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  1. happy birthday baldy x

  2. Happy 41st!

  3. noms

    Done cause free games are cool
  4. noms

    Done free games are awesome
  5. also wtb section leaders why are you guys so afraid of leading
  6. Operation Hardcastle [Reborn Milsim] have been tasked with returning order to the city of Zargabad and surrounding suburbs, and putting down the Islamic State Insurgency taking place. We've set up shop in an old disused military base just outside the city limits and will be using it as a staging point to move in and secure sectors of the city and clear out any insurgent strong-points, recruitment centers, ammo caches and more. The first operation upon entering Zargabad is Operation Hardcastle which consists of two parts: Secure Buffer Zone In order to ensure the safety of the overall base, as it is currently exposed and prone to counter-attack from the local population, our first port of call will be to secure the local village of Hazar Bagh. We have reasonable intel to assume that local insurgents have set up at least one recruitment center in this village which must be neutralized before we can make it safe. After securing this area, engineers will construct a Combat Outpost (COP) on the road intersection to ensure that any traffic entering the village has been cleared and deemed safe. A and B Sections of A Company will be tasked with this objective, which will begin a few hours before dawn. Seize & Interrogate Secondly, in order to gain an immediate upper hand, we aim to seize a high-ranking elder of the Islamic State insurgents in Zargabad from a safe-house we've been made aware of by local informants. C Section will extract the VIP before dawn under cover of darkness. A and B Sections will be available as QRF for C Section in the event of increased resistance. MISSION RULES Respawning is at BASE. Transport must be arranged back to your unit. You can NOT take your own vehicle and rush back to the unit. Please wait for instructions or contact a driver. You must wear DDPM BRITISH camo unless explicitely stated otherwise. You must only use NATO weapons unless explicitely stated otherwise. TFAR or Task Force Arma Radio is REQUIRED. A short demonstration on how to use will be given at the beginning of the mission. Friendly fire will NOT be tolerated. If you friendly fire on purpose, you will be removed from the server and blacklisted from future events. Civilians are not target practice. You can interact with them, and interacting with them gains you intelligence on nearby points of interest, recruitment centers, IEDs, even enemy positions. The nicer you are to them the more they'll be willing to help you and, you know, not suicide bomb you. "Lone Wolfing" is not tolerated. Stick with your fire-team or section. If you become separated, make every effort to reconnect with them. There will be 1 insurgent slot available this mission. This is an RP slot only for this event. You will be playing the VIP to be captured in the second part of the operation. You will have specific instructions and rules given to you when the mission is starting. There will be 1 civilian slot available this mission. This is an RP slot only for this event. You will be playing as a civilian informant and performing other activities as instructed by the mission Curator (me). Important Information Date of Mission: Friday 24th August 2018 @ 19:30 BST (14:30 EST) !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!! Make sure you have the mods downloaded BEFORE FRIDAY EVENING! Mods Download: http://plus.rebornroleplay.com/milsim/Arma 3 Mod Preset Reborn Milsim Zargabad.html (Save as HTML, drag into launcher, see post linked at bottom for instructions) Temporary Unit Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P7WvCaF70vlfwvAbNmIPRU0g0jRlZb4YGkECUuNilOY Current A Company Roster: HQ Section Battalion HQ: Battalion Commander: MAJ @noms Battalion 2IC: CPT @Scott McTavish A Coy Commander: CPT. @Adam Briggs A Coy 2IC: Vacant A Coy Sergeant Major: Vacant A Coy Signaller: Vacant A Coy Medic: CSGT @Paul D A Coy A Section Fireteam 1 Section Commander: Vacant Combat Medic: LCPL @Harry Lewis Rifleman: PVT @rougle Rifleman: PVT @Epic Fireteam 2 Fireteam Leader//Section 2IC: Vacant Engineer: PVT @Cazual4d Rifleman: PVT @Joe Darkson Rifleman: PVT @Connor Merlin A Coy B Section aka "The Dutchies" Fireteam 1 Section Commander: Vacant Combat Medic: LCPL @Jimboke Rifleman: Vacant Rifleman: PVT @DanishGuy Fireteam 2 Fireteam Leader//Section 2IC: LCPL @bassie Engineer: LCPL @Lensen Rifleman: PVT @Antjo Rifleman: PVT @J.Ghost A Coy C Section "Recce" Fireteam 1 Section Commander: CPL @Jazz Combat Medic: Vacant Explosives Expert: Vacant Rifleman: Vacant Fireteam 2 Fireteam Leader//Section 2IC: Vacant Explosives Expert: Vacant Designated Marksman: Vacant Rifleman: Vacant A Coy Logistics Platoon Platoon Commander: Vacant Platoon 2IC: Vacant Vehicle 1: Driver: CPL @PaulS Co-Driver: Vacant Vehicle 2: Driver: Vacant Co-Driver: Vacant A Coy Air Support Platoon Air Vehicle 1: Pilot: CSGT @Mc Miller Co-Pilot: SGT @Fury Want to join in? It's easy! Get the mods, let us know you're coming and done. No silly application process. If you'd like to sign up for the roster in a specific slot feel free to comment below with what you'd like to join and I'll put you on there, otherwise if you just turn up on the night we'll slot you in wherever you're needed. There's no "application" process, everyone is free to come and try the milsim as long as they're able to follow orders from higher ranks and don't fuck around. The server will be up and running and OPEN when the mission is starting, you'll need to join the "TFAR Waiting" channel in preperation for the mission to start at 19:30. We want to get the mission on the road and rolling by 20:00 // 20:15 so make sure you're on time. Late arrivals can join in but will miss important parts of the briefing. Additional Instructions for mods:
  7. Oi. I'm doing a milsim event tonight at 19:30 GMT. 

    Tonight will be a joint effort to clear as much as Takistan's villages from ISTS insurgent forces as possible. If you wanna help test the mission before hand hit me up on TS.

    There will be 2 available slots for pilots. 

    There will also be limited availability for a couple of people to play as Insurgents and Civilians, but that depends on the amount of people that turn up! 

    Details here: 

    It's super easy to download and get the mods sorted. Make sure you join in! 

  8. noms

    Increased the distance you need to be to the center of the object to repair, also added a notification if you're not near a service van or if you don't have the license.
  9. noms

    I'm planning a fake ID system.
  10. noms

    Will look into this week.
  11. Jazz

    Toxic members of the community...

  12. noms

    Already WIP, due next week
  13. noms

    LAND PIRATES Event When: Tonight // 14th July 2018 (morning of 15th July 2018) @ 12:30am Where: Event Arena (pickup at Kavala) Winners: £500,000 each (ingame) Event Info Join us for the LAND PIRATES event - a team-based derby event. How to play: Each team of between 2-4 players will control one of these bad boys (pictured below) and drive around the event arena with rooks, attempting to kill all occupants of the enemy vehicles! The winning team will receive 500,000 each. Rules: No armour Only standard clothing Rook 9mm pistols only (can be provided) Any weapons/extra gear/vItems you bring to the event is subject to loss due to death We'll see you all there!
  14. noms


    As far as I know, the HM was removed because it was not being used in the way that the Management intended it to be used, and it was essentially "emptied" to prevent further misuses of the feature until such a time that the management and development team come up with a solution that benefits the server overall, instead of one particular group.
  15. Jazz

    Best Siege Player in the Community btw ÔØñ´©Å


    1. Billy Bob | Sigii

      Billy Bob | Sigii

      lvl 214 and still silver2? get that rank up @noms i know you can do beter.

    2. Aaron Michaels

      Aaron Michaels

      Hey now, some of us play the game for funnnn 

    3. noms


      I was plat for two seasons, last season was gold, the game is just full of try hard, scripters and hackers now. There's almost no point in trying any more.

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