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  1. Hey man I just wanna say congratulations on getting fostered, times are tough but keep hustling you got a new home now

    1. Smally


      Thanks mate, been a really rocky journey in my life. I’m glad Tyrese and Keisha have taken me in 

  2. Did a BMI calulator recently and got these results


    what do you reckon yours will be 

    1. Benny


      I believe mine will be around the same, whereas @JohnnyMacwould be a beta male shaking my head

  3. Benny

    Number 8

    cheers gents means a lot
  4. In-game name: Gavin - Fourm Unban Steam ID: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/2108-gavin/ Date of ban: 07/09/19 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: Kinda forget, reacted to something joshh said Why do you think you were banned: Because I reacted to something joshh said about the server Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: If im being completely honest It was over justified but its whatever. It was my fault and I shouldn't of done it, I would really like to be given another chance on the forums considering it was my first forum ban in over the 2 years I have played here. Hopefully I can just be unbanned and this can be forgotten about. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: You can unban me as I will stop posting the shit AI do criticizing the server etc and also I would really like to use the forums again. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: no Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  5. The SUVs are like paper, if someone has a 7.62 cops in SUVs might as well not bother, can you up the armour of the vehicle and make it so its not penetrable as easy with a mk1 and gives the cops with SUVs a chance
  6. Benny


    In-game name: Smally Steam ID: 76561198078288714 Date of ban: 12/01/17 Reason for ban: (Not sure of date of ban but its over a year) | Toxic Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned because I've had a long time to reflect on my actions and see how childish and immature it was. Since then I've taken a long break from Arma and only have come back recently and would like to be unbanned and play on this server again. I've been a member of this community for a long time now and I would like to apologise firstly to Charlie for my stupid comments towards him and to Fuel for wasting his time banning me. I can ensure you that if unbanned this would never happen again. I don't hang around with the people I used to and I've been working irl and have grown up and realised that my actions were silly and I'd like to say sorry to Charlie on TS too if he would like.
  7. There's no point really in having to buy a pistol to execute someone, irl a gun is a gun and would kill anybody and it's better to remove this and have it so you can execute people with whatever so in gunfights they aren't combat revived due to you not being able to pull a pistol out mid gunfight to execute them.

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