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  1. im not in vanquish lmao
  2. In-game Name: [Police] Bxnny Steam ID: 76561197969828569 Date of the incident: 10/15/2017 Time of the incident: 9:00 Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: MK200 Please provide as much detail as possible: Was in the event tonight and Vanquish decide to blow up our dmt. After speaking to @Rage he said comp can be reimbursed. Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/1b9fe56e03cc7b65df9b0f820ee636f4
  3. GL
  4. nice
  5. SFU

    werent saying it was
  6. SFU

    csat every loadout
  7. @Mc Miller You're Afro (Small) has evolved into an Afro (Medium)!

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      @Eagle lovely bank boys good job :x

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      @Benny Love you so much babe, tell gub i said hi xx:x

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      tell leejay i said hi 

  8. I think the prices should be a little higher seeing as these are really big guns and possibly another rebel shop to buy these? If so, outside the redzone because depending on how much the guns will cost it will be very annoying if a hobo with a rook sits there until you buy it and boom, all that money dont the drain. Good idea though I'd like to see this implemented.
  9. open bobs
  10. ye I wasn't planning on playing anymore so I just used spare clips sheep shagging fuck

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