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  1. he's my favourite community support too
  2. we were trouble makers in the medical team and should be forgotten
  3. helo soldeir is thei'rye active gnag that i can be inactive on

    throw back to when mpu use to be active good  relevant

  4. happy birthday @JustJack.  amazing you already turned 23.

  5. happy bday

    from kappa venom <3

    1. SFU Mastermind

      SFU Mastermind

      thanks my young sfu protege

  6. come back u lovely tanker

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    2. SFU Mastermind

      SFU Mastermind

      sir if i come back who will defend the tanks

    3. Sanders
    4. SFU Mastermind

      SFU Mastermind

      o7 be a good soldier little sandman

  7. Happy birthday petal x

    1. SFU Mastermind

      SFU Mastermind

      thanks youngest man

  8. Best admin ever, just give him staff lead already boys
  9. Do me a favour and take @ma1ko aswell!
  10. Only thing I'll comment is, SFU is under a massive renovation, there'll be a feedback form soon for everyone to use so put any recommendations in there. Feel free to message me on the forums until then. But on a side note, I agree with some of the points said but it's the age long argument of making "Police more realistic", which yeah I'd normally agree with, but it's Altis Life and the server is very combat orientated and if rebels are extremely militarized, then the Police should be too for the sake of balance as it's no fun for either side if one side is stomping the other.
  11. @WolfE would not have done this! All hail the best admin @WolfE!
  12. A frag where someone has a gun on back, cmon lmao

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