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  1. Absolutely, couldn't be more right sirs.
  2. Had a wonderful roleplay session with LT Scottay and the boys good roleplay and although it was getting heated that was what is expected from a military faction in my opinion. Cheers.
  4. Can Police be main tag pls?
  5. if I donated £5, do I need to donate £5 more for the donator tag?

    1. Neo


      you can get a TS tag anytime, but the donation perks revolve around a total amount.. if you donate £5 then a couple of days later donate another £5, I see no issue in giving you access.

    2. Benny


      how come people have them already? Tony Montana messaged me taking it off me saying I need to donate a tenner, I donated a couple months ago.

    3. Neo


      ts tags are permanent, we don't really have the playerbase and manpower to enforce teamspeak tags like that.

      The £10 donation gives you a few forum perks for a month. We wish we could reward players more, but we have limitations game wise imposed by Bohemia.

  6. deal.
  7. Name: B3NN7Steam ID: 76561197969828569Number of tickets (100K Each): 5Requested Number(s) 1-100: 51, 99, 30, 26, 8
  8. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @Bobby Shmurda
  9. clixy did your computer freeze clixy i swear you dont get mcdonalds ahahaha
  10. Team Name: vertigo washed Pilot: Benny Gunners: Jstar, Silker Reserves: Ninex, Huskyy
  11. Can police off duty take part?

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