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  1. T0M_

    you put in work with 5.56. GJ 🤩
  2. T0M_

    fokin boomtown
  3. T0M_

    Send the proof? what you talking about?!
  4. T0M_

    In more detail, we killed of everyone inside the house for refusing to come out without a weapon, they hauled abuse. they died. We needed bolt cutters to open so whilst they were dead on the floor for multiple minutes we went to get them. We end up getting in as cops noticed dead mean inside and medics trying to get in. cops and medics are on scene attempting to save them, billy is then revived and kills us as soon as he is revived.
  5. T0M_

    sold, you have to pay minimum. gimme 5 million plz x
  6. T0M_

    In-game Name: mR_T0M Steam ID: 76561198079602184 Date of the incident: 14/10/2018 Time of the incident: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: Thorium helicopter detail as possible: Helicopter only can hold thorium had no clue. spent 2.5m on it, and did not realise I cant place anything else in. Any Evidence Available: N/A
  7. Item: MAR-10 .338 (Black) + 5 MAGS Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 15,000,000 Starting bid: 5,000,000 Minimum bid increment: 500,000 End date: 19/10/2018
  8. Item: Cyrus 9.3mm (Black) + 5 mags Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 15,000,000 Starting bid: 5,000,000 Minimum bid increment: 500,000 End date: 19/10/2018
  9. T0M_

    I will get the video uploaded in which jay admits he is breaking NLR over teasmpeak His 'honest mistake' which was an attempted revenge kill was caught on camera. only reason he is sorry. He has been here for over half a year he knows what he is doing. https://youtu.be/8ns5aWJVwDg
  10. T0M_

    Dealt with him today. Managed to access the inventory of our helicopter, steal a gun, hop out take pilot seat and kamikaze himself a member of our group into the ground. so many rule breaks day in day out. His resolve is comp as soon as he can and break more rules. whilst being abusive
  11. T0M_

  12. T0M_

    so you've talked all this shit, telling me to report you and acting brave in front of your friends in ts. I finally do it and now you're willing to compensate me. could have been dealt with so easily but you want to waste peoples time. grow up.
  13. T0M_

    I asked for close to 500k. 300k was the compromise. You still said no
  14. T0M_

    I have a recording of him admitting to it I think. Were you not in teamspeak with us when he was begging me after 4 days of not trying to resolve
  15. T0M_

    If he handled the resolution as a man and not a salty kid would have been done differently. You are not needed on this report.

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