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  1. Best admin ever, just give him staff lead already boys
  2. Do me a favour and take @ma1ko aswell!
  3. Only thing I'll comment is, SFU is under a massive renovation, there'll be a feedback form soon for everyone to use so put any recommendations in there. Feel free to message me on the forums until then. But on a side note, I agree with some of the points said but it's the age long argument of making "Police more realistic", which yeah I'd normally agree with, but it's Altis Life and the server is very combat orientated and if rebels are extremely militarized, then the Police should be too for the sake of balance as it's no fun for either side if one side is stomping the other.
  4. @WolfE would not have done this! All hail the best admin @WolfE!
  5. +1
  6. A frag where someone has a gun on back, cmon lmao
  7. we've done it preacher, we got all the admins good
  8. @Sanders considers himself the best administrator, where as we consider our lord and saviour @WolfE as the best administrator
  9. the start of ur abusive spree, criminal, wolfe wouldn't do that @Jamz @Sanders
  10. Happy birthday mate! I know you're not actively playing here mate, but hope you see this fella and have a good one!

    1. IL Sea Lion

      IL Sea Lion

      Thank you so much  CaaaM 

      That kind of you :)

  11. Make sure you fill out a CSO/PCSO recommendation form aswell my dude.
  12. Sounds good as long as it wipes weekly or bi weekly and isn't too easy, would be fun to play against others in the community.
  13. Hahaha is this still going on, next week can we have a "remove guns" so that "roleplayers" can enjoy themselves more. At the end of the day it's easy to press lmb non stop, it's much more difficult to make an interesting roleplay story and I think we should do that instead because using guns is very easy!!! It's been denied god knows how many times before, just let it die jesus.

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