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  1. Benny

    tell him adam briggs will knock him out at college the scrawny gypsy
  2. Benny

    more singles than @Jck
  3. Benny

  4. why you coming fast

    1. Benny


      it was bleeding though

  5. 4f0f36eb85c1accdb7894deeaf03fe50.png i knew 39th scum were hacking!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. andrew.


      @Fuelwas right lmao. Connor was cheating.

      So was cozza, hiiii, and shit loads of others.

      Sad nerds.

    3. Alex Gavin

      Alex Gavin

      Prime Connor
      Roy Rogers
      [39th RR] Carl
      [39th RR] Nathan

      all the people apperantly

    4. andrew.
  6. Benny

    nice one
  7. Benny

    Still very cheap, I'd say like 1.2 mil full price 600k half price, it should be expensive otherwise everyone will have one in an HM which will be boring
  8. 04/12/18

    1. Ollie_


      good observation, deputy chief inspector!!!!!!1

  9. Benny

    Great roleplay, missing him already KAPOW
  10. Benny

    As in we were trying to get our spotter to tell us where people where but the pawnee was coming in spraying at it. Fair enough you can use it like that but in general outside the redzone shooting ground targets is far too overpowered especially when someone who knows how to fly is operating it. Police get access to stuff like this such as the armed hellcat but can't shoot ground targets.
  11. Benny

    It's just a bit boring as there's normally like 25 of you online and you can pull minigun quillins and pawnees which can shoot people. I'd prefer it if it was like the Police rules, MRAP and aircraft contact only. Was very frustrating when there were 25 BW pushing our police base with only 8 of us allowed to be there and the pawnee was coming in.
  12. Mess with briggo, You get Kicko💯

  13. Benny

    s m h @The Red Fez

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