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  1. noms

    LAND PIRATES Event When: Tonight // 14th July 2018 (morning of 15th July 2018) @ 12:30am Where: Event Arena (pickup at Kavala) Winners: £500,000 each (ingame) Event Info Join us for the LAND PIRATES event - a team-based derby event. How to play: Each team of between 2-4 players will control one of these bad boys (pictured below) and drive around the event arena with rooks, attempting to kill all occupants of the enemy vehicles! The winning team will receive 500,000 each. Rules: No armour Only standard clothing Rook 9mm pistols only (can be provided) Any weapons/extra gear/vItems you bring to the event is subject to loss due to death We'll see you all there!
  2. noms


    As far as I know, the HM was removed because it was not being used in the way that the Management intended it to be used, and it was essentially "emptied" to prevent further misuses of the feature until such a time that the management and development team come up with a solution that benefits the server overall, instead of one particular group.
  3. noms

    lol no
  4. Jazz

    Best Siege Player in the Community btw ❤️


    1. Billy Bob | Sigii

      Billy Bob | Sigii

      lvl 214 and still silver2? get that rank up @noms i know you can do beter.

    2. Aaron Michaels

      Aaron Michaels

      Hey now, some of us play the game for funnnn 

    3. noms


      I was plat for two seasons, last season was gold, the game is just full of try hard, scripters and hackers now. There's almost no point in trying any more.

  5. noms

    Compensation sent. In the future wait until i'm available to resolve instead of expecting me to see something on side chat, instead of just straight up reporting me for something so petty. Thanks.
  6. noms

    SPAR-16 - 62,500 Uniform - 20,000 Carrier Rig - 36,000 Ammo - ~5,000 virtual - ~ 15,000 Backpack - 20,000 Total (rounded): 160,000 I tried to send but neither of you are in-game. Thanks for wasting my time.
  7. noms

    How much compensation is your lying friend requesting?
  8. noms

    If the video doesn't cover the beginning of the situation where I validly initiated then it's obviously not sufficient is it?
  9. noms

    I'd like you to Provide a longer video proving you did not hear my initiation before this video takes place. On the road before you guys went offroad I attempted to initiate, then again halfway through the chase, though you couldn't hear it, and then again at the end, which was merely cursory at that point because I believed that I was already initiated. The situation was ongoing for about 10 minutes yet your video only covers 5 of it.
  10. noms

    Considering I legally initiated before this even occurred I don't think any form of compensation is required. I'd like to see a longer vehicle proving that my initiation wasn't heard before this.
  11. noms

    From my perspective, he was not until after I exited the vehicle and begun talking. Again, server lag. I'd like to cite Rule 6.1: There was RP involved, you had locked an officer of the police, who I was there to help, inside his vehicle and your friend was lockpicking the police car to let you out so you could both go take him hostage. My life was in danger as a weapon was pointed as I exited the vehicle. It was not RDM. Not to mention I attempted multiple times to initiate on you before this, though I chose to try initiating again as I wasn't sure you heard me from the vehicle before.
  12. noms

    I've been told multiple times from multiple admins that if there is a clear and present threat to my life I can shoot to defend myself and value my life. I believed that after I jumped out of a vehicle to initiate, with my weapon pointed at you, that you turned to aim your weapon at me, that my life was in danger. I would classify it as poor RP if I didn't shoot you.
  13. noms

    I'm not about to let myself be killed because you believe I should have given you time to shoot me first. If I believe my life is in danger as a weapon is being aimed at me as I'm initiating, I'm going to shoot first. Simple as that. EDIT: Also he was lock picking a police vehicle, not repairing.
  14. noms

    Howdy gents, I didn't shoot until I finished initiating and from my perspective the second I did initiate he turned and pointed his weapon at me. There may have been a disconnect in the animation being synced up for us. I shot before giving time to comply because he turned and faced me and from my perspective he turned to shoot at me, and nothing was stopping him, at that moment, from pressing escape and instantly shooting at me. If he wished to comply he would have faced away instead of turning towards me. I will also point out that due to server lag, voice comms are delayed in coming through to other players, on my side my initiation was complete and the player turned towards me with a weapon out and aimed at me, so I chose to value my life instead of allow myself to be shot. I do not believe that I should compensate you as I do not believe I broke or intended to break any server rules. An admin is free to overrule me if this is not the case.
  15. noms

    And the Winner issssssss Will send the Steam Key via PM shortly. @Dantistas

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