji because took me ages to get this idea together. plz neo, fuel think about it ark very good enjoyable game and roleplay will be even better thank you for listening. your sincerely charly
  5. Charly

    yes yes very good idea
  6. Charly

    In-game name: ** PINE ** Steam ID: 76561198084628718 Date of ban: 04/24/2018 Reason for ban: "Go away" Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I feel like it was partially justified and unjustified because the point that the image was meant to represent was done so in a childish way which was that of a meme, however, I do wish that I brought these issues up in a more mature manner rather than the way I did. Why should we unban you? I feel like I should be un-banned as I was a well known and liked community member. I've had time to reflect on my ban and I know now that my actions were very childish. I want to personally apologize to Fule as he puts a lot of effort to create new content for the community although I do wish he would be more open minded with suggestions and give an actual reason as to why something cannot happen rather that just "Denied".
  7. Charly

  8. Charly


  9. Charly

    Alex never knew you were an avid bird hunter. jk nice tage
  10. Charly

    Build an armed hellcat
  11. Charly


    1:42 very good
  12. hahaha no more than about 1.5mil each
  13. Charly

    Just have options with Shift+O so you do it once and it goes to 75% then you press it again and it goes to maybe 40% and once again and it goes to 10% and press it once again to go back to 100%. would be better because don't know who would play at random percentages like 90% volume etc. The scroll thing is kind of annoying so it would be better if we had the system i described above.
  14. Charly

    You can craft an armed quilin in 15 minutes. Different skin i would sell for no more than 1-2mil tbh
  15. Charly

    In-game Name: Charly Steam ID: 76561198206561195 Date of the incident: 03/16/2018 Time of the incident: about 22:30 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: Mk1 - 200K Please provide as much detail as possible: Put gun on quad and got desync'd by cop then my quad blew up. Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/video/5aacdea617373e333c/edfindf

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