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  1. how come police don't get blue names on the forums anymore

    1. Bobby Shmurda

      Bobby Shmurda

      Need it to be your main tag

    2. Neo
    3. Battl^^Eye


      Rumour is the faction got disbanded?????????1111?1?1?1?1?

  2. Name: jstarSteam ID: 76561198096280474Number of tickets (100K Each): 5Requested Number(s) 1-100: 19, 74, 57, 34, 65

    1. Lewy



    2. Xero


      nice resolution sir 

    3. Lewy


      Blame windows movie maker xoxo

  4. +adam mcchicken

    1. Bobby Shmurda

      Bobby Shmurda

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hear jake in the background @JSt4r


  6. wow!
  7. Pavilion Members ComingSoonTM None
  8. can you update the server please, me and a few others just installed the new arma update and cant join the server

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    2. Smally


      +1 content count

    3. Scott McTavish
    4. Smally


      that is a bit strange. 


  9. another daily suggestion!
  10. if people can't buy good guns for atleast 2 hours after a restart the player count will probably dip again like @Pricey said. it's only just got better don't kill it pls x. if you reward rebels with being able to buy mk200's for a limited time etc, for completing the weapon delivery then lots more rebels will take part in this.

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