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  1. I'm very confused SIR
  2. ***ALERT*** PULL DOWN SCRIPT AT 2:52 ***ALERT***
  4. In-game Name: Mc Miller.JawSpin* Steam ID: 76561198077546450 Date of the incident: 03/25/2018 Time of the incident: House Wipe Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 2 houses, 1 garage, 2 crates Please provide as much detail as possible: House Wipe Any Evidence Available: Check Logs
  5. --------------- Police Objective/BackStory --------------- On Sunday the 25th at 8:30 PM the police will be transporting a VIP that will be carrying £12,000,000 in unmarked cash. There are 3 hunters which have to follow the route marked in red. In one of the 3 hunters there will be the VIP, the rebels have to find out which hunter the VIP is in. Once there has been initiation the 3 hunters will be able to take any route they want to get to the extraction point (Billy’s Airstrip). It’s up to the rebels to follow them and strike at the right time. The police will be transporting the VIP from NPAS/CMU base to Billy's airstrip where his private plane will be waiting. If the VIP arrives at the Airstrip his plane will need 3 mins to start up. Once the 3 minutes are over and the VIP is in the plane then there will be no other opportunities to capture him If the VIP is killed, the operation is finished and the money can’t be claimed. --------------- Rebel Objective --------------- The rebels job is to intercept the police convoy, kill them and take the VIP hostage. Once the VIP is captured by the rebels you will need transport him to the Athira North Rebel Outpost where he will be sold. --------------- Rules --------------- Server rules apply (Initiation needed). No armed vehicles. Any vehicles near the VIP who are deemed involved will be shot. The police can take out a max of 6 hunters. All vehicles involved in the Event can not be crushed/cut&shut ADMIN MESSAGES WILL BE SENT OUT AT THE START AND END OF THE EVENT --------------- Images --------------- VIP Clothing: Route: Props to big squeaker benny & jstar
  6. OK!
  7. Who Cares
  8. If money and XP gets transferred and it has TFR then its a fat +1
  9. ME LIKE
  10. Plz make the next one longer than 2 mins
  11. Perfect FOV
  12. 5a93390bf1ece_popoquads.thumb.jpg.65c6c487005240eec23846ef9ba332e6.jpg

    Been busy tonight......  4 quads stolen all taken in the back of the y-32 

    1. Hugh


      Will buy one for £1,000,000 message me if you wish to sell 

    2. Xero



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