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  1. You have not tried resolving the issue with me at all, Not a single message or anything.
  2. Since Lukas doesnt have teamspeak i told him he couldnt come and said id just compensate him for whatever loss he had which i did. I comped him a few hours after the incident.
  3. I paid them their comp already since Lukas has odd work hours and couldnt be online, We talked ingame and i wired his pal 100k.
  4. Unfortunately we didnt record but we agreed to comp them for their losses.
  5. Im speaking on behalf of lukas, We did initiate on you but its hard to hear from your Pov hence why we did agree to comp you 100k.
  6. jonathanb

    Dempak Report

    Comp has been paid and its all good.
  7. jonathanb

    Dempak Report

    In the heat of the moment i couldnt know if you were going to shoot at me since you took your gun out and started to aim at me, I shouldnt have shot you whilst in greenzone but i feared that you might shoot me from there since you were aiming at me, Also i told you to message me ingame since i dont have teamspeak on this computer. Ill comp you for the loss of gear.
  8. I never said anything close to "stop crying", I barely even responded to your messages whilst being busy. Also after seeing it from your perspective i can see why its an issue.
  9. Yeah i could do that, What channel?
  10. I was about to tell you that i would shoot you but you pulled out the gun causing me to shoot you before i got to that part. Id love to make things right by giving you money but i only have like a 100k and i dont think thats enough.
  11. I woudlnt have shot if you didnt pull a gun, Sure i might have been to quick to shoot you but its an either me or you situation because im sure you were going to shoot me. Its unfortunate because that wasnt my intent, We were just after your truck.
  12. jonathanb


    In-game name: Bodejjn Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:90400845 Date of ban: 04/04/17 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: Threatening to report Why do you think you were banned: Threatening to report Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: All i said was "Enjoy ban", "You can comp us or ill just post the shadowplay video" in the heat of the moment after being Vdmed. He told me to come to ts, Since this was my first hours on the servers i didnt know the Ip of the Teamspeak so i went to your page to look after it and atlast i found it and went to the "Waiting for support" Channel like he told me to do, While i was there i spoke to some other guy ( Another helper i think) and asked for Richard but after a few minutes of not hearing from him nor was he online when i tried to message him i just gave up and went straight back to the game. Since im fairly new i had only read the rules ingame because i didnt know of the webpage at first. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Since im new to this server i quite didnt understand all the rules, At this moment ive read the all and fully understand how to act when playing on this server, What happened was an accident and just me being stupid in the heat of the moment due to another guy Vdming us by mistake. I think we couldve sorted this out between just us if i had found the Ts Ip a bit earlier and he still was there when i finally found it. I hold no grudges against the other person and i hope he doesnt hold any against me, Id love to be able to come back online and enjoy this server seeing as it was my first offence i hope the admins might give me another chance! Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Yes, Me and my friend were Vdmed by mistake. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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