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  1. Humzah

    First time I vdm'ed you was a mistake as you ran into me, I then reversed but got blocked by the other ifrit so i just went forward and didn't expect you to die because of the vdm script that's in place. I never vdm'ed you intentionally it was just an accident, which i apologise for, not much I can do compensation wise as you are a cop but say sorry and I will be careful next time. If you want to proceed with the report then go ahead and I will take any punishment the staff see fit, but it was honestly just an unintentional mistake in the heat of the moment. I have nothing more to add to this report.
  2. Humzah

  3. Humzah

    Not playing reborn no more, enjoy the montage.
  4. Humzah

  5. Humzah

    True I mean you got TCK Ryan Elliot and Marmite Miners Echo so maybe the copper miners or the marmite kings would have worked
  6. Humzah

    Right that's it I'm telling Cla** about this terrible insult Lucas!!! o7 if u don't survive the beating btw will miss u!!
  7. Humzah

    @Echo u changed, 100% rat guys!!!! @enQii watch out lad he might snake you to her even though you changed and broke her heart. @Benny baggy be careful around that guy man stay safe!
  8. when are you back my sweet nephew

    1. echo


      once he has completed all exams of life

    2. Humzah



    3. Adam ツ

      Adam ツ

      quits cuz he lags once

  9. Humzah

    What you chatting about fellow droid
  10. Humzah

    Dirty pull down user!!
  11. Humzah

  12. Humzah

    Thought you left the community????
  13. Humzah

    I'm down your ends in Luton let's have a reborn meet up ye?
  14. 8 man bank easy 30mil

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    2. Fury


      im COM, what you yapping

    3. Λshton



    4. Slice




  15. Humzah


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