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  1. Mc Miller

    @jstarget on TS NOW!!
  2. Mc Miller

    Bring back NCU!!!
  3. Mc Miller

    so if we were still initiated why did you not start shooting the hunter when you caught up to it near Agois? @iTopicz And i'm just going to wait for an admin to deal with this now
  4. Mc Miller

    @iTopiczHow did we combat store the hunter if we weren't initiated with your gang? @iTopicz Can you come Zenith Liaison so we can talk?
  5. Mc Miller

    We will not be offering compensation as Sam Smith and his whole gang took the attempted RDM (That wasn't me BTW) as initiation and they decided to stay and fight when they could of easily drove away from the whole situation, but as you deiced to stay and fight it's your own fault for getting killed.
  6. Mc Miller

    i don't know why i'm the one being reported as i'm not the hunter driver nor the guy that stored the money. and by the end of the video my gang were in the right to store the hunter as they were not initiated, but i do apologise for the attempted RDM that takes place after they store the hunter. Also the guy that supposedly combat stored the money didn't actually store as there was a 5 minute in game timer that stopped him accessing the ATM, and even if he did store the money you have no proof that he did as you were in a helicopter. (He could of ran to ATM to fake you out so you would stop following him as you think he doesn't have the money anymore)
  7. Mc Miller

    @Dodorex gratz on winning i sent you the code in a PM
  8. Mc Miller

    TO ENTER LIKE THIS POST AND FOLLOW CONWAYS STREAM - Winner will be drawn today at 8PM
  9. Mc Miller

    Denied Accepted
  10. Mc Miller

    This is directed to blackwater spawning into the CP during a gunfight If you're not initiated with the guy then why would it stop you spawning in? nice invalid point
  11. Mc Miller

  12. Mc Miller

    Accepted Accepted Denied
  13. Mc Miller

    Accepted - On Trial
  14. Mc Miller

    Accepted - UNMC Vlad Vodka

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