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  1. If you got it I'm sure he can.
  2. Name: CaaaMSteam ID: 76561198042594271Number of tickets: 1Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): Random
  3. If you enjoyed The Witcher, you could try Dragon Age Inquisition, I jumped into that without any experience with any of the others and enjoyed it.
  4. Mafia 3 is a pretty good game that you can pick up for like £7. If you haven't played any of the series you'll enjoy the game a lot more though.
  5. ?????? 210m and small arms isnt a threat ur dnpas dude what on earth
  6. 2.1 mil
  7. 400k
  8. sorry sir, instead of sitting around eating we sit around and do memes!!
  9. acception, this is how an application is done lady boys
  10. from now on please fill in this application
  11. ok sosage fingor acception!?
  12. In-game name: CaaaM Age (15+): 19 Estimated Reborn Time (Hours): 500+ Hours Arma 3 Hours (Screen shot): 3000 Bank Balance: 4M Have you ever been banned?: No Do you have a mic and TS?: Yes Past/Previous gangs: VGA Why do you want to join?: Looking for a new gang to join, and new people to play with. Can anyone in the gang vouch for you?: Marko
  13. Meteora was one of the best albums made.
  14. i thought it was the new fandangle thing to recommened ur mates????

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