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  1. Benny

    If you have advanced rebel, can we make it so we don't need to buy handcuffs? It just makes Adv look a lot more achieving and is a good idea for rebels as a lot of the time rebels would be carrying handcuffs or zipties. It seems more logical to have them on you all the time and I know people will say 'why don't you buy them'. But it should be a privillage that Advanced Rebels get as it's a lot of grinding to get the money for the license.
  2. Benny

  3. Benny

    What do TS Managers do?

    1. Neo


      Generally, they quit....

  4. Make sure you got a Pilot(s) and 2 gunners ready for tomorrow's event at 8:30pm.

  5. Benny

    u need a fokin consuler like
  6. Benny

    So if I was wearing something that was DLC and I didn't have it, the dlc screen won't pop up?
  7. Benny

    Cheers, I'll see what I can do for next time 🤣
  8. Benny

    no jake did 😈
  9. @noootnoot8 alright mate i'd just like to give my congratulations to you on the 1 year geezer.

    1. Cameron


      Really proud of you Noot.

    2. noootnoot8
  10. Benny


    Due to technical reasons the event will be postponed for Monday, 18/06/2018 at 8:30 PM Sorry for any conveniences.
  11. kent champs

    1. JohnnyMac


      My friend drop me ₕₑᵣₑ

  12. Benny

    ur not that good hamzah
  13. Benny

    @Neo you'll like this one Resetting PC, using all the decent clips I have.

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